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16 FUN Things to do in Detroit Lakes MN in 2024

Detroit Lakes, Minnesota has something for everyone, from the sparkling waters of Detroit Lakes to the grandeur of its ice castles. The peacefulness of golf courses to the thrilling activities offered, Detroit Lakes is a destination like no other.

If you want a weekend escape or a summer full of adventure, there are many fun activities to do in Detroit Lakes, MN.Let’s explore some of the best things to do in Detroit Lakes MN.

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Fun Things to do in Detroit Lakes MN

Visit the Historic Holmes Theater

Enjoy live music, plays, and films in a beautiful Art Deco setting at this 90-year-old theater.

Visiting the Historic Holmes Theater in Detroit Lakes MN is a unique experience. Originally built in 1920, the theater has undergone many renovations and upgrades to preserve its original charm and character. The theater operates as a non-profit.

Inside, visitors enjoy a luxurious experience with comfy seating, a spacious stage, and ample lighting for the perfect ambiance.

The theater offers a variety of performances, from comedy and music to plays and dance. There are also a variety of films and other special events held throughout the year.

The Historic Holmes Theater is a perfect place for a fun night out with family or friends, or for experiencing the past.

Explore Detroit Lakes City Park

Visit this beautiful park on the outskirts of town with walking trails, a playground, and picnic tables.

Detroit Lakes City Park is one of the most beautiful outdoor spaces in Minnesota. It has wooded trails, open fields, stunning lake views, and rolling hills.

The park offers a variety of outdoor activities, including fishing, biking, and kayaking.

The park also features a variety of amenities, including picnic tables, grills, and restrooms. Detroit Lakes City Park is ideal for both leisurely walks and thrilling outdoor adventures.

Attend the Detroit Lakes Polar Fest

Celebrate winter with parades, ice sculptures, and other activities during this annual event held every February.

The Winter Carnival in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota is a great chance for locals and visitors to enjoy the beauty of a Minnesota winter. The Winter Carnival in Detroit Lakes offers many activities to enjoy winter, such as snowshoeing, ice fishing, snowmobiling, and skiing.

The Winter Carnival is in February and is a great time to enjoy outdoor activities and have fun.The festivities include ice skating parties, snow sculpture competitions, and a snowman-building contest, to name a few. There are other events such as kite flying, ice golf, a snowshoe race, and ice skating shows.

Go to Detroit Lakes for a unique and fun way to enjoy winter at the Winter Carnival.

Explore the Ice Palace

The Ice Palace at the Detroit Lakes Polar Fest is truly a breathtaking sight. Located in Detroit Lakes, MN, this magnificent structure is a beautiful way to explore the colder months of the year.

The Ice Palace is constructed each year with ice blocks harvested from nearby lakes, with each block weighing up to 500 pounds! Ice blocks are stacked and then illuminated with colored lights to create a truly amazing display.

This year, the Detroit Lakes Polar Fest Ice Palace is bigger and better than ever. With over 5,000 blocks of ice, it stands high above the city skyline at a towering 20 feet.

The Ice Palace is creatively decorated with incredible ice sculptures and intricate carvings, making it an impressive sight to behold. It also features an ice slide and a warming house, making it a great place for people of all ages to explore and enjoy.

Come explore the Detroit Lakes Polar Fest Ice Palace and experience winter like never before.

Hit the Slopes at the Detroit Mountain Recreation Area

Experience the thrill of hitting the slopes at Detroit Mountain Recreation Area. From downhill skiing to snowboarding to fat tire biking, Detroit Mountain has something for everyone. Whether you’re an experienced skier or snowboarder, or just starting out, you’ll find the perfect runs for your ability level.

And for those looking for a unique experience, fat tire biking is a must. With its wide, low-pressure tires, fat tire biking is a great way to explore the trails of Detroit Mountain.

You can have an exciting ride on the hilly terrain, with the challenge. The hilly terrain is steep but rewarding. Plus, the low-pressure tires make for a much smoother ride, so you can focus on the fun and the views.

So if you’re up for an adventure, come experience the thrill of the slopes at Detroit Mountain.

Watch the Northern Lights

Part of the fun of Minensota is getting to see the Northern Lights. And well, when the conditions are right, Detroit Lake is a perfect location to get away from cities light poution.

