Goat Kids at the MN Zoo's Farm

Farm Babies at the Minnesota Zoo

Farm Babies have arrived at the Minnesota Zoo! For some reason, people just bypass the farm when they go to the zoo. I used to be one of them.

Why go to a petting zoo when there are all kinds of other animals you don’t typically see? They are just cows and goats! And do we really want to walk that much further to see them? The answer is yes!!!

From a little kid’s perspective, the Wells Fargo Family Farm gives them a chance to interact with the farm babies. For the parents, it’s a great change to see some baby animals.

Make sure to bring some change to buy some goat feed. Regardless if you have food or not, they are friendly enough to let you touch them. It’s a cool experience to have them lick your hands.

Farm Babies at the MN ZOO

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The Wells Fargo Farm Babies

What’s better is during the spring time, they all have their babies. You get to see them when they are cute and little.

They all look so fuzzy you just want to pick them up and take them home with you. Depending on the time of day, you may have the opportunity to touch one of the piglets or ducklings.

Ducklings at the Minnesota Zoo


The cow building has a milking station with demonstrations going on all day. The cows on display ranged in age. Three of them were the calf’s that they had on display last year. It’s fun to see them all grown up.

The cows were very friendly, and my son learned that a cow’s tongue is really rough, like a kitten. And oh yeah, they are long too.

When the new ones are old enough to be out on display for the public, they can be found either in the John Deere Barn or down by the front next to the goats.

Pigletts at the Wells Fargo Family Farm


My son got really excited to see the pigs. The kids also had a lot of fun playing in the straw bale maze.

When you get that many kids together, it ended up being more of a straw jungle gym with stuff to climb on and less maze-like. Still, a great way for them to burn off the extra energy.


The lower level of the grand white farmhouse is where the adorable ducklings have found their cozy nest. In addition to the ducklings, they also have restrooms there.

On the top level, the farmhouse has a restaurant with sandwiches and hot chocolate. In the summer, they also serve ice-cream.

Getting There

The walk to the farm sometimes turns a few people away. But there is a tractor that runs out there. It runs every 5 minutes, and you usually don’t have to wait long to get on it.

For those with strollers, there is a ramp and there is plenty of help to get out on board. If you end up missing the tractor, the walk will get you there just as fast.

The MN Zoo

Spring time at the zoo is my favorite time to go, not just because of the farm babies either. It’s finally getting nice enough to go out and do the northern trails again.

It is not super-hot outside, so the animals are typically really active. The Grisly Bears were putting on a show for everyone.

I really do think that they love the attention because they can be seen swimming and playing in front of the glass. They even had the nerve to stare down some of the kids.

The Apple Valley Bears Swimming during the spring time!

Tips for visiting the MN Zoo

Arrive early in the day. The later you get, the warmer it is, and the animals tend to get sleepy.

The Minneaota Zoo costs $15-21 per person. If you have a larger family, it’s best to just get a membership. It will pay for itself in a couple of visits.

The MN Zoo opens at 9 am, 10 for non-members, and stays open until 4.

Don’t Miss These Events

The Wells Fargo Farm Babies will be out starting April 26th – May 19th. They animals will stay out all summer, but these activities will only be around for a little bit.

  • 10 am, Noon & 2 pm – Live Music
  • 11 am – Goat and Sheep Demonstrations
  • 11:30 am & 3 pm – Milking Demonstrations
  • 2:30 pm – Pig and Chickin Feeding by Staff
  • 10:30, 11:30, 12:30, 1:30 and 2:30 on Saturdays – Dakota County Library Story Trail

The egg enrichment activities are a lot of fun. Different egg themed items are placed in all the animals exhibits. If you get there early, you’ll get the chance to see them interacting with them.

The Minnesota Zoo is always a special time for us. They do a great job with different activities and events. I recommend that you check out the zoo at different times of the year because you will never have the same experience twice.

Farm Babies at the MN Zoo. Spring is the best time of the year to meet the newest members of the Zoo. The Twin Cities best activities for the family.

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