Spring Is In The Air

Last updated on April 13th, 2016

The series of escalators seem to be endless. You can hear the buzz of people following behind you. By the time you have gotten three floors up and you realize that the no one else has gotten off. You know they are heading to the same place you are. As you reach the eight floor, you can start to smell the heavenly aromas. It is none other than the Macy’s Spring Flower Show.

Macy's Spring Flower Show

This has been long awaited for us. I’ve heard others talk about it before, but had never seen it. Macy’s is always known for putting on spectacular displays. Their holiday display is never to be missed. We packed up the kids and headed downtown for their opening day.

The aroma getting off the escalator is overpowering. You start to notice all the outfits. Everyone is in their Sunday best. While others are getting into the spring spirit in other ways. Getting in the room was almost overwhelming. The people were everywhere, just trying to catch a glimpse. The displays reached to every corner of the room.

Flower Suite

Once inside you had to follow the masses. There were people everywhere. In order to fully see the show, it is necessary to follow the long line of people along the edges. Those that didn’t want to wait in line, would hold up their cameras above the crowds and hope to get a glimpse. Others decided to just keep to the center displays, which were not as crowded.




The show starts on the first day of Spring, March 20th and runs through April 3rd. The theme this year was America the Beautiful. They depicted 7 different regions of the United States. Along with the regions, you can follow along with their audio tour through your smart phone.

Each section had displays that accompanied the foliage that is native to that region. In additions to the carefully created backdrops, they had other embellishments, mood lighting, and ground cover. In the primroses from the ‘Shining Northeast Shore’, dried leaves helped cover the ground with the flowers popping up. Similar to the way you would see it outdoors.



Leaving the show was a little bittersweet. Knowing that you were about to leave the smells and colors that brought us there, to the brown that still is outside. On the plus side, getting out of the crowd was great. If you decided to check it out, I recommend that you go during the week and also don’t forget your camera. The displays are stunning. Macy’s did not let us down.

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