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How to Spend a Weekend in Chanhassen | The Best Things to Do

Last updated on August 22nd, 2019

Chanhassen made national news the day Prince died. There is a reason he chose Chanhassen to live. It’s a quiet community away from the excitement of Minneapolis. It has some pristine lakes and open spaces to play, perfect to spend a weekend in fishing, playing, and seeing the sights. Here are some of the best things to do in Chanhassen.

Things to do in Chanhassen

Car’s and Caves at the Auto Plex

Once a month, a the end of the month people can walk into the Chanhassen AutoPlex and be treated to an amazing Car Show. The AutoPlex is where car enthusiast go when they have outgrown their garage at home. Most people spend just as much time upgrading and designing their garage and they’ve spent on their car’s themselves. The last Saturday of the month, from 8am-12pm, you will get a chance to see what they’ve done with the place. They are the ultimate man caves. Each month they have a new charity organization. Get there early because parking fills up fast.

Ultimate Man cave at the Auto Motor Plex

Watch the Weather Balloon at the National Weather Center

Twice a day, every day the National Weather Service releases 500 weather balloons simultaneously at all their locations across the country. The weather balloons transmit data back to the National Weather Service with information like wind speed, temperatures and so much more.

In Chanhassen, you can see this at 6 am or 6 pm at the National Weather Service off of Audubon Road. Or just look into the sky in the direction of the doppler at 6 pm and watch it float by. The weather balloon that is released in Chanhassen usually lands somewhere in Northern Wisconsin.

National Weather Service in Chanhassen
Weather Balloon Release

Paisley Park

When Prince Rodger Nelson died, his family opened their doors to his fans. Inside the gates, you’ll see out how the legend lived his life. No cameras or phones are allowed on the tour. They’ll give you a protective case to store it while you take your tour. Bring a flash drive, if you want a picture of yourself near his famed purple piano. In order to get through the gates, you’ll need to have a ticket purchased in advance.

Paisley Park in Chanhassen

Visitors looking to get a glimpse of the home don’t need to take a tour. There is no parking around Paisley Park. You’ll need to park at Lake Ann Park across the street and walk under the tunnel leading to his property. In the tunnel, fans have left their own artwork and memorabilia on the fence.

Walking to Paisley Park in Chanhassen.
Paisley Park through the fence.

Prince Mural

After Prince’s death, a New Zealand named Graham Hoete, wanted to pay tribute to the legend in his home town. Soon after Prince’s passing, Mr. Hoete flew into Prince’s home town and created a beautiful tribute to him on the side of the Chanhassen Cinema. It brightens up the town. Find out more about everything Prince in Chanhassen at Visiting Paisley Park and the Prince Mural.

Hanging out in Prince's Home Town, Finding The Prince Mural and other things to do.

Chanhassen Dinner Theatre

The Chanhassen Dinner Theatre has been offering some of the best entertainment in the Twin Cities for over 30 years. Fun fact, Amy Adams even performed at the Chanhassen Dinner Theatre. During the year, they feature big shows like Mamma Mia!. But they also have smaller shows like Stevie Rays’ Comedy Cabaret Friday and Saturday Nights too.  Tickets can be purchased for Dinner and a Show or just the Show!

The Chanhassen Dinner Theatre

Lake Ann Park

Lake Ann Park is the premier park in Chanhassen. They have a small beach, multiple playgrounds for kids, and a fishing pier. They rent Paddleboards, Paddle Boats, Canoe, and Kayak for visitors to enjoy the lake. Snack stand is available in the summertime. When I’m looking for things to do in Chanhassen, it’s usually the place I start.

Lake Ann Park in Chanhassen

Bluff Creek Golf Course

Bluff Creek Golf Course is a public course inside of Chanhassen. Offering 18 holes and a dynamic pricing structure to help you get the best rates on non-peak times. The course is good for beginners because it’s doesn’t offer a lot in the way of obstacles. They have special deals for golfing with children and a driving range. 

Stock and Barrel

If you want to let off a little steam, Stock and Barrel is just where to go for a little fun. This indoor shooting range has 14 lanes, each 25 yards long. If you don’t have a weapon or never have shot before, they will take care of you. They have a large selection of weapons to rent along with all the safety gear and targets. You are also welcome to bring your own. On your first time there, a range master will be there to go over the safety rules.

If you are not ready for the real thing, they also have a virtual range that can be rented out for groups. Stock and Barrel also offers classes for conceal and carry and advanced techniques for shooting. Visit during the week or first thing in the morning on the weekends to ensure a lane. It fills up fast.

Stock and Barrel indoor gun range in Chanhassen.

The Temple of ECK

Normally I would not call a religious temple a ‘Must See Attraction’ but you’ll understand why in a second. Driving down Hwy 5, you can see the pyramid shining in the distance. It would be a disservice to ignore its unique presence in the community. The temple is the original home for the religious organization Eckankar.

The members of the Temple of Eck believe the Soul’s whole purpose for being in this world is to find divine love. The recognizable pyramid roof according to ECK Master Harold Klemp, symbolizes mankind’s spiritual journey up the plateaus of life. If you like unique architecture, keep your eyes peeled for it. 

The temple of Eck in Chanhassen.

Where to Eat

Axels is a local restaurant with only a few other locations in the Twin Cities. They serve up classic American foods, like char-grilled steaks, seafood and more. This fine-dining restaurant brings in people from neighboring cities.  You may need a reservation to get into Axels on peak times.

Jungle Kitchen is where you go for the best Southeast Asian cuisine. They incorporate Cambodia, Thai, Vietnamese, and Chinese’s flavors in their dishes. I highly recommend their orange chicken. It is the best in Minnesota, and they deliver if you are staying in a hotel!

Café Thyme is the newest addition to Chanhassen. They offer fresh wholesome ingredients for all sourced locally. Their menu is diverse with things like Parmesan Thyme Scones, Chicken curry, and Wild Rice Tukey Burger.

Axel's Restaurant in Chanhassen

Where to Stay in Chanhassen

AmericanInn is the most centrally located hotel in the middle of a bustling Chanhassen. You’ll be able to get to everything staying here. There is also a Holiday Inn Express & Suites is a few miles down the road but with how small Chanhassen it’s not a big deal.

Ready for a Weekend in Chanhassen?

Chanhassen is a fun community to visit. It has the small town charm but close enough to Minneapolis you don’t feel isolated.  You could easily spend a weekend exploring different things to do during your weekend in Chanhassen.

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