Best Ice Cream in Minneapolis

Best Ice Cream Shops in Minneapolis in 2024

Welcome to Minneapolis, the city of lake life, culture, and amazing ice cream! Whether you’re searching for a classic scoop or something more unique, this guide is here to help you find the best places around town for some delicious frozen treats.

From creamy Gelato to rich and creamy vegan ice cream—we’ve got your next sweet indulgence covered! So get ready to explore some of the best ice cream in Minneapolis and the finest ice cream parlors to treat yourself to a truly heavenly experience.

I like to think of myself as an ice cream consumer. I don’t care if it’s negative 20 out or if it’s over 100 degrees, it’s always ice cream season! I’ve learned that not all ice cream is the same.

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Different Types of Ice Cream

What is Soft Serve Ice Cream?

Soft-serve ice cream is a delicious treat that has been enjoyed for decades. It is made by mixing air, cream, sugar, and flavorings together in a special machine, then freezing the mixture and softening it before serving.

Soft-serve ice cream is typically lower in fat than regular ice cream and has a softer texture. Some of the most popular flavors include chocolate, vanilla, swirl, and strawberry.

What is Scoop Ice Cream?

Scoop ice cream is a classic ice cream. This type of ice cream is made by churning pasteurized ingredients such as cream, sugar, and flavorings together with air until it reaches a desired consistency. You can find them in shops in the Twin Cities.

Scoop ice cream can come in many forms such as hard-packed or soft-serve cones and dishes. Popular flavors include chocolate chip cookie dough, birthday cake batter, and cookies n’ cream.

What is Custard?

Custard is another type of ice cream that is known for its luxurious texture and rich flavor. Custard is made from a combination of eggs and milk which are heated gently until thickened and sweetened with sugar before churning into an icy treat.

Flavors can range from classic vanilla to more adventurous options like peach cobbler or mint Choco chip. Custard also makes an excellent base for other dessert recipes like banana splits or sundaes!

And depending on your mood, you may be more interested in a frozen custard than a traditional ice cream, or even a soft serve. You can find them in ice cream cones, dishes and more.

What is rolled ice cream?

Rolled ice cream is a style of ice cream that originated in Thailand. It is made by pouring liquid ice cream mixture onto a frozen metal surface and then rolling it into thin layers with a spatula. The ice cream is then served in rolls. Rolled Ice cream shops were in a Minneapolis for just a short time.

Ice Cream in Minneapolis

What are some of the best ice cream shops in the Twin Cities?

Some of the best ice cream shops in the Twin Cities include Sebastian Joe’s, Milkjam Creamery, Grand Ole Creamery, and Pumphouse Creamery.

Sebastian Joe

1007 W Franklin Ave, Minneapolis, MN More Info

At Sebastian Joe’s Ice Cream in Minneapolis, MN, you’ll find all-natural and premium ice cream crafted with care by their three Italian brothers. For over 30 years, the trio has been hand-crafting small batches of fresh ice cream every day, using only the freshest ingredients available.

From traditional flavors like Vanilla Bean or Chocolate Chip to creative concoctions like Banana Split or Birthday Cake, there is something for everyone.

But it doesn’t just stop at ice cream – Sebastian Joe’s also offers freshly made fresh waffle cones, shakes & malts, sundaes, and affogato for an even more decadent treat!

Whether you’re looking for a cool treat on a hot summer day or just want to indulge your sweet tooth, you can be sure that Sebastian Joe’s has something perfect for you. Sabastion Joe’s Ice Cream is found all over the Twin Cities!

You can get Sabastion Joes Ice Cream in local shops. We like to get our in Excelsior while we are strolling by the lake. Check out Fun Things to do in Excelsior MN: Escape the Ordinary.

Grand Ole Creamery

750 Grand Ave, Saint Paul, MN More Info

Since its establishment in 1984, The Grand Ole Creamery has become a beloved landmark of the Twin Cities area in Minnesota.

As the first retail ice cream parlor in St. Paul, The Grand Ole creamery has become known for its delicious homemade treats and the super-premium ice cream that they manufacture and serve.

The Grand Ole Creamery takes great pride in its homemade hand-rolled malted waffle cones.  They are always made with a whopper in the bottom of each cone. During the hot Minnesota summers, the line for these delicious treats often forms out the door and down the sidewalk on Grand Avenue.

