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It’s Twins Season again! I’m so excited. Baseball is always marketed as a family friendly event. And it is. But once you start adding up the cost for tickets, parking, food and everything else the costs quickly get out of control. Over the years, I’ve found a few ways to cut back on the costs.

Saving Money at Target Field

Ticket Deals


The MN Twins just announced a new way that Students can see a Twins Game. For a while now Rassmussen has been sponsoring students night. But they have made things easier than ever to get tickets. For just $5 Students can purchase their tickets through the Ballpark app.

To sign up, students can visit or text STUDENT to 51655. From there, they will receive a text message the day the offer becomes available. They will then click on the link to redeem the offer.

The seats are standing room only tickets. With so many great venues to hang out, you are bound to find a great place to watch the game.

Everyone Else

If you are not a student and are still looking for a great deal, you just have to be a little flexible. Tickets prices vary by time of year, the day of the week, and by the team, we are playing. The best deals are Extra Value Home games with tickets as low as $6. The Value Game tickets are as low as $11. For full details check out their schedule.

How to Save Money at Target Field

The Extras

Free Soda

Not planning on drinking alcohol at the game. Sign up to be a Budweiser Good Sport. In doing so, you will be you’ll be entered in a drawing for a free prize during the beginning of the 8th inning. You also receive a voucher for a free small soda. Which in normal people sizes, is like a large drink! All you need is to fill out your name and seat information.

Dollar Dogs

On Wednesday Nights, hot dogs are only $1 at the Hennepin Grille and Taste of Twins Territory concessions stands. These go quickly so make sure you get them before the 2nd inning. They only have 20,000 per game and you are limited to 2 per person. When money is tight, these are an amazing alternative.

Bring Your Own Food

Bring in your own Food and Beverages. Target Field allows you to bring in unopened water bottles 32 oz or less, or soft-sided juice boxes. They also have water filling stations for your water bottles. You can also bring in food as long as it’s in a soft sided cooler and can not be used as a projectile. They don’t like full apples because you could throw them, but if they are pre-cut, you’re good to go. I’ve never had a problem with this one. Even if you bring in something small, it will free up some cash for some ball field favorites. For full details on what you can and can not bring, check out Target Field A-Z.

How to score a free soda at Target Field!

Other Ways


Want to get even more of a deal, look for ticket packages or days that have giveaways associated with them! Family Section packages start at $10 and include Free Soda and Hotdog with the ticket. And if you mix that with a Sunday game, your kids can get autographs before the game and access to the field to run the bases after the game. Trust me, it’s a treat!

Your all access pass to saving money at Target Field. Getting To Target Field


Depending on the size of the group, Metro Transit may be the best option for saving money at Target Field. The train drops off right in front of the stadium and you can get an all day pass for around $4.50 during the week. If you are going to a weekend game, you can do a little better by getting an all day pass for $3.50.

If you are a student. Students will also get a free ride pass. To find our more head over to


If you are traveling with over 3 people, save yourself the hassle and just park in Ramp A or B. They are $10-$15 for a game. The ramps can be accessed from highway 349 heading East in the Cities and exit back onto the highway too.

These are just some tips. The Twins are always finding new ways to save you some money and make baseball accessible to everyone. It’s part of the reason I love the sport so much. Do you know any other great ideas for saving money at Target Field?

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With Twins Baseball Season in full swing, here are the ways you can save money at target field this year.

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  • Reply Laura VZ April 26, 2017 at 12:04 pm

    Great suggestions! I think people don’t realize they can bring their own food in. It’s such a gorgeous park so thanks for letting people know how accessible it can be.

    • Reply Jenn April 26, 2017 at 12:18 pm

      I had been “sneaking” food in for the longest time. Now I just walk in with my grocery bag. Enjoy your next game!

  • Reply Holly | Legally Crafty Blog April 27, 2017 at 4:22 pm

    Some good tips here! We have partial season tickets and I always forget you can bring in water and food!

    • Reply Jenn April 27, 2017 at 4:54 pm

      Do you ever splurge at the metropolitan club? We always make a point to go there a few times over the season!

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