Korean Fried Chicken from Andrew Zimern's Cantina

Eating Your Way Through Target Field, New Foods at Target Field

My First Twins Game of the year and all everyone can talk about is the Food. I had to find out more about the new foods at Target Field…

If you haven’t check out the food at Target Field yet, you’re missing out. When most people think baseball food, they think nachos and a hot dog. Ever since Target Field opened, they redefined what Ball Park food is. My husband will tell you, the only reason he goes is for the food. Target Field has been really good about keeping their reputation for food excellence and they are always adding and changing food options. Here are some of the new foods at Target Field this year.

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New Foods at Target Field

Eating Your Way Through Target Field, New Foods at Target Field
Hebecks Coaster

The Bloody Marry

Over by Section 114, Hrbeck’s is where most of the new foods can be found. This is where you will find the Buffalo Chicken Bloody Mary, complete with a Buffalo Chicken Wing, Celery, Blue Cheese, Cheddar Cheese, a Pepperoni Stick, Pepperoncini and an Olive. And if you really feel you need it, you can always add on the mini slider too.

Hrbeck's Menu
Chicken Wing Burger Bloodie Mary

Prime Rib Sliders

They also have Prime Rib Sliders & Walleye Tacos in Hrbeck’s. I found the atmosphere here really nice and fill with energy. The food is served bar style and everything this comes out fresh. When you order an entrée, expect to get the full meal, complete with a side dish. I went with the Prime Rib Slider this time. It had excellent flavors and included a side of fries. I want to try the Walleye Tacos on my next visit.

BBQ Rib Sliders

Korean Fried Chicken

Also in that corner of the stadium is Andrew Zimmern’s new permanent location. He used to just have his food truck, but this year they decided to let him stay and I’m so glad. Through his travels, he is trying to bring some of his best food discoveries home to us. His special this year is the Korean Fried Chicken Sandwich. The food was full tangy spice and came with a grilled pineapple on the sandwich. If you know me, I’m a sucker for grilled pineapple.

Andrew Zimmern's Canteen Location
Korean Fried Chicken

Other Foods

Some of the other foods available are:

Over by section 101, The Loon Café is serving Pecos River Red Chili & Grape Ape Cocktails.

Pizza Luche is now available. They are a staple for great Pizza in the Twin Cities. If you ever go to a parade that they participate in, they are the ones handing out garlic cloves to everyone. If their quality is top notch. They offer a gluten-free pizza as well.

The Hot Pretzel Bites & Brews cart is also near Hrbeck’s. It’s serving three varieties of toppings for their pretzel bites, including savory (rich beef gravy and then sprinkled with Monterey jack cheese), sweet (macerated berries, a Nutella sauce and a dollop of fresh whipped cream) and local (Summit beer cheese sauce, topped with candied bacon and dusted with a hint of cayenne pepper).

The Gelato stands have changed brands to Izzy’s. It lived up to my expectations too. Anyone that knows me, I’m a little bit ice cream snob. It should be rich, creamy and in solid form. The ice cream can be found in the old Gelato stands.

The one disappointment in the food is the availability throughout the stadium. All new and specialty foods are located on the ground floor and they tend to bunch up behind home plate. I’m not opposed to walking a ways to getting food, but it’s also in the place that has the most congestion, making it challenging to get to. If you are a hardcore baseball fan, you are also giving up a good solid inning or two in order to get to it.

As much as I would love to have told you we personally sampled everything, I can’t. There were only two of us at the game and a girl can only eat so much. By the end of the season, I guarantee you that I will have sampled all the new foods at Target Field. Now it’s your turn, what is your favorite food at Target Field?

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