Spend Time at Big Detroit Lake

Take in some stunning views or go for a swim in Minnesota’s largest lake located right in Detroit Lakes.

I love my time at Big Detroit Lake in Detroit Lakes, MN. Big Detroit Lake is a serene and beautiful place to spend a summer day. Big Detroit Lake is a great place for people of all ages. You can enjoy activities such as fishing and camping, as well as relaxing on the sandy beach and launching boats.

The lake is a great place to go canoeing, kayaking, or paddleboarding. Not only is the lake great for water sports, but it’s also perfect for swimming and wading.

The sandy beach is the perfect spot to relax in the sun and take a dip in the cool water. For those looking for more excitement, there is plenty of fishing available at Big Detroit Lake.

Big Detroit Lake is the ideal spot for a summer getaway. With its stunning scenery, exciting activities, and relaxing atmosphere, it’s no wonder why Big Detroit Lake is so popular.

Visit the Tamarac National Wildlife Refuge

Spot wildlife like beavers and loons while exploring one of Minnesota’s most scenic refuges on foot or by canoe/kayak.

The Tamarac National Wildlife Refuge in Detroit Lakes, MN is a breathtakingly beautiful destination and a must-see for nature lovers. The refuge is a diverse wildlife habitat with over 250 bird species and animals like beavers, otters, and trumpeter swans. It’s located near Detroit Lakes.

Visitors can enjoy a variety of outdoor activities at Tamarac, including wildlife viewing and birdwatching. The refuge provides educational programs and guided tours for visitors to learn about the local wildlife.

Tamarac National Wildlife Refuge is a great place to enjoy nature and have a peaceful day outdoors.

Try Out Some Local Eateries

Whether you’re looking for family-friendly dining or fine dining options, Detroit Lakes has it all!

Detroit Lakes MN is home to a vast array of delicious eateries that offer something for everyone. This vibrant city has something for everyone, from traditional American and Italian comfort foods to unique local specialties. From the beachfront restaurants to the downtown area, you can find the perfect place to enjoy your next meal.

Shoreline Restaurant

The Shoreline Restaurant is a great place to start your food journey. Located right on the lakeshore, you can enjoy a wide variety of seafood dishes and traditional American fare.

Their menu features everything from classic dishes like fish and chips to more adventurous options like walleye and crab cakes.

Lakeside Steakhouse

For a more upscale experience, the Lakeside Steakhouse offers a full service dining experience. They offer an extensive wine list and a variety of steaks cooked to perfection.

Paddle Inn

For a unique experience, the Paddle Inn offers pub-style fare with a twist. Enjoy classic favorites like burgers, wings, and fish sandwiches, as well as unique options such as buffalo chicken tacos and elk bratwurst.

Northland Coffee Co-Op

For a truly unique experience, visit the Northland Coffee Co-Op for a one-of-a-kind coffee experience. This shop roasts their own beans and prepares custom-made drinks for your pleasure.

Jako’s Bar and Grill

If you’re looking for a fun night out, grab a bite at Jocko’s Bar & Grill, where you can enjoy live music while you enjoy your meal.

Whether you’re looking for a casual spot or a more upscale experience, there’s something for everyone in Detroit Lakes MN. With so many delicious places to eat, you’ll be sure to find something that satisfies your craving.

Shop at the Downtown Farmers Market

From June to October, explore locally grown produce and handmade goods from local artisans every Wednesday and Saturday morning downtown.

The Detroit Lakes Farms Market is a must-visit for visitors and locals. In downtown Detroit Lakes, there is an outdoor market that sells fresh, locally grown produce and other items. The market is open every Saturday morning, in addition to Wednesday afternoons in the summer months.

The Detroit Lakes Farms Market offers high-quality produce and serves as a community gathering place for people to enjoy each other’s company. You’ll find friendly vendors, live music, and plenty of delicious food to sample and buy.

You can find unique gifts and souvenirs at the Detroit Lakes Farms Market. Perfect for friends and family back home. From handmade jewelry and pottery to jams, jellies, and other homemade goods, there is something to suit any taste. The market is also home to a variety of other vendors who offer fresh meats, dairy products, and more.

