Country Camping in Isanti MN

Country Camping in Isanti MN

This summer has been all about new experiences. I keep telling myself we should take the kids to do “<Fill in the blank>”. Before I knew it summer was over and we got only gotten 1 or 2 of the things done.

With the travel limited to MN this summer, I wanted to cross a few of these experiences off for the kids. That’s why I’m so glad we finally got the kids tubing on the Rum River thanks to Country Camping in Isanti.

Like many families, we’ve been playing things week to week. Looking at my calendar I realized we had a 4 day weekend coming up and no plans were made. So much of our weekends revolved around acquiring hiking club miles, I wanted to change things up for the Kids.

They needed a relaxing trip down the Rum River instead. The first place I thought of was Country Camping in Isanti.

The only problem was, they are booked up completely on the weekends. What I found was weekdays are actually the best days to camp!

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Campgrounds at Country Camping in Isanti

At Country Camping in Isanti, there are two different types of camping experiences, the roughing it riverside, and the glamping. There really isn’t anything in-between.

The campground two sections don’t mix either, which is really humorous to me. 

RV Park

The primary group of people are up in the RV Park. There are around 75 different campsites, all with so much room on them; you could easily have 2 travel trailers on each.

A quarter of the spots are taken up on the East Side of the park with seasonal campers and tinny homes.

RV Camping at Country Camping


For those looking for something new, you can camp in a covered wagon. They are very cute and close to all the amenities. They also have paved ground underneath them.

I think it takes away from the authentic covered wagon feel, but I’m not sure anyone really wanted them when they reserved it.

Glamping at Country Camping

Everyone else

The West side of the park is where everyone else is. The sites are positioned next to a farmer’s field and give the most spectacular sunset views.

There is light tree cover depending on your spot. We were there during the week and was amazed at how empty it was. You could see all the way across the entire park.

Farmers Field
Summer Sunset in Isanti MN

Riverside/Tent Camping

Depending on what you consider a fun camping experience, they have some of the most breathtaking sites along the Rum River. The sites accommodate rigs under 20’ but don’t have any electricity.

Most are occupied by tenters and based on road conditions, I’m not sure I’d bring a trailer down there.  

Each site is wooded, providing some privacy from their neighbors. There are 12 riverside sites, which are guaranteed to fill up every weekend during the summer. There are also 4 additional sites tucked back a bit.

Camping along the Rum River at Country Camping in Isanti

Things Do At Country Camping in Isanti


The biggest draw to Country Camping, besides it being close to Minneapolis, is the Rum River. The campground has a bunch of different rentals, including canoeing and kayaking.

Dropping off guests upriver and landing back at camp. But the most popular of all the rental opportunities is tubing.

Tubing Shuttle Service

Country Camping takes guest upriver in Isanti for a 2-3 hour float. The trip is in calm water and ends back at camp.

Before you arrive at camp, there is a small beach area off to the right side of the river with a rope swing. Around the next bend is camp and almost impossible to miss.

The weekend there is one big party. But if you float during the weekday, you’ll have the river to yourself. We took advantage of this and it was amazing.

Tubing on the Rum River with Country Camping in Isanti

They rent all different types of tubes, including ones with bottoms for kids, and cooler tubes. Each of their tubes has a tether line attached, making it easy to attach your group together.

You must use their tubes. Transportation is in an airport shuttle style van.  For more tubing opportunities, check out: 7 of the best tubing river in Minnesota.

Showers for Tubers at Country Camping in Isanti
groomed path to shore on the Rum RIver

Pool with Splash Pad

Most campground pools I steer far away from due to the cleanliness factor. But at Country Camping case, it was the exact opposite. The pool is a very nice pool.

The depth goes from 3-4ft, making it welcoming for just about everyone. They have showers out front. For littler ones, there is even a splash pad.

Everything was well maintained, and everyone was giving each other plenty of space.

Swimming pool at Country Camping in Isanti


The biggest and best playground I’ve seen at any campground so far is at Country Camping. Not only did they have a playground that rivals and neighborhood parks, but they also have a basketball court.

There are plenty of grassy areas to kick or throw a ball around. Depending on the breeze, it’s perfect for flying a kite. I was actually kicking myself for not bringing mine with me.

Golf Carts

Staying at Country Camping in Isanti was a huge culture shock for me. Not for the normal things that take me by surprise when I go to a new state. But it’s the Golf Cart Culture.

Instead of hanging out in your spot, guests jump on their Golf Cart and go for a ride.

If you don’t have a cart, the rascal scooter works too! This isn’t just used for transportation to the store or amenities, it’s a social thing.

They make loops around the park, multiple times just go for a ride. I’m sure they think I’m weird because I’d rather walk.

Initially, I thought this was because we were camping during the week. But as the Friday crowd started to arrive, more and more carts started to get unloaded. Just be prepared that you may be on display at your campsite. It’s best to embrace it.

golf cart sign

Other Amenities

Camp Store

Country Camping has a very nice camp store, filled with cool treats, souvenirs, and anything else you may have forgotten.

The best part was, you can put things on store credit. This could get a little dangerous but works great when you don’t normally carry cash around.

Showers and Bathrooms

Depending on where you are, there are different levels of accommodations. By far, the best accommodations are at the camp store. Everything is modern and very clean. On the far end of the RV section, there are also flushable restroom facilities.

They look like out-houses which took me by surprise. If you a staying in the tenting area, they are private sites, with portable toilets.

Other Amenities at Country Camping

Propane Fill-up. Firewood, delivered to your site and at a price that under what most state parks charge. Free WIFI, which I can attest delivers good speeds.

An Arcade to lose your money at. They also have standard RV accommodations like Dump Station. Seriously, they got it all.

Cost for a site ranges from $35-$45. Additional vehicles, golf carts, and more than 2 adults and 2 kids cost additional.


Would I go back to Country Camping in Isanti?

I found the campground very affordable for everything you got. They provided excellent customer service. There are little touches like a freshly cleaned firepit waiting for you when you arrive that make this more like a luxury stay, than a camping trip.

They had accommodations for just about everything. My kids loved it and I would defiantly go back to Country Camping in Isanti MN.

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