Antiques and More…

We had a day off this week without the kids and decided to take advantage of our time and go to Stillwater. We had read a little about it and figured it was more of an adult oriented shopping day. After dropping off the kids as daycare we hit the road. It was probably only 45mins away. They are most famous for their lift bridge that connects to Wisconsin. We noticed they are currently constructing a traditional bridge that connects right to hwy 36.  Getting there was pretty easy but parking is another story. We were able to find a free 3hr lot since we got there so early.


This town has more Antique Stores then anywhere else. It was the first time in
about 10-15 years that I stepped into an Antique store and the first time for my husband. I instantly started to get excited about all the different finds in the stores. What is scary is that my husband may have enjoyed it more.According to the books, they say you should plan for an entire day just shopping on the main street. They were right. We even found a bust of Abe Lincoln in one shop. We loved the collection of teas at Pinch ‘n Rub Spice and Tea. along with the selection of infused olive oils at Stillwater Olive Oil. I can’t wait to start cooking with it.

In case anyone was wondering they do have stuff for kids to do have a Toy Store and at least 3 old fashion candy stores. They also looked to have Teddy Bear Park for the kids to play on off the beaten path. It’s listed on many sights as a top playground for kids.

Candy Shop

Get there early. The free parking fills up fast. We went on a Monday and the place was busy lunch time. It was also the end of summer so there could have been others doing the same thing we were. Some parking lots charge, but will reimburse you when you eat in the restaurant.

They have a cave tour and historic Trolly Rides. We didn’t check on the price of the cave tour since we just had a rock/hiking adventure the day before but the Trolly is $13.50 for adults. The nice thing about the Trolly is that it will take you into some of the residential area. The Houses and Bed and Breakfasts that have some of the most amazing architecture. With the exception of walking, its probably the best way to see it. We may go back with the kids later in the Fall to check out the Apple Orchards near by too.

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