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St Paul Saints | All You Need to Know About Your First Game at CHS Field

Last updated on August 16th, 2019

In the Minneapolis, if you want to see a Baseball Game go to a Twins Game. But in Saint Paul, the only team you need to see is the Saint Paul Saints. The Saints are not affiliated with Major League Baseball. They are part of the North Division of the American Association of Independent Professional Baseball. I dare you to say that 10x fast. Going to a St Paul Saints Game is an example of baseball at it’s finest. Here is all you need to know about your first game at CHS Field.

This post was sponsored by Carrie the Moment. I received free admission to a game in exchange for this post. This in no way affects my opinions.

All About the Saint Paul Saints

What the Heck is the American Association of Independent Professional Baseball?

The league started out as a minor league for larger cities in 1902. They included the St. Paul Apostles and the Minneapolis Millers, along with other Midwest teams. They introduced players like Mikey Mantle and Willie Mayes. Over the years teams left to join up with the Major Leagues. In 2005 they re-grouped and formed the new association with other Midwestern teams, TX and Winnipeg. Of all the different teams in the league, the St. Paul Saints have double, if not triple the crowds as all the other teams in the league. Going to one of the games, you’ll know why.  

Is Bill Murray Really an Owner?

The Saint Paul Saints have a few different owners in the mix but the most recognized name is Bill Murray. He has been with the team since its inception in 1993. His official title is Team Psychologist but to my knowledge, he doesn’t have a Ph.D. Mr. Murray is a jack of all trades, doing things like coaching the bases, boosting morale and train spotting. Of course, Bill’s a busy man and won’t be at all the games. But you can bet when he’s in town, he most defiantly swings by a game and helps out.

The owners of the st paul saints.

Saint Paul Saints: Game Day

With so much going on on game day, it is hard to know where to start. If you get there early, I recommend starting off with a little tailgating. If you aren’t prepared, don’t worry, there is always the party happening in front of the field.


The Saints have a designated tailgating lot at Lafayette St and Prince St just off Kellogg Blvd. Parking is $8 and fans can bring in grills, food, and drinks. Even better, you can reserve a parking spot ahead of time on the Saints website.

City Of Baseball Museum

If you have some time to kill before the game starts, stop in to see the City of Baseball Museum located inside CHS Field along the Third Base side. It’s free and airconditioned! Those are really just small perks compared to what’s inside. Any fan of baseball will love getting to see the memorabilia from the past leagues. I was shocked to see how much baseball has been part of Minnesota History.

In Game Entertainment

The St. Paul Saints Games have a reputation for being a lot of fun… With games and other activities to keep the game going in-between innings.

The Saints have changed the way Minnesotan’s enjoy at baseball. They have a team of people dedicated to entertaining the crowds. This goes beyond the normal furry mascot. Don’t worry they a Pig named Mudonna to fill that role. These have an extra group of entertainers that break out during the game and in-between innings to keep you engaged. Think of what the Twins do with and times it by nine. These entertainers are out in the stands with you acting like cheerleaders.

If you get a chance, visit on special event night. We attended on the Disco Premonition Night. They were celebrating disco all night long and paying homage to a time 40 years ago when one of the owners decided to run a death to disco promotion for a Chicago White Sox game. Fans were supposed to bring their disco records to be blown up in between a doubleheader. Well, things got a little out of control and they had to forfeit the second game because of a group of peace-loving hippies stormed the field. For that Saints, they show their love of disco and hosted a post-game dance party on the field for everyone in attendance. Keep an eye out for events like this throughout the season!

In game entertainment at the saint paul saints game


The St Paul Saints have a bunch of different food choices, that will make your mouth water. Each concession stand has its own theme, but they also all have classic favorites like chicken fingers and hot dogs. We even found Philly Cheese Steak sandwiches and Chicago Dogs. Everything tasted as good as it smelled. The Saints do not allow outside food or beverages. The only exception is a sealed bottle of water.

One thing you have to take advantage of while you are at the game is having your food delivered to your seat. On their app, they have the option to buy things like beers, sodas and light snacks like candies. Just put in your seat number and wait for a friendly face to run it down to you. Now you don’t have an excuse to run out of beer.

Dinning at a Saints Game
Eating a Chicago Dog at a St Paul Saints Game
Food Delivery to your seats at CHS Field

How to get to CHS Field?

CHS Field is in a mess of different highways, right in front of the St. Paul Farmers Market. The easiest way to get there is to drive, or bike if you are in the area.


There are parking lots located all around the stadium. Since most of their parking lots are not right next to the field, they have Capitol City Pedicabs to get to your lot.  We ended up snagging a spot on Prince Street, just in front of the tailgating lot. It was $10 a spot and right next to the field.

Parking for a St Paul Saints Game


As far as the train goes, they do not have a light rail stop in front of the stadium like other stadiums. Your best bet is to take the Green Line to Union Depot and walk 4 blocks to the stadium. has all the details on how best to plan your route. Don’t worry, it’s pretty close. There are also a few days this year where you can ride FREE. Check out the website to get the full details.


I can’t believe I’m saying this but you can also scooter to CHS field there from anywhere in St. Paul. Download the Lime or Bird apps, located a scooter nearby and ride on over to the stadium. It’s relatively inexpensive ways to get through the city.

Tickets & Discounts

Saint Paul Saints Tickets and Discounts

Tickets for a Saints game range from $5-$18 for the regular seats. They also have Capitol Box and Club level seating which quickly jumps the price anywhere from $28-$130 a seat. If you are looking for a good seat at a game, you don’t need to pay more than $18.

The cheapest seat is in the berm. The berm is a grassy section behind the bullpens. You can only buy these tickets on game day and perfect for little kids who may want to stretch their legs and get the wiggles out.  The best views of the city skyline are from this section. Behind the berm is also the best place to select the Drink Rail seats. These seats need to be reserved. Special Days like Fridays, that includes a post-game Fireworks show, will start at $7 and up.

Chair Rail seating at CHS Field
Rail Seating
Grass Seating for baseball in MN
Berm Seating
Berm Seating at CHS Field
Berm Seating during game time

Special Deal

For additional discounts on some great games for the 2019 season, head over to and enter promo code CTMSAINTS. The promotional tickets come with a hat so you don’t feel out of place.

Under the lights at CHS Field

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