Best Sleds for Kids

The Best Kids Sleds

Last updated on June 18th, 2018

Sleds come in all kinds of shapes sizes and colors. With cool new features like steering wheels the latest Disney characters. When your looking for the best kids sleds, it can get overwhelming. From my experience, spending more money on your sled, will not guarantee that it will operate better. I find that the classics are the best way to go. With all the sleds on the market, here are some recommendations on the best sleds for kids and adults.

Recommended Kids Sleds

Classic Toboggan:

A standard two-person plastic sled. This allows the most speed, but also allows you to have control. To control the direction lean one way or another to alter your course. This sled has the bonus of having a rope, that will help with getting it back up the hill. This is perfect for younger kids that need someone to go with them. It also has enough fun, that older kids will still love it. It has a lip, to cut through fresh snow if needed.

Best Kids Sleds

Flying Saucer:

The best method is to sit cross-legged or on your knees. I prefer to use the knee approach because it gives you a better dismount and shock protection in case you go off course. In order to control your decent, you’ll need to put your hands in the snow to direct you from spinning off course. Without searing, you may end up going down the hill backwards, which can also be fun. I’ve found that a parent can ride this with a small child on their lap. The one down side to this sled is there is no rope to assist with the climb back up. Best Kids Sleds


Flexible Flyer:

These are fun because you can go down on your knees or on your tummy. It requires that you have a groomed path, otherwise, you’ll get a lot of snow in your face. You must be under 90lbs to ride. For those adults that think they can get away with it, well you might. As long as it’s groomed… otherwise, you’ll just go into a cloud of snow. You just have to distribute your weight really well. This type of sled may send you spinning, with little control. It is made of foam, making it more forgiving to crashes and cold temps.Best Kids Sleds

Best Sleds for both Adults and Kids

Luge Snow Sled

This sled is compact, taking up a lot less storage room in your garage. This is perfect for Adults and Kids. You only have the choice on how to ride this one. Sitting but it positions you to stop by just placing your heels down. Your center of gravity is a lot higher making it easier for you to tip out of. Giving you a little more challenge and fun all at the same time!Best Kids Sleds

The Winner Is…

It’s a toss up between the Toboggan and the Flexible Flyer. They are the best for kids sled and doubles for grownups. I also love the option of having two people able to sit on one sled. As my kids get older, I will be probably buying a second foam flyer and also getting the luge. Until then, I require ones that are easy for the 6 years and under range.

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