Ice Skating at Centennial Lakes in Edina

Ice Skating in Minnesota is a national pastime. In my opinion, there is only one place to go, Centennial Lakes in Edina. Sure you could go to the local ice rink in your hometown, but that’s no more than a frozen pond or man-made rink. But their warming house usually doesn’t extend more to a series of benches in a cold feeling room. Centennial Lakes is so much more. It’s an adventure in the middle of a city. It’s a romantic date spot and a magical oasis all in one. It is the only place I will skate anymore.

Centennial Lakes warming house

Date Night in the Twin Cities

The Centennial Lakes Pond

Using the man-made Centennial Lakes ponds, this rink consists of 3 ponds, connected by a canal system. Surrounding the rink is their park, apartments and office buildings. Head out there on a winters night, and it becomes magical light up by a glowing cityscape. It’s the next best thing to seeing Christmas Lights around the city. The skating facility is designed just for ice skating. No hokey can be played there so there is no one to intimidate those just learning to skate. This makes it perfect for younger kids during the day or a romantic date when night comes.

Closest to the warming house is where you will find the most amount of traffic. Its filled with younger kids practicing their skills on the ice. If you are looking to gain a little speed, I recommend taking the channel towards the South Park pond. Once there, you’ll have plenty of free space to explore. Or go the length of the rink, around .75 miles long and get a good workout.

In some sections of the pond, the ice was as clear as glass. Looking down you could see all the way to the bottom including bubbles that formed in the ice. It is amazing yet terrifying all at the same time. I don’t always want to be reminded of what’s below me.

The Ice Rink in Edina MNWarming Up

After spending some time skating, head into the warming house and sit down next to the fire with a hot chocolate or other warm beverage. The warming house also has skate rentals, big bathroom facility, and a snack bar. Skates are $6 a pair and they have children’s sizes 8 and up, and adults sizes available. They also rent out Ice Sleds for $8 per hour.

Parking and Hours at Centeinal Lakes Ice Skating Pond

Free parking can be found anywhere around the lakes, but the best place I found to park is at Plaza Shops and Restaurants, on the lower level near Chucky Cheese. You’ll get the closest access to the warming house. They provide easy access to the pond from there.

Depending on the weather, they are open Mid December – Mid February, M-Th 4-9:30 and F-Sat 10-9:30. Sundays and School Holidays 12-9:30.

To me, Ice Skating is a staple of my childhood. I wouldn’t miss an opportunity to go out. Have you gotten a chance visit Centennial Lakes? What is your favorite part?

Warming up at Centennial Lakes Park Ice rink Centennial Lakes Stairway



More Info: Centennial Lakes
Directions: Edina MN
When To Visit: Mid December – Mid February, M-Th 4-9:30 and F-Sat 10-9:30. Sundays and School Holidays 12-9:30
Recommended Buys: Adjustable Lake Placid Ice Skates are perfect for kids because they’ll grow with them!
Other Recommends: Dress in layers whenever you go skating.
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