Enjoy the Area’s Many Golf Courses

Detroit Lakes in Minnesota offers a variety of golf courses suitable for all skill levels. Take advantage of these excellent opportunities to play golf.

Detroit Lakes, Minnesota is home to some of the most beautiful and challenging golf courses in the Midwest. Just two hours north of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Detroit Lakes has many golf courses to choose from.

The Detroit Lakes area has popular golf courses like The Wilds Golf Club and The Meadows at Detroit Lakes.

The Wilds is a challenging 18-hole golf course with rolling fairways, bunkers, and large greens.

The Meadows is an executive course, featuring nine holes and plenty of water hazards.

The Village Green Golf Course and the Lost Pine Golf Course both offer spectacular views of the surrounding lakes and woods. Each course is designed to provide the perfect combination of golf and outdoor beauty, making the golf experience more enjoyable.

If you’re looking for an enjoyable and memorable golf experience, you should definitely consider Detroit Lakes.

Check Out West Lake Drive

Take a scenic drive along this route to see beautiful views of Big and Little Detroit lakes. There are many stops along the way where you can take pictures.

West Lake Drive in Detroit Lakes, MN is one of the most iconic destinations in the area. This street is on the west side of the city. It has tall pine trees, stunning lakes, and lovely views. This area has many businesses, restaurants, and entertainment venues, making it popular with locals and visitors.

The highlight of West Lake Drive is its namesake, Lake Detroit. This spot is loved by locals and visitors because of its beautiful views of the lake and the surrounding area.

In addition to the lake, West Lake Drive also has a variety of shops and restaurants. You can find food, coffee, and souvenirs to meet your needs. The area is also home to a few art galleries and other attractions.

Stay Active at Frazee Beach Park & Pavilion

This beachfront park has plenty to offer, including swimming areas designed for children as well as volleyball courts and hiking trails ideal for exercising!

Frazee Beach Park & Pavilion in Detroit Lakes MN is the perfect spot for a day of outdoor fun. With its miles of shoreline, the beach park offers plenty of opportunities to stay active.

Take a leisurely stroll or jog along the shoreline, play a game of beach volleyball, or take a dip in the lake. The park also features a playground, making it an ideal spot for families looking for some outdoor fun.

The park also has ample picnic tables, grills, and restrooms for visitors to use.

Those looking for a more active experience can take advantage of Frazee Beach Park & Pavilion’s fitness trail.

The fitness trail has four fitness zones, each designed to challenge your physical fitness in different ways. It is perfect for those who want to stay active while enjoying the park’s beautiful scenery.

Frazee Beach Park & Pavilion’s amenities also make it a great spot for a summer party. You can rent the pavilion for special events. There are many barbecues, grills, and picnic tables available to make your event special.

Rent a Boat at Zorbaz On The Lake

Rent a pontoon or speed boat and enjoy a day on Big Detroit Lake!

Zorbaz On The Lake in Detroit Lakes MN is the perfect place to rent a boat and explore the picturesque waters of Detroit Lakes. There are many boat options available to enjoy the lake, such as pontoons, fishing boats, jet skis, and kayaks.

The experienced staff will help you choose the right boat to make your day on the lake the perfect adventure. You can choose from different packages to rent your boat, with or without the necessary equipment.

Rent a Jet Ski or WaveRunner to have extra adventure on the lake. All of their watercraft come with the necessary safety gear and are insured for your protection.

With Zorbaz On The Lake, you’ll get to experience the beauty of the lake in a whole new way.

Explore Sucker Creek Preserve

Explore over 600 acres of prairie land, teeming with wildlife, perfect for year-round hiking and mountain biking.

Visit Sucker Creek Preserve in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota, to enjoy the beauty of nature. It is a unique place in the state.

The preserve is located in the woods near Detroit Lakes, allowing visitors to explore its trails, wetlands, and ponds. The preserve is home to a variety of wildlife, including deer, turkeys, and a wide variety of birds.

The preserve’s trails make for an ideal spot for a leisurely stroll, bike ride, or even a run. The preserve covers over 200 acres and features two miles of trails that meander through the woods.

These trails provide visitors the chance to observe the diverse wildlife, while also providing a peaceful and serene setting.

