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Last updated on October 10th, 2019

In the Twin Cities, we are lucky to have a lot of options for different Haunted Attractions. One that I hadn’t done but kept hearing about over and over again was Scream Town in Chaska. When I was invited to go to the Abandoned Hayride this past weekend, I also got the opportunity to visit Scream Town too. I didn’t realize what I had been missing out on.

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Scream Town in Chaska

Scream Town is exactly what I think Halloween scares should be like. They have taken things to a level that you have to see to believe. With each haunted attraction as something that could stand alone as its own event, it just crazy to imagine. My biggest recommendation is to get there early. There is so much to see and do, it’s hard to pack it all in.

Haunted House in Scream Town in Chaska

What not to miss at Scream Town in Chaska

While there is a lot of fun attractions to do in Scream Town in Chaska, there were a few that stood out, making this place unique.

DAK Blood Forest

Do not miss out on the Dak Blood Forest. Upon entering I was told by the attendant that I wouldn’t make it, but my hubby would be just fine.  That just sets the mood for the rest of the adventure. This attraction had good scares and creepy elements throughout. I was shocked at the level of setup involved from the props and lighting to the special effects. It was incredibly hard not to stop and take pictures throughout it all. But that’s usually when the monsters start to attack.

Haunted Forrest in Scream Town

Crop Spawn

A spaceship landed in a field and now things just aren’t right. Venture through the farm and hope to come out at the other side in one piece. For the lighting effects alone, this was amazing. There was so much to look at and the actors were amazing.

Circus Asylum

The Circus Asylum is one of the first attractions you’ll come to as you enter. This was 100% terrifying. It’s one of the largest wooden mazes in MN. I say one of them because the Trail of Terror takes that trophy. Unlike the Trail of Terror, this one actually gives the scream, jumps and terrifying feel. From the outside, it doesn’t look that big.

Ludicrous Labyrinth

Confusing, disorienting and so much fun. If you are with another person going through this maze, keep a hand on them. Out of nowhere, you can slip around a corner with a puff of fog and the person will just disappear. It was nothing I’ve ever experienced before. There is an exit, but only a small percentage will actually find it.

Haunted Corn Maze

What Sets Apart Scream Town in Chaska


Actors can touch you. This took me by surprise but it was what I was missing from other places. The touching it’s extreme. You aren’t held against your will. Unless you count the ‘Trapped’ attraction, which costs extra.


Every attraction is well thought out, and they didn’t reuse scares. From sounds and smells to the unknown, things come at you from all levels. It’s the details that sets Scream Town apart from other haunted attractions.

Scream Town ensures everyone has fun and gets scarred. That’s why they space out the entrance to each exhibit. While some other places attempt this, Scream Town succeeds. You will feel like the only person there, making it all the more chilling.

Scream Town in Chaska's setup

Other Things to Know


Scream Town is located right off of Highway 212 on the western edge of Chaska. It easy to find with plenty of signs. It does share a parking lot with the Abandoned Hayride. There is a dirt road with parking on the grass. The ground was pretty level, compared to the Renaissance Festival or Trail of Terror, I still wouldn’t take a car that is low to the ground.


There is plenty of great food to choose from. Including things like Pork Chop on a Stick, Fresh Baked Chocolate Chip Cookies and Taco in a bag, you’ll find something to fill your stomach. There is also soda, coffee, hot chocolate, wine, and beer.

Parent Inclusion

Scream Town allows parents to come in free and enjoy the food and fire pit. I love this because parents are not forced to decide to send their younger kids alone. They can enjoy some excitement, without necessarily having to get terrified too.


The park is patrolled by the Carver County Sherif. Their presence is very well known throughout the park. At no point did I ever feel unsafe through the experience.

Carver County Sheriff

How to get Tickets

Scream Town in Chaska has different ticketing options. The basic ticket for $36. They also have a VIP/Fast Pass ticket for $64 and an Ultimate VIP ticket for $149. The basic ticket will get you into 6 of the 7 different attractions. The seventh has more extream scares and is only for those with VIP level access. With the basic ticket, I recommend visiting on a Friday or Sunday night. Otherwise, you may not get into all attractions because of the lines.

That is why they offer the VIP/Fast pass ticket. They usually sell out of these tickets each night. They will get you through everything much faster. This ticket also gets you into Convent. It’s an extreme scare experience.

But if you want the ultimate experience, I recommend getting the Ultimate VIP Pass. What’s cool about this is you can just about walk onto everything in the park. No waiting. It also gets access to the Abandoned Hayride located right next door and other attractions that go along with it. You’ll also walk away with some hot cider, and a gift bag with some stuff to take home. If you plan on doing the Abandoned Hayride and Scream Town in one night, this may be the only way you’ll have time to do it all.

The price of the regular admission also goes up on peak nights. To save a little money and guarantee that you’ll get a ticket, I highly recommend purchasing online. They ticket start at just $30.


  • There are plenty of places to warm up and get shelter from the wind, but you are going to be spending a good amount of time outside. Dress accordingly. That includes hats, glove, and a hoodie or warm coat. You can always pocket things if you need to.
  • Once inside the park, your level of ticket is recognizable by a stamp placed on your wrist. You’ll show it multiple times. I recommend wearing a loose-fitting top so you can get easy access to it.
  • Everything is outdoors, including some wooded areas. Bring a pair of sneakers or hiking boots. Leave the high heels at home.
  • This is the place is not for young children. While they don’t limit the age of people admitted, its recommend for 10+. Depending on the child, I’m not sure this would be the place I’d introduce them for haunted attractions.
  • The experience is not handicap accessible. If you were a Parent waiting for others, you can get around fine. Inside the attractions, there is no way to get around.

Does Scream Town in Chaska live up to its name?

Wow, yes! I was surprised at every attraction. Scream Town in Chaska has changed my opinion of all other parks. And right now nothing comes close. If you love Halloween, I recommend getting out there to visit. Or check out some of the other fun things to do this Halloween.

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