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10 Best Biking Gloves for Kids

Bike gloves are one of the most essential pieces of equipment for young cyclists. Not only do they help to protect a small hands when riding, but they also provide extra grip and comfort while cycling. Finding the right pair of bike gloves for your kids can be tricky, so we’ve taken the time to evaluate some of the best options available on the market today.

From lightweight fingerless designs that don’t hinder dexterity, to durable full-fingered varieties that provide extra protection from wind and rain, there’s something for every type of young rider out there.

We’ve rounded up our top picks for the best bike gloves for kids, taking into consideration factors such as fit, breathability, and padding.

Whether you’re looking for something to keep their hands warm during those chilly morning rides, or something that won’t get in the way when they’re pulling stunts in the park, these are some of our favorite pairs on the market right now!

Quickly after putting on a pair of gloves for your adventure, my kids both looked at me like I was crazy. Followed up with the inevitable, where are mine?

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What are bike gloves?

A bike glove is an essential piece of cycling gear, designed to protect your hands from the elements and provide added comfort while riding. Bike gloves are usually made from a breathable material, such as synthetic leather or mesh, which helps to keep your hands dry and comfortable even in hot weather.

Bike gloves also offer protection against blisters, chafing and bruising caused by vibration or contact with the handlebars.

Additionally, most bike gloves feature padded palms and fingers for extra cushioning against shocks and vibration when hitting bumps or potholes on the road.

With all these benefits, it’s no wonder that bike gloves have become an indispensable part of every cyclist’s kit!

Why do kids need bike gloves?

As we said, bike gloves are essential for any cyclist, but they are even more important for kids. That’s because kids, especially younger ones just learning to ride, often are more susceptive to falling. This will give them an added bit of comfort and protection as they learn the sport.

The Best Biking Gloves for Kids

daytripper Pick

Best All Around

Fox Racing Dirtpaw Glove

Kids Favorite

Easy On

Fly Racing Pro Lite Gloves

Budget Friendly

Summer Favorite

Giro DND Jr. II Gloves

Our top Pick

Fox Racing Dirtpaw Glove

  Fox Racing Full   $$$$

Fox Racing DIRTPAW Gloves for biking are the perfect choice for young riders looking to keep their hands safe and protected on their adventures. These gloves provide a kid-specific fit that fits kids aged 4-6 years old, so no matter how active they get, these gloves will always be comfortable.


  • The gloves boast a padded single-layer conductive Clarino palm, while a durable nylon top-of-hand material with direct inject TPR knuckle coverage ensures maximum protection. They are perfect for little hands.
  • Additionally, stretch mesh finger gussets increase airflow and dexterity and silicone print at finger tips for lever grip provides an extra level of security.
  • Lastly, compression molded neoprene cuff ensures a secure fit with hook and loop wrist closure style for added convenience.
  • With Fox Racing DIRTPAW Gloves your little one can ride in confidence knowing they have the best protection available!
Kids Favorite

Fly Racing Pro Lite Gloves

  Fly Racing Full   $$$

Fly Racing Youth Pro Lite gloves for biking are the perfect blend of performance and protection. Designed with a lightweight and minimalist construction, these gloves provide unrestricted movement without sacrificing comfort or grip.


  • The athletic fit fits close to the hand, giving you full range of motion and minimal excess material.
  • Reinforced double layer thumb and silicone finger grippers add extra durability to ensure your hands stay in control no matter how intense the ride gets.
  • An adjustable synthetic leather wrist closure provides a secure fit even when speeds increase, allowing for maximum performance without any unwanted distractions.
  • Whether you’re riding cross country trails or pushing it on race day, Fly Racing Youth Pro Lite gloves are designed to keep up with your fast-paced adventures.
  • Experience superior protection, comfort and grip with Fly Racing Youth Pro Lite Gloves – the perfect choice for any active biker!
Budget friendly

Giro DND Jr. II Gloves

  Giro Half   $

GiroDND Jr. II Bike Gloves are designed with Super Fit Engineering, a proprietary process that guides the fit, design and patterning of every Giro glove for maximum comfort and performance.


  • Three-piece palm construction which tailors the fit of the glove to reduce bunching and allows your hand to move naturally for enhanced control that doesn’t compromise bar feel.
  • With as many as six sizes available per model, almost any rider can find the perfect pair of gloves to match a child’s hand.
  • The synthetic leather material makes these gloves durable and long-lasting while the padding zones offer superior protection for the entire hand.
  • Get ready for an improved ride with GiroDND Jr. II Bike Gloves!

Dakine Prodigy Bike Gloves

  Dakine Full   $

The Dakine Prodigy Bike Gloves provide your kids with the grip and protection they need to stay safe on the trails.

