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One thing that’s great about living near the Mall of America, is getting to visit some of the great attractions. My favorite go to attraction is always Nickelodeon Universe. The rides give just enough thrill, but no much. It climate controlled an perfect to have younger kids ease into some of the bigger kids rides.

Our Bad Planning

We started out our day looking to go to the art museum, but silly me didn’t read the times correctly and we go there an hour early. It was also incredibly cold out and we were searching for something to do with the kids indoors, close by and that was opened before 11am on a Sunday. See the challenge? That’s when we decided to go to our standby location, Nickelodeon Universe. It really isn’t a stand by since I’ve only really indulged in a full day of fun there a few times, but it certainly is a family favorite Mall of America attraction.

Discount Tickets to Nickelodeon Universe

There are multiple ways to get rides tickets at Nickelodeon Universe. You can pay per ‘point’ or you can get an unlimited ride wristband. What you choose is really dependent on how much you want to spend and how many rides you wish to go on. A lot of time you can find a wristband deal for around $20 dollars around the cities at Subways. Sometimes Cub Foods has a promotion for discounted tickets.

The best discounts are on Twilight tickets after 5pm, for military members, or on Toddler Tuesdays. The Toddler Tuesdays promotion is for a 5hr ticket and only for specific kids rides. You can also bundle your Nickelodeon Universe with a Sealife Aquarium, Flyover America or the Crayola Experience tickets. I would check on their promotions page to see what the best deal is before you go. It’s always changing.


Kids rides average out to 3 points per ride and when a parent needs to accompany them, it no addition cost for them. The bigger rides cost anywhere from 4-5 points. I recommend looking over the rides list and doing an assessment of the crowds before you purchase tickets. If it’s busy and you are going on kids rides alone, you’ll be find just buying points. But if it’s not busy, you’ll want an unlimited ride wristband. You’ll be running on all the rides again and again.


The Ride Design and Staff

All of the rides in the park are designed especially for an indoor setting. The thrill factor is not as high as the outdoor parks. Don’t let that discourage the thrill seekers, you’ll find something. The Log Chute ride designed so the water pushes out and doesn’t soak the riders. You are still on a water ride, so expect to get misted a little. This is one of my favorite rides because it’s original to the park, when it was Camp Snoopy. When Nickelodeon bought out the part, they changed the theme of every ride except this one. It still has the north woods feel and of course Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox.

The park has done a great job of having wonderful staff. The best I’ve seen at any amusement park. If you have question, they’ll hold to ride to ask question. My daughters first time on the Ripsaw roller coaster, she started to get a little scared. She was almost in full blown panic attack mode when a ride assistant came over asked if everything was OK. He explained the thrill level to her until she was comfortable riding on it. If  it wasn’t for this young man, she never would have gone on it. After the ride was over she ran back to the front of the line.



Roller Coaster

I think one of my favorite rides to watch as a spectator is the kids bumper cars, known as Rugrats Raptarmobiles. They are specially designed for the little kids and they will not let the parents in the car with them. These kids, do not fully understand the dynamics of how to operate bumper cars. It took a good thirty seconds for the to realize that there is a gas pedal and in order to get the car to move, you have to press it down…  the whole time. Once they mastered that, they had to figure out the steering. It required you to turn and then straighten out the wheel. It’s a really hard concept. All of the parents are on the sidelines trying to coach them on how to operate the cars. For a long time, my daughter just spun around in circles. There were two kids that spent 2.5 of the 3-minute ride stuck facing each other with their foots on the gas unable to separate from each others car.  As a parent, you think about how much each ride cost and you want them to take advantage of every second of fun. But you have to just forget about that laugh at the situation.

Zipline Mall of America

What I love about Nickelodeon Universe, is that they are always trying to change it up and add in more thrills. Like the rest of the mall, they have to keep it fresh. One of the newer things that I’ve been dying to try is the Dutchman’s Deck Adventure Course and Zipline. Unfortunately, whenever I go, I’m with the kids and I don’t want to make them sit back and watch me. Maybe on my next date night, I can convince my husband to go. All and all it was a great little impromptu adventure.

Zip Line at Nickelodeon Universe

Best Time to Visit Nickelodeon Universe

I’ve been to the park a few times before and found that weekends can be kind of busy, especially if it’s cold and snowy out. The weekdays have the opposite effect. It’s usually dead. So dead in fact, that the kid’s rides rotate every 15 minutes on which ones are open. You just have to plan our your trip a little more on these days.

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