The Haunted Connecticut Room at the Minneapolis Institute of Art

Are you Brave Enough To Go To A Haunted Minneapolis Institute Of Art

This Halloween I wanted to change up my haunting experience a little. Instead of going to the man-made spooky theme parks, I wanted to find something truly haunted places in Minnesota.  

A real haunted house in Minneapolis. My research brought me to none other than the Haunted Minneapolis Institute of Art. A haunted art museum you say?

I know it wasn’t a place I would have thought to go to either. No mysterious deaths have ever happened there before, but that doesn’t mean that the exhibits don’t carry some haunting around them.

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The Minnesota Ghost Stories inside the MIA

The ghosts of the museum like to hang around the top floor in the period rooms. It is in these rooms that the late-night security guards have seen their own mysterious figures wandering around after hours.

They often will disappear right into the walls. Once, a Guard fell asleep while working the late shift. He was supposed to be watching the security monitors. He was awoken by an insistent tapping on the outside of the window.

When he looked up, and wrinkled old woman decked out in a brocaded, cream-colored gown scowled and shook her finger at him as if scolding him for his dereliction of duty.

She then floated through the closed door, into the room and vanished. She appeared as the woman in the painting ‘Mrs. T in cream silk, No. 2’.

Some believe that physical objects can retain the living souls once associated with them or that various pieces of furniture can bring along their own ghosts. The period rooms of the museum do an incredible job of creating an environment that takes you right back in time.

It was these claims that made me want to check it out and see for myself. I had to drag my sister with me. As we got closer to the period rooms, we found that we were not the only individuals that had heard the stories.

A group of young men was lingering outside giggling.

The Haunted Minneapolis Institute of Arts

It turned out to be the Connecticut Room. We wanted to venture in and see what all the fuss was about. Walking into the room I noticed that the temperature changed drastically.

It got very cold. It was dark with an amazing chandelier lighting the room. There was a fireplace. There is not much for furniture, just a bare room.

Because of how ornate the decorations were and the chandelier I really wanted to get a picture with my phone. As I tried to take a picture, the phone, and the phone just shut down immediately as soon as I clicked.

It was almost as if someone in the room didn’t want their picture taken. I was so overcome with an unwelcoming feeling that I was barely able to take in my surroundings. I grabbed my kids and walked out of there immediately.

The Haunted Minneapolis Institute of Art a Haunted house in Minneapolis

Ghost hunters have made several requests to try and conduct their own research. The museum has declined because it’s a museum with its own security equipment in place, they are unable to do any official paranormal investigation. Any testing would be thrown off because of the current equipment.

After leaving the room, I checked my phone and it powered back up immediately. There was nothing wrong with it. The rest of the museum worked great.

I truly believe that there was something there. The former owner of the chandelier may be hanging around. Either way, it defiantly gives me the heebie-jeebies every time I think about that experience.

If you are brave enough and wanted to check out the haunted Minneapolis Institute of Art, make check out some of the guides that the MIA has. Staff members have retold their own hauntings they’ve experienced.

Other Haunted Houses in Minneapolis

Minneapolis has a few other hauntings. If you are interested in seeing a few other Haunted Houses in Minneapolis, check out 13 Truly Real Haunted Places In MN. Each has its own unique tail of torment and some tails even gave me nightmares. So be warned and happy haunting!

More Info: Minneapolis Institute of Art
Directions: Minneapolis MN
When To Visit: 
Tues, Wed, Sat & Sun 10am – 5pm
Thr & Fr 10am-9pm
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