These gloves are designed with synthetic suede palm and wrap-over fingers for a secure fit, while microfleece nose wipe and adjustable hook and loop cuff offer extra convenience.


  • The shell is made of 84% nylon, 9% spandex, and 7% polyester for breathability and durability. Plus, Polygiene Odor Control Technology ensures that their sweat won’t be a problem either.
  • These gloves are sure to give your kids the confidence they need to ride the mountain like a pro.
  • With optimal cushioning in their palms, they’ll be able to grip their handlebars securely and keep their hands comfortable all day long. Plus, the Big Mouth opening makes it easy to slip these gloves on and off as needed so your kids can focus on what’s important – having an awesome time!
  • Get your kids the Dakine Prodigy Bike Gloves today and let them show off their skills on the trails tomorrow!



The Pearl iZUMi MTB Bike Glove is the perfect choice for mountain biking enthusiasts and casual riders alike.

This lightweight glove features a one-piece synthetic leather palm that is soft and durable, offering superior grip, comfort and protection against abrasions.


  • A hook and loop closure ensures a snug fit while allowing easy on and off.
  • The full range of kid sizes ensures a proper fit no matter the size of your hands.
  • For added convenience, there is also a soft low–profile wiping surface on the thumb to keep sweat from your eyes during long rides.
  • Whether you’re hitting the trails or just cruising around town, the Pearl iZUMi MTB Bike Glove provides maximum comfort and performance for any ride.

O’Neal – Element Gloves

  O’Neal Full   $$$$

The O’Neal Element Bike Gloves are the perfect choice for cyclists who need the ultimate comfort and protection.


  • These gloves feature a polyester hook and loop closure for a secure fit and an adjustable wrist with Velcro closure for a snug fit.
  • The vented mesh top allows for increased airflow, keeping your hands cool and comfortable on long rides.
  • The ergonomic padding and stitching on the palm provide extra cushioning and support to reduce arm pump, while the pre-curved tailoring provides a natural fit that won’t hinder performance.
  • With all of these features, you can be sure that the O’Neal Element Bike Gloves will keep you comfortable, safe, and ready to ride all day long.

Troy Lee Designs Air Bike Gloves

  Troy Lee Full   $$

Troy Lee Designs Youth Air Bike Gloves are the perfect choice for young riders who want to feel comfortable and secure while out on the trails.


  • With a compression molded cuff, single layer palm with laser perforated holes for breathability, and micro-mesh all over for added ventilation, these gloves provide the protection your child needs without sacrificing comfort.
  • The silicone print on the fingers offers a grippy spot for brake lever grip and ensures that your child’s hands stay in place when they need it most.
  • Whether tackling a difficult trail or just taking an easy cruise, Troy Lee Designs Youth Air Bike Gloves will keep your child’s hands safe and secure.

ZippyRooz Kids Bike Gloves

  ZippyRooz Full   $$

Introducing ZippyRooz Bike Gloves, the perfect way to keep your little ones safe and comfortable when they’re out enjoying their favorite sports.

These gloves are designed specifically for children aged 1-8 years old, with minimal padding on the palm for easier grip while still offering protection.


  • They are lightweight enough to be worn in cooler temperatures yet still breathable enough for warmer days.
  • The soft thumb material is designed for wiping running noses, making it great for kids who are always on the go!
  • Whether your little one likes riding bicycles or balance bikes, skateboarding, scootering, roller skating, rollerblading, balance boards or gymnastics – ZippyRooz Bike Gloves have them covered!
  • With superior comfort and protection in mind, these gloves help keep young hands warm and safe during any type of sport.

Louis Garneau

  Louis Garneau Half   $

Louis Garneau bike gloves are something every cyclist should consider when they are hitting the road. Not only do they provide a layer of protection from the elements and potential falls, but they also offer superior comfort and grip.

The Louis Garneau Bike Gloves feature foam padding to reduce hand fatigue during those long rides, a perforated palm for increased airflow and ventilation, a leather-like material that is soft to the touch, proprietary finger pullers for easy removal, and a silicone puller at the wrist for quick and easy removal.


  • These gloves make it easier to maintain control of your handlebars while offering superior comfort on those long rides.
  • They have been designed with ergonomic engineering principles to ensure a secure fit so you can focus on enjoying your ride without worrying about them slipping off or feeling uncomfortable.
  • Plus, these gloves come in several different designs so that you can find one that suits your needs best. 
  • Whether you’re an avid mountain biker or just enjoy leisurely riding around town, Louis Garneau bike gloves will enhance any ride by providing superior grip, comfort, and breathability.

Giro Bravo Jr.

