Recommended things to see in Buffalo MN

What to do in Buffalo Minnesota?

Last updated on August 16th, 2019

We found Buffalo Minnesota to be a charming little town located 50 minutes northwest of the Twin Cities, perfect for a weekend getaway. When you pull into the town, do not fall into the trap of the chain stores off Hwy 55. Go a little further to Central Ave and Lake Blvd and find the downtown area. Here you will find the heart of Buffalo. Here are some of my recommendations on things to check out.


Located at the start of Sturgis Park, you will find all kinds of musical instruments lining the path of this trail. This was a lot of fun for both the kids and me. Don’t worry; there was more than one mallet so you didn’t have to fight your child for it. The percussive instruments were all provide with contributions from the Buffalo Rotary Club and additional help from the residents. Drums are located by the playground, bells and xylophones are found along the lake and there are even a few more over by the splash pad are. All of the instruments were designed to withstand the elements and never need tuning.

FollowTheMusicalTrail in Buffalo Minnesota


As soon as you enter the town, you will start to notice the Buffalo’s. These statues are adorned by the local business with their own local flair. The town was named after the Buffalo Fish, not the land animal. That has not stopped the town from embracing it. These Buffalo can be found proudly in front of store fronts downtown and all along highway 55. I tried to get a picture of as many as I could find, but by then end of the day, a few got away from me. When you visit, go on your own hunt like mine and see just how many you can find.



Buffalo is home to a lot of specialty gift shops and other antique shops. Most are open daily. The First Thursday- Sunday of each month is when a lot of stores have special sales and will be opened up on Sunday too. We stopped at an antique store that had a lot of good decors. The vintage signs were impressive. There are a lot of local restaurants to check out all in walking distance downtown. All were reasonably priced.




Other things to check out in Buffalo MN

If you have the time, I would also recommend checking out Buffalo Rock Winery.

We had a great time in Buffalo. The kids loved exploring the musical trail and my husband and I really enjoyed the downtown. I would say that they have a little for everyone. Now it’s your turn. Have you been there before? Have any recommendations and must see? I would love to hear about it.


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