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Fun Things to do in Chaska | You won’t think of it as just another suburb anymore

Last updated on August 16th, 2019

Chaska Minnesota has a great downtown worth visiting. They made headlines when it became the home of the PGA Tournament in 2018 at it’s well known Hazeltine Golf Course. Most people, it’s just another suburb of the Twin Cities. It’s so much more than that. All you need is one day to realize just how many fun things there are to do in Chaska. You may not want to leave.

The Best Things to do in Chaska

Cool Off at Fireman’s Park

Nestled next to the Chaska Curling Center, Fireman’s Park is a favorite amongst the locals and visitors. The Clayhole Bridge is the most recognizable part due to its unique shape. The other side of the bridge has a boardwalk allowing visitors a view from around the lake. The east end of the park, people take advantage of the well-stocked lake and fishing pier. On Summer days, Paddleboats and Paddleboards are rented at the Clayhole concession stand for $10 for 30 minutes.

For the kids, there is a fun Water Play fountain located by the foot of the Clayhole Bridge. They have a huge park and even a small beach. I’m amazed at everything they have included at Fireman’s Park in Chaska.

Fireman's Park in Chaska, Beach and Play Area
Fireman's Park Fountains and Splash Pad

Curling Center

Every Winter Olympics people huddle around the TV watching Curlers. It seems as though anyone can do it without needing to start at a young age. But I always wonder where anyone learns to do this? That was until Chaska added in their own Curling Center.

The Chaska Curling Center has brought the fun of the Olympics home, allowing guest to watch the sport live from inside a restaurant. Serving up some of the best food and drinks I’ve ever had, all while being entreating by the sport.

Want to join the fun? The Chaska Curling Center has lessons!. No fancy equipment is needed aside from a pair of sneakers that are carried in.  They don’t want dirt on the ice.

Chaska Curling Center

World’s Largest Mustache

Sometimes you just need a gimmick. The Reid Thorp art gallery has found a fun one. The World Largest Mustache is 3ft tall, 11.5 ft wide and 22 inches deep. The mustache was not ordinarily part of the store. It was created by a the Udermann family and displayed proudly outside their home. Since it the first location, it has gone a bit of an adventure visiting different business before it landed across the street from the Chaska Curling Center. It’s been its home for the past few years. If you are looking for more mustache fun, check out it’s Facebook Page!  

The Worlds Largest Mustache in Chaska

Tommy’s Malt Shop

They wanted to bring back the charm of malt shops. Tommy’s Old Fashion Malt Shop does a great job of mixing old school favorite with modern tastes. Including things like vegetarian options. Don’t worry, they still have Burgers, Onions Rings, and other favorites too. You can’t leave there without having one of their Blue Ribbon Malts, 1919 Root Beer Floats or a Super Sundaes.          

 Dinning in Chaska at Tommy's Old Fasion Malt Shop

Fishing on the Minnesota River

Chaska is lucky enough to have the Minnesota River flowing right along the center of town. On the other side of the bridge, there are a few different trails taking you next to the river banks., where many locals will take advantage of the fishing opportunities.

One past time many enjoy is getting to fish right on the Minnesota River. Requiring a little bit of maneuvering but to hang out next to the river is just fun.

Historic Downtown Chaska

Take a walk through downtown Chaska and enjoy some of the great buildings. It’s home to over 36 different historical buildings. Chaska does a great job of protecting its heritage. As you walk through downtown, you’ll notice them immediately. Some of my favorites are the Chaska Flour Mill and the Minneapolis & St Louis Depot.  Many homes are preserved as well. For more details on the buildings, download a copy of the walking tour.

Within downtown, you’ll find a lot of shopping opportunities in Chaska. Including the Shop 501 & Company, Dolce Vita Wine Shop, The Carver Junk Company, Michael’s Cycles, and the Red Bench Bakery. You could easily spend a whole afternoon enjoying the downtown streets.

The Historic Chaska Mill in Downtown Chaska MN

The Landscape Arboretum

The MN Landscape Arboretum is my favorite place to go on a cool summer evening. They have every variety of flower native to Minnesota you could think of and then some. Inside there is a three-mile drive taking you through different sections of foliage, like the hedges, crab apple blossoms, and evergreens to name a few. There are multiple spots to pull over to take pictures and enjoy the space they’ve created.

Inside the artwork is ever-changing. Each year they feature different artists. One year it was all about the tree houses. They host kids’ workshops and classes to learn more about plant care. The MN Landscape Arboretum has created different walking trails, bog walks, and prairie escapes. They even encourage you to bring your bikes. Throughout the year they celebrate the different seasons too, like Christmas. It’s never a bad time to go.

The MN Landscape Arboretum Red Barn

Schram House Brewery

On one of the highest points in Chaska sits the Schram Haus Brewery. The brewery is run by the same couple that built the Schram Vineyards in Waconia. They needed some more space to grow their business and wanted to have a place focused entirely on Beer. At Schram Haus Brewery, they focus on German heritage and you’ll see its influence in the design, glassware and the brews of course.  

Schram Haus Brewery in Chaksa

Get Scared at Scream Town and The Haunted Hayride

Chaska has not one but two places that have made my list of the most haunted attractions in the Twin Cities. Originally, everyone flocked to Chaska for Scream Town. With better scares than you’ll find almost anywhere. But the creators created a new attraction, the Haunted Hayride. It promises a scaring experience like no other, including being left alone in the woods with nothing more than a lantern to get back.

The Abandoned Hayride

Why Does Chaska Smell Like Pickles?

On a rare occasion, you might catch a whiff of pickles in the air when driving through Chaska. It comes from the Gedney Pickle Production Plant, located on Chaska Blvd near the Chanhassen boarder. During the springtime, during, for a few days, residents report a pickle order in the air. It usually dissipates in a few days.

The Gedney Pickle Plant is the maker of the official Minnesota Pickle. They also pickle relishes and other cucumber based condiments. The cucumbers being used are sourced from local farmers. So remember, when you buy a Geney Pickle, you’re supporting the community of Chaska.

What will you do first?

There are so many fun things to do in Chaska is hard to decide what to do first. But one thing is for sure, you’ll find something to do for any age group.

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