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Fun Things to do at Baylor Regional Park in Norwood Young America

Looking for something new to do this weekend? You gotta check out fun things to do at Baylor Regional Park. I have had the unique opportunity to visit the park multiple times during both the Summer and the Winter. I’m not sure which season it shines more in.

This past weekend I was encouraged to visit during the winter as part of the Regional Park Scavenger Hunt. I took a peek outside the window and noticed a beautiful fog rolling in.

Unfortunately, I didn’t see that the temperatures would be so low and didn’t dress properly. I had to make a quick trip back to fishing up the scavenger hunt tasks.

Baylor Regional Park is 201 acres and open year-round. It was named after Henry Baylor, a farmer and original owner of the park’s lands. It has camping, fishing, swimming, and hiking. It’s hard to not find fun things to do at Baylor Regional Park.

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Things to do at Baylor Regional Park


Looking to camp near the Twin Cities? Baylor Regional Park has you covered. The park has 50 campsites, including thirty-five that have water and electric hookups.

The sites are open with light tree cover. Campers get access to hot showers. What I love about camping here is that you get quick access to all their unique features. 


Eagle Lake has a beautiful sandy beach. The beach has creative water play structures for kids to get messy in.

There is also a beach house with a restroom and changing area. Nearby you’ll find picnic tables and grills. There is also a playground adjacent to the beach.

Baylor Regional Park in Winter


The best way to get to the fish at Baylor Regional Park is by boat. There is public water access. Or you can rent a canoe for $10 an hour and explore the lake.

The park does have a fishing pier near the beach, but the pier is in some weedy waters last time we dropped a line in.

Bog Walk

The park has 5 miles of trails to explore. The favorite is always the half-mile bog walk through the heart of the park. The bog curves through the park connecting the campground to the beach.

Along the boardwalk is a short detour that loops to a stream. During the summer I assumed a river ran through the bog, but during this winter I got the opportunity to walk along the frozen water. It is actually a circular channel around an island.

In case you are wondering what a bog is made of, it is actually a mess of spongy ground. My son learned this first hand when he was 4 and managed to run right off the boardwalk.

The bog walk is just as magical in the winter as it is in the summertime.

Bog walk with fog
Frosted Cattails at Baylor Regional Park Bog
Things to do at Baylor Regional Park in winter

Hiking at Baylor Regional Park

The park has hiking trails just past the campground. The trails are wide and great for groups. The trail takes hikers through the forest and prairie.

Along the way, you’ll get views of the marsh wetland and bog. During winter, the park trails are all groomed for cross-country skiing.

Those that wish to walk or hike, they can do so next to the groomed path: Winter Map. Snowshoes are available for rent, $6 for adults, and $5 for kids. Or bring your own pair.

Hiking Baylor Regional Park
Prairie Trail at Baylor Regional Park
Baylor Regional Park
Baylor Regional Park

Disk Golf

Baylor Regional Park has an 18-hole disk golf course. Most of the whole are par 3. The course has Mach 5 baskets with turf/natural tee boxes.

The course is spread out in the grassy sections between the beach and the marsh area. Disk Golf sets can be rented for $5 for those without gear.

Disc Golf at Baylor Regional Park
Disk Golf Map at Baylor Regional Park

Spring Maple Syrup Tapping

Like many parks in Minnesota, Baylor Regional Park has maple syrup tapping in the spring. This is always a fun event to attend, mostly because it comes with samples!

You haven’t lived until you try maple syrup candy. Check around March to see if events are happening.

Star Gazing at the Eagle Lake Observatory

The park is home to the Eagle Lake Observatory. It’s owned and operated by the Minnesota Astronomical Society. The primary mission is to educate and do public outreach about astronomy.

The club hosts Star Parties every other Saturday night from March until November. Star Parties are open to the public

Each telescope has the option to display live video images on monitors. When conditions are not optimal for viewing, they show videos and give presentations about different events.

Eagle Lake Observatory

How much does it cost?

Carver County Parks in December of 2019 lifted all park permit requirements. This means you can stop in whenever you want to explore the great features.

Campsites and equipment rental do cost a nominal fee. Check the park’s website for exact costs.

Would I go back to Baylor Regional Park?

Yes, I enjoyed getting to visit the park on multiple occasions. I’m also bound and determined to make it to the park for a star party this year. As soon as they open back up to in-person events.

Hiking at Baylor Regional Park in Norwood Young American and other things to do

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