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My To Go Toy Store: ABC Toy Zone

I pass by ABC Toy Zone store all the time when I go to the grocery store or get a cup of coffee. The problem has always been I’m on the way someplace and never thought to stop inside. We decided to take a special trip out this weekend to check it out.

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ABC Toy Zone

ABC Toy Zone is known for being a teacher supplies store. They are so much more than that. The second I walked in I was blown away at its size and their offerings. Most of their toys are those that get the kids moving and using their imagination. While they have some pop culture toys, the majority of them were classics. They had things for every price point to0. The thing that I loved is that I knew I was buying quality toys.

 Art Supplies at ABC Toy Store

The puzzle selection at ABC Toy Zone was great. They had puzzles for all age groups too. They rate the ages on all of them based on the number of the pieces and their size. They were all reasonably priced as well. I’m actually thinking of asking my husband for a few of them for the holidays.

I personally loved the coloring books selection. I had once seen them advertise ‘Adult Coloring Books’. It got my husband and I joking what an adult coloring book would be. Don’t worry, their selection was completely PG. They were just more detailed oriented. I would recommend bringing out the colored pencils on these. We even saw some Harry Potter Theme ones. In addition to the coloring books, they had maze challenges too that folded out on multiple pages.

playing Lego Wal

They have plenty of staff there to help you find your perfect gift. Another great thing that I liked about ABC Toy Zone is that they offered free gift wrapping. I love that because there is nothing more annoying than trying to shop for a birthday gift on the way to the party and then figuring out the bag on the way. I know, if I would only plan ahead I wouldn’t have this problem. I also think it’s great for those gifts that Santa gets your kids. Especially if your kids are old enough to realize that Santa wraps his gifts in the same paper that you have in your house. Thankfully my kids are still at the age where I’ve been able to buy gifts for their ‘cousins’ while they are around. Those days are numbered.

I personally think this will be my new go to Toy Store. They also have locations in Chanhassen, Richfield, Burnsville and Rochester.

Hours at ABC Toy Zone

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