Sheers at Whitewater Wines

Wine Off The Beaten Path, Whitewater Wines in Plainview MN

On our recent trip to South Eastern MN, we stopped at Whitewater Wines in Plainview MN. We plugged in our GPS coordinates and we soon found ourselves on some dirt roads.

The kinds where you turn from one dirt road to the next. As we passed more and more farms we started to wonder if the GPS was leading me off somewhere into the middle of a farm. Then we saw the vines. 

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Whitewater Wines in Plainview MN

The drive in to Wintewater Wines was beautiful. I loved that they had the grapes right out front as you drove in. Guest parked off to the side of the building.

This was the time when we noticed that both of the kids had fallen asleep. We had already visited the National Eagle Center and Lark Toys, so the kids were exhausted. It’s also the reason I needed a glass of wine. 

The dilemma was no, Option A: one of us get out for a tasting, Option B: Turn around and head home, or Option C: wake them up! We chose Option C.

Grape Vines at Whitewater Wines

The Tasting Room

There was a great little patio setup out front with a cozy feel. Whitewater Wines had a friendly golden retriever welcoming everyone. The kids loved her. Since it was so beautiful we deiced to sit outside. This way the kids could explore a little and we didn’t have to worry about them ruining anything inside their nice tasting room.

The Tasting Room inside was beautiful. If it wasn’t so gorgeous outside, we probably would have hung out there. 

The Tastings

The service was great at Whitewater Wines. They had over 20 different wines to choose from ranging from Dry to Sweet and everything in-between. My favorite part was that you paid $1 per serving.

I liked this because you don’t get locked into having a certain number of samplings. You chose the varieties and could create the sampling size that fits your style. They were very friendly and you never felt rushed to get another drink.

Patio at Whitewater Wines
Wine Options at Whitewater Wines

I have found in life that most people are either white or red drinkers. The nice thing about my husband and I is that I enjoy the whites, where he will drink both.

The other bonus to going with a partner that likes different types of wine is that you can share. And if one person doesn’t like it, the other one probably will finish your glass for you. 

I ended up trying 3 different varieties and settled on a bottle Double Innocence. I’m not sure if I have ever been able to leave a vineyard without taking a treat home.

Wine Glasses

Other Servings

In addition to the wines, they also had the non-alcoholic selection of beverages. They also carried a light selection of foods. Mostly cheeses, meats, and sweets. The summer sausage that we picked was delicious.

I was even tempted to try some of the fudge. I’m a sucker for fudge if you didn’t know already. If it wasn’t for my husband reminding me about the chocolate shop we already stopped at today, I probably would have.

Hours at Whitewater Wines
Whitewater Wines in Plainview Minnesota

Due to some city regulations, they are unable to put up more signs. Even without it, we had no troubles finding the place. On a beautiful Fall day, this was a great trip.

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