The Grand Ole Creamery offers 31 flavors each and every day, including their signature “Black Hills Gold”, “Cotton Candy”, and the classic “Sweet Cream” flavors. In total, they manufacture over 200 different flavors.

They have become a favorite of Twin Cities residents, and it’s easy to understand why. Their delicious super-premium ice cream is made with only the best ingredients.

If you’re looking for a cool treat to beat the summer heat, The Grand Ole Creamery is one of the best ice cream shops for a treat that you won’t soon forget!

Pumphouse Creamery

4754 Chicago Ave, Minneapolis, MN More Info

The Pumphouse Creamery – a small ice cream shop located in Minnesota that makes delicious, handcrafted ice cream with natural and organic locally-sourced ingredients. It uses a farm-to-frozen concept.

They make all their local ice cream in the kitchen which is just behind the counter. They have been able to create some truly creative ice cream recipes that include both dairy and dairy-free options.

Pumphouse Creamery has been around for 20 years since 2003, making it one of the most popular Ice Cream shops in Minneapolis. Using the highest quality ingredients, dishing out quality ice cream at a good price! 

Milkjam Creamery

2743 Lyndale Ave S, Minneapolis, MN More Info

The Minneapolis food scene has never been the same since the arrival of Milkjam Creamery in 2016. Founded by local chef Sameh Wadi, Milkjam has become a staple of the Uptown Minneapolis food scene, offering a delicious selection of ice cream flavors for locals and visitors alike to enjoy.

For those with a sweet tooth, Milkjam Creamery offers a wide array of permanent flavors to choose from, including classic favorites like Milk Gam, Hark Knock Life2.0 and Bailout, as well as more unique flavors like Cereal Killers filled with fruity pebbles, Pineapple Lyches and Toasted coconut, and even a vegan-friendly PB vs Everybody.

For those looking to try something new, Milkjam also offers a titillating rotation of seasonal and limited release flavors. Try them as in sundaes, shakes, and other treats.

The Creamery also has an impressive selection of vegan and gluten-free options, as well as toppings and add-ons to customize your ice cream experience.

Whether you’re looking for a classic scoop of ice cream or something new and exciting. Stop in and sample the delicious selection at Uptown Minneapolis’ premier ice cream destination.

La La Homemade Ice Cream

3146 Hennepin Avenue, Minneapolis, MN More Info

La La, is the small-batch ice cream shop of your dreams! They offer a rotating selection of 13-18 flavors including some seasonal features, fan favorites, and nondairy options ranging from traditional to unique.

You’ll find so many delicious flavors to choose from, it’ll be hard to pick just one! Their rotating selection of flavors is made with fresh, high-quality ingredients, ensuring that each scoop you take is just as delicious as the last.

When it comes to their fan favorites, La La’s has got you covered. Classic flavors like Real Vanilla, Cocoa Chocolate, and Milk & Cookies have been around for years and are sure to please. They also feature some unique flavors like PB Cup, Cappuccino, and Raspberry Honey.

If you’re looking for delicious non-dairy options, La La has you covered! Stop in for a wide selection of non-dairy flavors including Good Girl, Dark Scholate Sorbet, and Coconut Lemon Blueberry.

MN Nice Cream

807 Broadway St NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413 More Info

It’s no secret that Minnesotans love their ice cream and when Katie Romanski launched Minnesota Nice Cream in March 2016, she made sure to create Instagram worthy cones with every kind of topping imaginable.

From classics like Cookie Monster and Bourbon Carmel Brownie with a delectable mix of rich caramel and brownie piece. To the more exotic Camper Wefel Cones, topped with a combination of graham cracker pieces, mini marshmallows, and a drizzle of chocolate.

Minnesota Nice Cream, makes the most delicious, creamy and aesthetically pleasing ice cream. Making all of their cones from scratch with the freshest ingredients and top them off with the most unique ingredients.


MN Nice Ice Cream is also found in Stillwater. If you haven’t been there before, it’s a great small-town river with cute shops. Check out all the fun things to do! 39 Fun Things To Do in Stillwater Minnesota

MN Nice Ice Cream

Bebe Zito Ice Cream

704 W 22nd St, Minneapolis, MN 55405 More Info

As a small-batch ice cream company, Bebe Zito has taken the traditional ice cream experience to the next level. They take pride in hand-crafting their ice cream bases with high-quality ingredients and unique mix-ins that will take you on an unforgettable flavor journey.