The preserve is a great place to bring a picnic, go fishing, or just relax. Nearby, visitors can access the Sucker Creek bike trail, which winds its way through the preserve and surrounding areas.

Tour Andombi Farms

Learn about sustainable farming practices while taking a guided tour around Andombi Farms, offering insights into crop production process as well as hands-on experiences like picking your own vegetables!

Visit Andombi Farms in Detroit Lakes, MN to see a real working farm in Minnesota. Nestled among the rolling fields of corn, the farm is a great place to get a glimpse of how farming works and how food is grown.

Visitors can tour the farm to learn about the history and traditions of farming in Minnesota, as well as the current state of agriculture in the area.

Visitors can meet the animals, see the fields, and learn about the different crops grown on the farm during the tour.

After the tour, visitors can try the farm’s tasty produce and check out the local vendors and attractions nearby.

Visit Tour Andombi Farms for an unforgettable rural life experience.

Play Disc Golf at Maplelag Resort

Test your skills out at this 25-basket disc golf course designed by world champion Avery Jenkins near Callaway, MN which is only 15 minutes away from Detroit Lakes!

Maplelag Resort in Detroit Lakes, MN is a haven for nature enthusiasts and an ideal location for enjoying a round of disc golf! Located in beautiful northern Minnesota, Maplelag offers an 18-hole disc golf course, surrounded by the natural beauty of the area. With its combination of wooded and open areas, the course is perfect for players of all levels.

The course offers winding fairways, natural obstacles, and creative hole layouts that will challenge even the most experienced disc golfer. Beginners can learn from the resort’s disc golf instructor. They will teach the basics and provide tips to help you get started.

Attend an Event At The Historic Chief Theater

Built over 70 years ago, The Chief Theater is home to many events such as musical performances, comedy shows, film screenings, farmer markets, antique sales, auctions & more !

The Chief Theater is a restored 1920s-era theater in downtown Detroit Lakes, which has been a local landmark since it opened in 1927.It has been lovingly preserved and offers visitors a unique glimpse into the past.

The Chief Theater is a wonderful place to enjoy different events like live music, plays, classic films, and comedy throughout the year. The theater also offers a variety of concessions and beverage options to ensure that your experience is a memorable one.

The Historic Chief Theater is also home to the Detroit Lakes Symphony Orchestra, which performs regularly throughout the year. Attendees can also experience classic films as part of monthly movie nights, as well as other special events.

Where to stay in Detroit Lakes MN?

Holiday Inn Detroit Lakes

At the Holiday Inn Detroit Lakes, you can experience the beauty of the Big Detroit Lake right from your hotel room. This modern hotel offers easy access to Highway 10, and is just an 8-minute drive away from the Team Industries offices.

Enjoy a range of comforts, from flat-screen TVs and minifridges to microwaves and coffee makers. Free WiFi and high-pressure shower heads in the bathrooms ensure a comfortable stay. Upgraded suites offer separate living spaces, kitchenettes and whirlpool tubs.

The hotel has many amenities, including two restaurants serving American food. Kids 12 and under can eat for free. There is also a fitness center and an indoor pool. Have fun in the video arcade and make use of the complimentary bike and kayak rental. Come to the Holiday Inn Detroit Lakes and experience the beauty of the Big Detroit Lake in comfort and style.

Best Western Premier The Lodge on Lake Detroit

The Best Western Premier The Lodge On Lake Detroit is the perfect place for a relaxing escape.

This hotel is by Detroit Lake and Highway 10, just four miles from Detroit Mountain Recreation Area for skiing.

The rooms are comfortable and have free Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs, minifridges, wet bars, microwaves, and coffee makers. Many rooms have beautiful lake views. Upgraded rooms and suites have separate living areas, sofa beds, whirlpool tubs, kitchens, balconies or patios.

In addition to the accommodations, The Lodge On Lake Detroit also provides many amenities to enhance your stay.

Start your day with a free hot breakfast buffet before heading out for the day, and enjoy free parking when you come back. There is also a spa, an indoor pool, a hot tub and a gym to stay active and healthy. Plus, later on, you can enjoy a casual dinner and drinks in the bar and bistro.

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