Some Truly Haunted Places in Minnesota

13 Real Haunted Places In MN

Last updated on August 16th, 2019

This year skip the carnival-style haunted houses and check out something that will creep you out. Minnesota is known as a destination with the most haunted places. They spring up all over the place. But did you know that there are some that you can visit all year long? I have know of at least 13 haunted places in MN that will make your hair stand on end. So much so that there are a few on my list that gave me nightmares.

The Real Haunted Places in MN

1. Minnesota Institute of Art’s Connecticut Room

Several guest and security guards alike have had all kinds of strange occurrences. The upstairs period rooms have been known to have some mysterious figures hanging around and mysteriously vanishing. One room I couldn’t get out of fast enough. 

2. The Fitzgerald Theater, St. Paul

Haunted by an old stagehand named Ben who died in the 40’s. Workers complain of sounds of hammering, shadows and beer bottles still linger.

3. Wabasha Street Caves, St. Paul MN

Haunted by some gangsters that don’t want to leave. Don’t worry, they are totally harmless. Guest of the cave report seeing apparitions and sounds of big band music from prohibition. For those really brave, check out one of the candlelight tours they offer. I’ve went with all the lights on and was still creeped out.

Haunted places in mn, the Hallways of Wabasha Street Caves

4. St. Paul City Hall, St. Paul MN

Apparitions of a shoeshine man have been seen roaming the halls looking for work. Another man has been seen hanging from a noose, though the floor of what is today the staff’s break room.

5. Forepaugh Restaurant, St. Paul MN

Old Mr. Forepahugh got in a little trouble with one of his maid. After he broke off the affair, the distraught maid couldn’t go on living. Today she still lingers around. They have transformed the Victorian mansion into a fine dining restaurant. Patrons and staff dining upstairs have experienced all kinds of paranormal activity ranging from cold spots to shaking chandeliers to plates and furniture being rearranged.

6. Minneapolis City Hall, Minneapolis MN

Haunted by John Moshik — the last man to be hanged in Minnesota. At his worst, he has been blamed for making court attorneys and judges deathly ill. In his spare time, he likes to rearrange the photos on the wall.

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7. County Highway 21 Hitchhiker, Warren MN

On stormy nights near the old cemetery just west of Sherack, MN drivers have picked up a hitchhiker. This hitchhiker doesn’t like to stay to get to his destination. He likes to disappear from their car a few minutes later.

8. The Landmark Center, St. Paul

Jack Pfeiffer, a former bellhop who was in deep with helping gangster launder their money. After being arrested, he poisoned himself in his cell to avoid jail. Today he can be found hanging around the ladies room on the third floor, stealing other people’s beers, and showing up in photographs when people have parties.

9. Ferguson’s Cemetery, Norwood Young America MN

Ferguson’s Cemetery is home to one little boy that never leaves. He likes to peek out from over a tombstone at the southeast corner of the cemetery. The tombstone is separated from all of the others. Orbs, eery feelings, and dogs barking have all been reported here.

Haunted Places in MN

10. First Avenue, Minneapolis MN

The upper floor is rumored to be haunted. DJ’s have heard mysterious screams and growls in their headphones. People have also reportedly seen apparitions in the ladies room, from one guest that took her life after hearing that her boyfriend would not be returning back from WorldWarII.

11. St. James Hotel, Red Wing MN

This hotel has many different guests that just won’t leave. Slamming doors, cold spots, a lady in a white dress, and a worker in coveralls are all known to hang around. Guest have been woken by crying babies that aren’t guest there. With all these sightings, it’s hard to get a good night sleep at this hotel.

12. The Old Jail Inn, Taylors Falls MN

The oldest jail in Minnesota turned Funeral home and even had a bootleg tunnel during prohibition. Today they have transformed it into an Inn and the tunnel is still present. There are some guest that haven’t checked out. On the 2-3 floors, a young boy has been seen and woman’s apparition stays on the third floor. Are you brave enough to spend the night?

13. Milford Mine Disaster Site, Milford MN

Haunted by some of the 41 miners that were trapped in the magnesium mine when it was flooded by the nearby lake. Once the mine was reopened, the men that went down there, quickly excited after hearing screaming sounds from within.

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If you are brave enough, I recommending checking some of these haunted places out. If you bring the kids, just don’t tell them the earl reason why you are going. That’s what I did. Or if these are too much for you, you can always go to the Man Made haunted houses. We’ve got The Scariest Haunted Houses in the Twin Cities. For a little more detail on some of the haunts, check out these books for some chilling tails.

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