Sealife Aquarium in the MOA

Everything you need to know about Sea Life Aquarium at the MOA

If there is one guarantee in life it’s that Sea Life Aquarium at the Mall of America is Minnesota’s favorite aquarium. Just take a look at the lines of people waiting to get in.

With many things about the mall, Sea Life Aquarium has found a way to grow and change. With each new addition, they have created an underwater adventure the has entertained and enriched so many peoples lives.

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From Stingrays to Sea Turtles. Sea Life Aquarium in Minneapolis is great for all ages. Located in the MOA, this exhibit is the perfect thing to do on the weekends in the Twin Cities.

Our morning started off with the sad discovery that our beloved pet Beta fish had passed away over the night. After its burial at sea, we decided that we were in need fun adventure to lift our spirits.

We decided that in our Beta’s memory, to go to the bets Minnesota Aquarium. We are lucky to have the Sea Life Aquarium close by, so we purchased tickets online and headed out.

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Sea Life Aquarium Touch and Feel

Our decision to go to the Sea Life Minnestoa was shared by a lot of others in the city. It probably had to do with cold, blustery day we were having.

We arrived a few minutes early for our selected admission time slot. As you go down the escalators in the mall you are transported into a new world, full of wonder.

The staff is waiting there directing you to the hand washing stations and you are immediately presented with the opportunity to get your hands in the first display, sea anemones, and starfish.

From there, you get to enjoy the Stingray exhibit. These stingrays are very friendly and will flutter through the water right up to the guests.

For those braver, you have the option to purchase food for them and hand feed them. It is a guaranteed crowd pleaser.

MN Aquariums

Minnesota is home to some great aquariums. You can also go see fish like these at the MN Zoo, Sea Quest in Roseville and at the Great Lakes Aquarium in Duluth.

Touch Pond

Next up on the adventure is the Sea Horses. These little guys are part of the tunnel system. The Jellyfish room was captivating. It’s a dark room with green spotlights.

Inside each of the tanks, the fish floated and drifted in the currents. Each tank was lit with different colored lights.

As the lights rotated, you could see the transparency and every detail of the Jelly Fish. The room was filled with a bunch of these tanks to wander through. You could get lost in the fish as the floated around.


Sea Life Tunnels

As you get closer to the trademark tunnel aquariums, you’ll start to hear a buzz of everyone’s excitement. You could hear people saying things like “Look over there!” and “Look at that turtle!”.

The entire display allows you to move at your own pace and spend as much time there as you want. Even with that and the crowds, we could get in easily.

Inside the tunnels, the guest feels as though you are part of the underwater experience. The tunnels are big and open. At the same time, the shape of the glass brought all of the sea creatures closer to you.

Kids were pointing in every direction.  What is unique about the tunnel is that you get to see the underbody of the fish too. You could see the details of the giant stingrays and count the rows of teeth as the sharks swam over you.

Mall of America

Spending some time inside the Mall of America. You’ll want to check this out: The Mall of America is More Than Just a Shopping Destination

Tunnel Amazon
Tropical Frog at Sea Life Aquarium

The aquarium has 300 feet of tunnels to explore. The tunnels are broken into 4 different regions of the ocean floor: the Rainbow Reef, Atlantis, Amazon River, and Sturgeon Lake.

Each region has its own unique aquatics and sea floor. In addition to the different tunnels, they also have a Rainforest exhibit showing crocodiles, frogs, and tortoises.

Our trip to the Sea Life Aquarium was just what we needed. It transported us into a unique world of the sea. It was a treat for the kids and at the same time, wore everyone out on the ride home.

Getting Sea Life MOA Tickets

One of the hardest parts about getting into Sea Life Aquarium is getting your tickets. We’ve attempted to go a few times on a weekend in the middle of the day and given up.

If at all possible get your tickets online. Not only will you save a few dollars but you will save the hassle of the lines. SEA LIFE Aquarium at the Mall of America, Minnesota. Make sure to print your tickets or have them downloaded to your phone.

If you are a MN or WI resident, take advantage of the locals discount! You’ll find it online.

If you can’t get them online for some reason, try and nab a discount admission ticket at the Mall. Last Fall, the Rainforest Cafe had a coupon on all of their children’s menus. If you spot the giant Shark Mascot that walks around, they will be handing out coupons as well.

Now that you have a coupon, the next challenge is getting the tickets. There are two places to purchase them. First at the ticket counter on the main level. You can also get bundles for tickets to other things, like Nickelodeon Universe.

Speaking of Nickelodeon Universe, if you are planning on getting this bundle deal with the unlimited ride wristband, you can purchase the Sea Life Ticket at the Nickelodeon Universe counter.

The other option for tickets is to head down the escalator into Sealife Aquarium. They have a separate ticket line there.

How long is Sea Life Tour at Mall of America?

The Sea Life Tour at the Mall of America is a self-guided tour through the aquarium that features over 10,000 sea creatures. The duration of the tour can vary depending on how much time you spend at each exhibit and how crowded it is.

However, the average time for the tour is around 1 to 1.5 hours. Visitors are allowed to move through the aquarium at their own pace and take as much time as they need to explore.

Keep in mind that during peak times, such as weekends and holidays, the tour may take longer due to larger crowds.

How do you find Seal Life Aquarium at the Mall of America?

The Sea Life Aquarium is located at the Mall of America on the basement level. To get there, park on the east side of the mall. Go down to the first floor outside the main rotunda. You’ll find a set of elevators and an escalator next to the Sea Life Sign.

How long is the aquarium at Mall of America?

The Aquarium at the Mall of America has a 300 Ft-Long Underwater Tunnel. There is a little more walking involved as the tour has a few other rooms. But everything is easy to maneuver around if you have strollers or a wheelchair.

Are kids free at Sea Life Mall of America?

Kids 2 and under are free at Sea Life at the Mall of America.

Other Tips and Tricks

  • Go during the week, it will be less busy and you will be able to see more without the crowds.
  • Sealife had daily talk times and other exhibits to enjoy. Check out their times before you go.

Sea Life Aquarium
Located at the Mall of America, East Entrance
Starting at $24.99
2 and Under – Free
Spring Hours
Mon – Fri 10am – 8pm
Sat 9am – 8:30pm
Sun 10am-7pm
*Special times just for spring break
Check their website to confirm.

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