  Grio Bravo Full   $$

Giro Bravo Jr Bike Gloves are the perfect addition to any young cyclist’s glove collection. Featuring Giro’s Super Fit Engineering, a proprietary process that guides the fit, design and patterning of each pair of gloves, these gloves provide maximum comfort and performance.


  • With three-piece palm construction tailored to reduce bunching and enhance bar feel, these gloves help young riders stay in control while protecting their hands from bumps and bruises.
  • Additionally, with as many as six sizes available per model, almost every rider can find a great pair of Giro Bravo Jr Bike Gloves to meet their needs.
  • Whether you’re just starting out or have been riding for years, Giro Bravo Jr Bike Gloves are sure to offer superior protection and performance for your cycling adventures.

Why You Need Bike Gloves for Kids

Protection from the Elements

Bike gloves are one of the most important pieces of cycling gear you can own. Not only do they provide much-needed protection from the elements during your ride, but they also help you stay in control of your bike.

Bike gloves provide a barrier between your hands and the handlebars, shielding them from wind, rain, cold temperatures and other elements that could otherwise hinder your ability to ride smoothly.

Additionally, bike gloves are designed to help absorb sweat, preventing it from dripping into your eyes and affecting your vision while riding. With bike gloves protecting you from the elements, you can enjoy a comfortable and safe ride every time.

Comfort and Control While Riding

Bike gloves are an essential piece of riding gear for cyclists, providing added comfort and control while riding.

With the right pair of bike gloves, you can enjoy a smoother ride with reduced hand fatigue, improved grip, and better control over your handlebars. Bike gloves are designed to provide extra cushioning and protection from road vibrations, as well as better grip in wet conditions.

Additionally, bike gloves also help protect your hands from the elements like wind and sun exposure.

The best bike gloves for comfort and control should fit snugly without being too tight or bulky. They should be made from breathable materials that wick away sweat, allow air to circulate, and provide adequate insulation from cold temperatures.

When it comes to choosing a pair of bike gloves, consider the type of riding you do most often and choose a glove that fits your needs best.

Bike gloves can make your rides much more comfortable and enjoyable while providing added control when steering through turns or maneuvering around obstacles on the trail. Invest in a quality pair of bike gloves today so you can enjoy all the benefits they offer while out on two wheels!

Reduced Risk of Injury or Accidents

Bike gloves provide an extra layer of protection and can help reduce the risk of injury or accidents while cycling.

The right pair of bike gloves will have a snug fit, cushioning your hands from jarring vibrations and shocks while you’re riding. Bike gloves with extra padding can also help absorb some of the force from road bumps or sudden impacts, reducing the likelihood of sustaining an injury.

Furthermore, most bike gloves come equipped with additional features such as reflective material to increase visibility at night, sweat-wicking fabric to keep your hands dry and comfortable during long rides.

With all these features combined, bike gloves are a great way to stay safe and protected on your ride.

Features to Look Out For in Bike Gloves for Kids

Grip and Durability

First, look for gloves with a sticky or rubberized palm surface. This will help reduce slippage on the handlebars and increase your control over the bike. Additionally, some bike gloves feature silicone grips or other technologies meant to further improve your grip.

Finally, make sure your bike gloves have adjustable closures such as Velcro straps or drawstrings so you can find the perfect fit for your hands and wrists without compromising movement or feel.

This way you can make sure your gloves aren’t too tight or too loose when you’re biking around town or taking on tough trails.

Breathability and Moisture Wicking Ability

Going hand and hand with grip, you’ll need a breathable material or your hands will slip around.

Next, consider breathability when selecting your glove material. Look for materials like mesh, thin leathers, or synthetic fabrics that can wick away sweat from your hands quickly while still offering a secure grip on the handlebars.

Fit and Comfort Level

Bike gloves were designed to be tight. This is to ensure that your grip is secure.

For fingerless gloves, this can be more challenging to get off and often require you to pull them inside out. They are easily turned back. Some little kids will struggle with this.

Full-length gloves tend to be easier to remove due to the ability to grip the fingertips when removing.

Style Options

There are two main styles of gloves, full-length and fingerless options.

Full-length or full-finger gloves are great for later in the season during cold weather or winter biking. They provide full coverage and help with keeping your extremities warm.

Fingerless gloves or half-finger gloves are perfect for summertime. Give your fingers added room to breathe, but allow your child to have the soft comfort on their palms.

Additional Safety Features (e.g., reflective material)

As biking becomes more popular, look for reflective material gloves. This is an added safety feature that will make your kids more visible to people on the road.

What are the best kids bike gloves?

It doesn’t matter what the child’s age is, riding with a little extra hand protection makes the ride so much better. My kids both have a pair of Troy Lee Designs Youth Air Bike Gloves. For younger kids, I’d recommend getting a pair that your kids love so it gets plenty of use.

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