But Bebe Zito isn’t just about ice cream—they are also about creativity and authenticity. Their shop is a space to celebrate your individuality and all the moments, both big and small, that make up your life.

Sonny’s Ice Cream

3403 Lyndale Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55408 More Info

At Sonny’s Café they have been crafting handmade ice cream, sorbet, and now gelato since 1945, using only the freshest, whole ingredients. They believe that the best ingredients make the best treats, and it’s something they take very seriously.

Sonny’s Cafe recently added gelato to their family of delicious frozen treats. It’s made in-house and with the same commitment to quality that has been their hallmark since 1945.

Sonny’s is an old-fashioned ice cream parlor with 22 flavors of ice cream and sorbet, so you’re sure to find something you’ll love.

They also have a full espresso bar, homemade desserts, tap and bottle beer, and a full wine list. Plus, they’ve got a great selection of signature drinks like floats and sodas.

Sweet Science Ice Cream

3919 Market St, Edina, MN 55424 More Info

At Sweet Science Ice Cream, it starts with only the freshest, locally-sourced ingredients. They know how to bring out the best flavors from these natural ingredients, combining them perfectly in each small batch.

Every single ice cream base, syrup, cookie, swirl, and crunch is handmade in their kitchen in St. Paul. And 96% of their flavors are gluten-free!

Flavors and textures that are so intense, you’ll savor every bite. Raspberry Rose. Dark Chocolate. Goat Cheese. These are flavors meant to be enjoyed and savored.

Thanks to their commitment to using only the freshest, all-natural ingredients, each scoop packs a punch of flavor. You can really taste the difference when that strawberry comes from an organic farm.

But it’s not just about the ingredients. At Sweet Science Ice Cream, they use the principles of food science to create the most amazing ice cream experience you’ve ever had.

Adel’s Frozen Custard

800 Excelsior Blvd, Excelsior, MN 55331 More Info

It’s no secret that here at the little place by the Lake, Adel’s the most ridiculously amazing frozen custard ever! They’ve been here for more than 35 years now and everyone truly appreciates the little things that make this place so special.

Every morning, Adels’ makes a fresh batch of frozen custard. They turn that into amazing Dishes and Cones, Sundaes, and Concrete mixes. you can even get a frozen Custard pie. Stop in for their ice cream sandwiches.

Often you’ll find the front of the restaurant packed with bikes as people come in from the nearby trails.

If you are in the mood for something a little more substantial, they also have freshly made deli sandwiches, Brats, and BBQ Pork!

Crepe and Spoon

339 22nd Ave NE, Minneapolis, MN 55418 More Info

Crepe and Spoon is the best ice cream parlor and creperie in Northeast Minneapolis, Minnesota! They offer full vegan flavors, with delicious unique ice cream flavors like Chocolate Sorbet, Ginger Binger, Chocolate, Banana and Frids, and Rose Carda Mom.

Their crepes are freshly made and include classic flavors like Ham & Cheese and Cheese Steak.

Need a pick-me-up? Pick up a coffee at their expresso bar, with vegan options available. 

Ice Cream

What makes these ice cream shops unique?

Each of these ice cream shops has its own unique ice cream flavors and specialties. For example, La La Homemade Ice Cream is known for its inventive flavors, and Pumphouse Creamery uses locally sourced ingredients to make their ice cream.

Are Minnesota Ice Cream Shops Open Year Round?

Yes, and no. Depending on the location and foot traffic in the area, you’ll find that some close their doors during Winter Months. Some will take a month off, while some take longer stretches. Don’t be afraid to click on their website link to check out their hours or give them a call.

Who is the Biggest Ice Cream Company in Minnesota?

The biggest ice cream company is Häagen-Dazs – owned by general mills.

What is my Favorite Ice Cream in Minneapolis?

As an ice cream lover, I absolutely love any place that serves up a sweet treat and love trying the new flavors. Sonny’s Ice Cream and La La Homemade Ice Cream are always at the top of my list. But when it comes down to it, I’ll take some Sabastion Joes any day.

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