Olive Oil Blondies

Why Blondies Make The Perfect Treat for the Road

With all the time spent in the car, we are always looking for something guilt free to snack on. I’m also kind of picky about what foods are allowed in my car.

I need to make sure that it’s easy to pass back to children. It needs to be something that won’t make a mess of the car and it should be somewhat healthy.

While I understand how easy fishy crackers can be, I’ve been trying to stay away from some of those convince foods. I’m so happy that we stumbled upon these blondies. They are a recipe from Becky Winkler at acalucaltedwisk.com.

Ok, so they probably are not the healthiest food options I could have given them considering it contains sugar, but I’m calling grain and dairy free healthy.

We got the whole family involved in baking this morning. They were pretty easy to make. Everything could be mixed by fork in one bowl. After combining all the wet ingredients, I let my son help out with the mixing. They do require some planning before your trip.

It takes about 50 minutes to make/bake and you will want to leave another hour for them to cool before cutting into them. You can easily make them the night before. We did end up cracking the top of the blondies trying to get them out of the pan to cool. I thought I had ruined them, but they actually came back together and help their shape quite well.


We packaged them up in a plastic storage container and headed out on our adventure. They stacked nicely in the box and didn’t crumble. We did not need to individually wrap them all. I found that the bars worked really well in the car too. We did not have any problems passing them to the back seat. If you didn’t want to use a plastic storage container, you could also have wrapped them up individually in cellophane wrap. When you’re traveling, I recommend that you plan for the least amount of garbage.


We found that they were not messy on their hands or faces. My two-year-old son did need a napkin, but he does with most of his food. Everyone else was fine. What I loved was how moist they were. You didn’t need any milk or water afterward.

I definitely will make these again. They were both easy to make and simple to transport. My children also asked for seconds, a bonus. But when they are basically a dessert on the road, who can blame them. For the recipe check out A Calculated Whisk. In case you are wondering, I’m still munching on them as I write this. I can’t get enough.

My Rating:

Prep Time2-3 hrs before you leave
Mess FactorNo crumbs
Max Car Temp90 degrees
Yumminess Rating★★★★★
Enjoying blondies

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