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St. Paul Gangsters Looking for a Good Time at the Wabasha Street Caves

Last updated on November 13th, 2018

In the heart of St. Paul, down by the river, there are a few party goers that just don’t want to stop the party. In the glamor of old Hollywood, who would want to? But there is a whole other reason for their in their strange behavior at the Wabasha Street Caves.

The St. Paul Gangsters

Castle Royal

In 1933 the Castle Royal night club was the most exclusive club in town. Their menu prices ensured that only the extremely well do to visit their place. In that day, the well to do mostly consisted of the more unsavory character. Dangerous characters like George Baby Face Nelson and Alvin Creepy Karips were frequent guests.

One night a young woman behind the bar was waiting to close up and an argument broke out between a few of the guests. It got so bad, that one individual got out his Tommy Gun and mowed the other three individuals down. After seeing what had just happened, the Bar Tender locked herself in the office and called the cops. The cops told her to wait outside until they arrived. They arrived 30 minutes later, he was still in there. The cops went in, spend about an hour. When they came out, they told her not to prank call the Police again.

She was in disbelief. She had just seen a vicious murder. They brought her in and the place was immaculate. She was not aware of the fact that the police and the organized crime had an understanding. Thanks to police Chief O’Connor, it’s believed that the police helped to cover up the crime. The caves had a bunch of unused tunnels of loose soil. We think that is where the bodies were buried.

Halways of the Wabasha Street Caves

Unwanted Guests

Over the years the club has gone through many changes. Today, the former speakeasy is an event venue for smaller parties. Party goers have stated that they have seen a few extra guests. He is dressed like a gangster from the 1920s and just roams around. This man is translucent and was able to go through a cave wall.

After a wedding reception was held in the Caves, a young guest told his Mom how much he enjoyed playing with the gangsters. There were no gangsters dressed up that night.

The staff doesn’t feel that the spirits have any ill will towards anyone. Many have reported that while in the back section of the caves, they will often hear their names called out. After investigating, they find that no one is there. Some tour guests have even gotten their own encounters. When stopping to take some pictures or visiting the bathrooms, they have reported hearing muffled sounds of a 1930s big band starting up.

Haunted Hallways of Wabasha Street Caves

After hearing about this, I wanted to check it out myself.  The caves are currently open up to the public thought the WabashaStreetTours. On the tour, you will hear stories about haunting and so much more. You are entertained the whole time. If you are really brave, you can take one of their haunted tours hosted by candlelight.  For me, I chose to have the lights on for my tour.

If you love the history of the 90s, check out the St. Paul Gangster Tours that are offered by the same company. There is also a lot more information on St. Paul’s dubious past in the John Dillinger Slept Here: A Crooks Tour Of Crime And Corruption In St Paul 1920-1936.

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The Wabasha Street Cave in St. Paul is just the beginning of the corruption. Check out the tour for more info on all of the St. Paul Gangster activites.

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  • Reply Sarah April 3, 2017 at 1:23 pm

    This is too cool! I just heard about them the other day but we’ve never been there. I had no idea there was such a long history behind them, now I want to visit there!

    • Reply Jenn April 3, 2017 at 8:24 pm

      I feel you. I’m a MN native and only heard about it a couple years ago during Halloween. That was until I stumbled upon a book of ghost stories and it just sold me on visiting. Have fun with your visit!

  • Reply Kelly | @diningduster July 6, 2017 at 10:07 am

    This looks so fun!! Totally up our alley.

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