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Minnesota’s Largest Candy Store | Come for the candy; stay for the art

What’s better than being a kid in a candy store? An Adult! Be warned if you venture to this roadside stop, bring cash and lots of it.

Not because things cost a lot of money, but because you will soon find yourself filling up your basket with all the candies that you haven’t seen since you were a kid… and oh yeah, they don’t take any forms of plastic payment. The place is Minnesota’s Largest Candy Store.

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Minnesota’s Largest Candy Store

Minnesota’s Largest Candy Store in Jordan MN stocks some of the best Old Fashion Candies and Nostalgic candy from your childhood.

You can find anything from Zombie Blood bags to Candy Cigarettes, to Taffy, to the best smelling homemade pies and bacon-flavored everything.

The biggest candy store in MN has a huge selection of flavored soda pops as well as any flavor of licorice. Giant gumball machines and popcorn.

You name it, they probably have it. In addition to candy, they also sell fresh apples and gourds, as well as canned goods.

The candy store is officially known as ‘Jims Apple Farm’ and opens Mother’s Day Weekend through Thanksgiving. They are supported by their community, carrying a variety of goods made by them. Jims Apple Farm does not have a phone or a website.

At one point they had a Facebook Page, but have since decided to take it down due to some haters out there. Their old-school word-of-mouth advertising works. Its charm and their take on life are what make it a joy to visit every year.

MN Largest Candy Store
Pop Rocks at Minnesota's Largest Candy Store
Giant Candy in Jordan
The only place to get your bacon flavored everything is Minnesota's Largest Candy Store
Old Fashioned Taffy

Why is an Apple Farm known for its Candy?

They haven’t been a candy store for that long either. It wasn’t until 2005 and 2006 that the apple orchard had some really bad hail storms that damaged their crops. They started to sell some candies to make up for some of their loss. Somehow the business just grew from there.

Every time I go in there it seems that they have increased the size and variety of fun things. If you plan on heading south on 169, it’s worth a trip… and oh yeah.. try to go early. Any time after 11 and it may be hard to get through the isles.

The Soda selection is endless at the candy store.
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The Giant Candy Store that Keeps Growing

Minnesota’s Largest Candy Store is day trip worthy because of its continual growth. They are always adding new products and also new features, like their collection of giant gummies and a collection of Japanese candies.

A few years back they added an entire wing. Each time they add on, they find new ways to fill up space.

The immersive artwork fills the ceilings. Walking in through the front doors, it’s hard not to stare at what’s above you.

Each section is filled with something new, from a night in Goutham to Superheroes to Magical Fairytale Lands. No piece of ceiling is untouched. Using local artists, they make going to the candy store an experience.

Even when mishaps happen, like someone driving into the side of the building, they make fun of it, by commemorating it in the artwork.

Ever wanted to go in a Tardis? They got one. What to size yourself up with the Hulk? He’s there.

You can even enter the world of Harry Potter you watch them playing a game of Quidditch, or even try and push a trolley through platform 9 3/4s.

Little Red Riding Hood painting at the MN Largest Candy Store
Elsa at the MN Largest Candy Store
Batman and the Joker
Guardians of the Galaxy at the MN Largest Candy Store
Under the Sea
Spider man just hanging around.
Sky at Minnesota's Largest Candy Store
Star Trek Sky at Jims Appel Farm
The Tardis
Minnesota's Largest Porta Potties

Would I go back to Minnesota’s Largest Candy Store?

The Largest Candy Store in MN is part of a great collection of Minnesota Summer traditions. And every year they keep adding on and adding a new set of attractions.

Also, don’t let Minnesota’s Largest Porta-Potties scare you away. It’s just a rouse… they are full-size bathrooms inside. 

It is the touches like these that make this place so much fun. I try and get to Minnesota’s Largest Candy Store at least twice a year, once to see what’s new and again to stock up for the holidays.

Crash Site at MN Largest Candy Store
Interactive Art at the Largest Candy Store in MN

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