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Last updated on April 14th, 2016

I have always had an appreciation for classic cars. They have great lines, colors, and big engines. I couldn’t identify the kind of car it is, but just that it looks cool. The people at the Auto Motorplex on the other hand, know their cars. They all have built their own Man Caves. What’s cool is that on the first Saturday of the month, they open up the doors and let you take a peek inside.

My husband and I stumbled into this place about a year after we moved into Chanhassen. We saw a long line of cars going up to this place on Saturday morning. We had to look into it. After doing some research, I found that this place is essentially garage space that people can buy when their wives kick them out of their home’s garage. Ok… That’s what I thought going there. I heard they would trick out their space and make it look cool. Knowing my Dad’s love for cars, I convinced him to go with us over there. It was a short walk from the house so off we went.

This place was crazy! Their website recommends that you get there right when they opened their doors. If you want to park anywhere close, it is a great piece of advice. People were parked all the way back into the neighborhoods. I’m glad we decided to walk the whole way. Leading up to the garages, they had people lined up on the streets just looking at the cars driving by. My daughter thought it was a parade. It’s not just the people in the garages that bring out the cool cars, it the visitors too. You see them lined up everywhere.

As you get in you start to release just how big of an even this is every month. There is a food truck and vendors outside. Everyone driving cars around. Then you walk into your first garage. Most people have them open to walk into. The first one we saw stored easily twenty plus cars, all lined up looking beautifully.

BMW BlueCar Corvette


Most owners built a second floor to their garage with their private space. Kitchens, couches TV, sleeping accommodations I’m sure. Some had lifts in the to work on the cars. There were all kinds of neon signs and old motor signs. Classic Gas pumps. The kinds of stuff you see them find on American Pickers. All the garages had their own style and theme. It was probably some of the coolest things I’ve seen. I really need to start giving men more credit for their design abilities.

Mobille Frank's Cafe Porkeys




Texaco Gas PumpThis place seemed to go on forever. There were every make and model imaginable there. They probably had only a third of owners showing off their cars. The others were closed up. The surplus cars were all lining the unopened garage space. I can’t image how crowded it would have been if they had all been opened up. No ones getting paid to be there, so it’s pretty cool that so many do. The owners were all really nice and would tell you stories about the vehicles.



Regardless if you like cars or not, you would have a good time. If you are ever free the first Saturday of the month between 8-11 and are looking for something to do, I would definitely check it out.

Cadallac 426 Hemi Car Gate

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