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Minnesota Candy Stores: Where to Find the Most Mouthwatering Sweets

Candy Stores are in every mall across America. They are filled with 100s of flavors of jelly beans and bright colors. But sometimes you need something a little more special.

I’m talking about the Candy Store where chocolates are dipped in front of you. Where the first thing you noticed when stepping in the door is the smell of fresh fudge.

That is why I am on a mission to find the Best Candy Stores in Minnesota.  Thankfully Minnesota does not disappoint.

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where to find the Best Candy Stores in Minnesota

Jim’s Apple Farm (aka MN’s Largest Candy Store) | Jordan MN

Jim’s Apple Farm, aka, the Big Yellow Barn, aka, Jordan’s Candy Store, but most commonly known as the Largest Candy Store in America. This tops our list for size and creativity.

They started out small, and each year they grow a little bigger, drawing people from the far edges of the state. That’s how they can hold the title of the biggest candy store in Minnesota.

What I love about Jim’s Apple Farm is that they do their own thing. They stock everything and everything in a fun and whimsical way.

Whatever you do, make sure you have one of the Apple Pies to take home. Check out more on what to expect: Minnesota’s Largest Candy Store | Willy Wanka has Nothing on This Place!

Minnesota's Largest Candy Store

The Blue Sun Soda & Sweets Shop | Spring Lake Park MN

With less focus on Candy and more on Soda, this Candy Store in Minnesota will satisfy your sweet tooth. Boasting 1,300 different sodas, it’s not all.

This shop has trademarked retro candies, like Pez, tootsie rolls and Charleston Chews. After getting a soda, head over to play a few games of their vintage Arce pin-ball or ski-ball. It’s why I love Blue Sun Soda & Sweet Shop.

Blue Sun Soda Shop has added locations in Stillwater and Bloomington too!

Blue Sun Soda and Sweets

Candyland | Minneapolis, St. Paul and Stillwater MN

When you think of a candy store, this is exactly what comes to mind. Freshly made treats made on-site followed up with gourmet popcorn, bins filled with gummy worms, chocolate haystacks, and more classic candy.

They remind me of the penny candy stores back in the day. Candyland Candy Shop is in three different locations around the Twin Cities.

They are in St. Paul, Stillwater, and Minneapolis making them hard to miss when you need a fix. It’s everything a Candy store should be and is. Check out their website for more info.

Stillwater is my favorite location because of the Over 28 Fun Things to do in Stillwater MN

Candyland | Minneapolis, St. Paul and Stillwater MN

Great! Lakes Candy Kitchen | Knife River MN

Along the north shoreline of Minnesota, on the stretch of old highway 61 is the most amazing candy store. Just south of Two Harbors, you’ll find Great! Lakes Candy Kitchen. This small store packs a punch of delicious treats.

Most of the time, you’re in luck if you can find a parking spot. This place has so many great treats for your sweet tooth, it’s hard to stay no.

But what they are the most famous for is their Air Crunch chocolate. It’s so delicious. Just make sure you are staying in a place with air conditioning, or have a cooler if you want your favorite treats to last long. Check out their website for more information.

Don’t forget to explore the 28+ Stops on Minnesota’s North Shore Scenic Drive Hwy 61

Great Lakes Candy Kitchen

Aunt Belle’s Candies | Park Rapids and Walker MN

With the smell of fresh fudge, who can ask for more. This Northern Minnesota Candy Store is a bulk bin paradise.

Aunt Belles Candies have tons of barrels of saltwater taffy filling the store in more flavors than you can imagine. The candies are made fresh onsite. Check out one of their locations on their website for more info.

Canelake’s Old Fashioned Hand Made Candies | Virginia MN

Fudge, Toffee, Brittles, truffles, and Hot Air Candy are just some of their offerings.  What may you ask is Hot Air Candy?

Similar to the kind that Great! Lakes Candy Kitchen, the candy has a texture of Malt Bals, dipped in chocolate. It’s so much fun to eat.

If you aren’t willing to take the gamble on something new, enjoy any of the other homemade old fashion candies they make on-site.

Canelakes Candy has the original candy store feel and makes things the way they were always made. It’s definitely worth a stop. Check out their website for more info.

Burlington Station | Two Harbors MN

The newest candy store to make a name for itself is the Burlington Station in Two Harbors. Their prime location off Highway 61 is going to give Great Lakes Candy a run for their money. Inside you’ll find a huge selection of novelty candies and handmade treats.

My favorite is their selection of truffles. The other half of the store is filled with North Shore gifts. Soon they will have the LARGEST Indoor/Outdoor G-Scale Railroad with over 5,000 feet of track.

Burlington Station Candy Store
Truffle selection

Droolin’ Moose | Bloomington, Burnsville and St Louis Park MN

The best chocolate shop in Minnesota. The Droolin’ Moose has taken its northern roots and included it in just about everything. From the Mud Puddles to Toffee Timber, they play up the Northern heritage.

Founded in Bloomington by a couple of chocolate-loving sisters, they’ve taken the brand and run with it.

