Minnesota Wineries | 11 That Are Minutes from the Twin Cities

Did you know that there are 11 wineries located just minutes from the Twin Cities? In some people’s mind, getting to a winery consists of a long drive into the country.

With the diverse climate we have, they are a lot closer than you think. You just have to know where to go for the wineries in the Twin Cities.

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Why Visit at MN Winery?

Minnesota Wineries and Vineyards have a unique charm to them. It is a completely different experience than any bar you will go to. My first trip to a Vineyard was at Winehaven.

Immediately I noticed how amazing the staff was. They had a deep passion for the product they were serving. The staff could provide you with the perfect pairing for any meal you were serving.

They poured each tasting in the order that would best compliment the previous flavors. You could tell just how invested they were in their products.

I was surprised when I was encouraged to walk around on the grounds with my glass. They didn’t care that I brought my children with me. My kids loved getting to see where grapes came from. It felt like I was visiting a friend’s home.

11 Wineries Minutes From the Twin Cities

After visiting a few more vineyards, like Four Daughters, Cannon River, and even Buffalo Rock, I found that it was this way at most locations. A lot of the places will have yard games set up and live bands.

Some will even have food trucks outside or have a kitchen serving their own creations. It makes for an amazing, laid-back experience. Or take it up a notch and participate in a grape stomp.

Beer Flight at Schram Vineyards and Brewery

History of MN Wine Grapes

Thanks to the U of M, Minnesota wineries have been able to grow their own grapes. They have created 5 different types of grapes that can withstand the harsher climate we have.

They are currently coming out with some new grapes that promise a new set of wine combinations. The rumor is the latest grape will start making its debut in 2018!

The Minnesota Wineries Map

To help people get out and experience what I have, I created a quick guide. The 11 Wineries and Vineyards minutes from the Twin Cities. All are less than an hour away. I’ve done all the legwork.

The tasting prices and hours are provided for you, along with my own review of each place. So quick making excuses. You don’t have to wait for a special occasion. Just go out and visit one of these amazing wineries and don’t forget to do some Wine Tastings MN.

11 Wineries Minutes From the Twin Cities

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