They incorporated fundraising options to allow groups to sell the chocolates for their own organizations and contribute to the community.

It was a great decision because people come from all over to get their delicious treats. Check out their website to get all the details.

Remix Popcorn and Delights | St Paul MN

Remix Popcorn offers adventurous flavors and nostalgic fun in St. Paul. This popcorn shop has some of the most unique flavors of popcorn, all fresh and scrumptious.

Their popcorn creations range from savory to sweet, with over 45 signature flavors freshly popped.

Beyond popcorn, indulge in bulk cand bins, cotton candy, and sodas in their 1970s-style store.

Remix Popcorn in St Paul

Abdallah Candies Factory Store | Burnsville MN

Abdallah Candies has reached all over the country and can be found in supermarkets, and fine establishments. But this company made the list because it was founded in Minneapolis.

The best part is, you can head to the factory store in Burnsville and get some of the freshest candies around. Check out their website for more information.

Truffle Hills Chocolate | Excelsior MN

Excelsior has one of the cutest Chocolate Shops in the Twin Cities. Located just 25 minutes west of Minneapolis, Truffle Hill Chocolate makes all of its sweets in small batches right on site.

Their shop is in a historic home adding to the charm. Inside you’ll find truffles in every flavor imaginable.

They even have other handcrafted chocolate creations like turtles, barks, and suckers. We even found some MN-themed treats that we so cute. You gotta check them out.

While you are in town, make sure to check out the other fun things to do in Excelsior MN.

Truffle Hill Chocolate MN Chocoalte

The Chocolate Escape | Wabasha MN

What is it about riverside towns that attract some of the best chocolate shops? Right down the street from the popular National Eagle Institute, this Candy store in Minnesota has some amazing, handcrafted chocolate treats.

They also offer things like specialty coffee, chocolate-inspired of course, and ice creams.

What sets this chocolate shop apart from the rest is its outdoor seating with riverfront views. Check out their website for more details by clicking here: https://thechocolateescape.com/

Tremblay’s Sweet Shop | Stillwater MN

Stillwater is fortunate to have not one but two different confectionaries to feed your sweet tooth. For those that like to dig in, you have to visit Tremblay’s Sweet Shop in Stillwater.

They specialize in saltwater toffees, and different brittles, all made fresh. The smell is intoxicating. Grab a bag and start filling it up with your favorite varieties. There is so much to choose from.

Tremblay's Sweet Shop

St. Croix Chocolate Company | Marine on St Croix MN

If you are looking for works of art, then look no further than St Croix Chocolate Company in the little town of Marine on St Croix.

The chocolate company makes hand-crafted chocolates that are jam-packed with flavor. They are so beautiful you’ll have a hard time eating them.

Each one is hand-painted and made from the finest chocolates. If you are a chocolate addict like myself, you may want to stay clear of this one.

Chocolate Daisies

Red Wing Confectionary | Red Wing MN

Another great stop is at the Red Wing Confectionary. Specializing in chocolate, their small shop has amazing truffles and Fudge.

They also sell coffee and ice cream when you are too concerned that your treats might melt in the car. I highly recommend stopping in if you are in the area for a treat!

Make sure to check out the other fun things to do in Red Wing.

Red Wing Confectionary

Sweet Chocolates | Arden Hills MN

Sweet Chocolates is an artisan chocolatier that specializes in fresh-made chocolates. Their chocolate is tempered daily and is of the highest quality.

They offer chocolates for you and a variety of different kinds for you to give as gifts to family and friends.

They have either already designed the chocolates for you, or they will work with you to create a custom, exquisite, one-of-a-kind chocolate.

Sweetly Kismet Candy Store | Carlton MN

One of the newer candy stores in MN is the Sweetly Kismet Candy Store. They also make the claim of the second-largest candy store in MN.

Positioned near the exit for Jay Cooke State Park, this sweet treat is one stop you’ll want to pull over for. Along highway 35, about 20 minutes south of Duluth, follow the giant lollypops to the entrance of the barn.

Inside you’ll find some of the most delicious candies. I picked up one of the freshest Charleston Chews I’ve ever encountered and the cotton candy flavors are endless.

Ely Candy | Ely

The Northwoods is calling, and you can bet that they know how to treat their visitors. In the small town of Ely you’ll find the Ely Candy Store.

With 100 bulk bins you are bound to find something amazing. From Saltwater Taffy, Jelly Belly and more. You can be a kid again as you bite into a fresh Carmel apple or hand crafted truffles, and cotton candy.

Fancy Pants Chocolates | Brainerd

If your sweet tooth leans more to the chocolate variety, you gotta stop into Fancy Pants Chocolate in Brainerd.

Stop in for the fresh made truffles, clusters, caramels, creams and more. Plus they have a full Soda Shoppe with Ice cream and Sunde’s!

How many Minnesota Candy Stores have you been to?

I dare you to walk into any of these stores and only buy one thing. The Candy Stores in Minnesota are like nothing you will ever see anywhere else.

We take pride in the hand-crafted connections. As each year passes, I keep stumbling on more great locations. Keep your eyes posted for new finds around Minnesota.

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