Paisly Park in Chanhassen

Visiting Paisley Park in Chanhassen and the Prince Mural

Prince was such an active member of the community.  Almost everyone you talk to will be able to tell you of their personal encounter with the man. I never got the opportunity to meet him, but I was fortunate to have been able to listen to some of his music from my house when he had concerts.

Unfortunately, he passed before my kids were old enough alone to attend one of his impromptu public parts. Since he was such a night owl, our day paths never crossed out and about. That didn’t stop us from visiting Paisley Park in Chanhassen.

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Visiting Paisley Park

Soon after his death, his Sister decided to allow visitors to tour his property. In the months following his death, the neighborhood was flooded with fans parking on the street outside his property, and parking everywhere. This means, no one can park on the streets nearby.

Chanhassen has some great trails, including a path from Lake Ann Park with a tunnel going under Highway 5, right in front of Prince’s property.

Getting directly in front of the fence to the house is not the best way to see it. You actually want to stop on the other side of highway 5 before going under the tunnel.

Paisley Park in Chanhassen

From the start of your walk, going through a tunnel may not seem exciting. Until you get in it. Inside people have left their own tributes to the iconic singer, with graffiti, artwork and so much more.

It is hidden away, out of sight and one of the most touching things I’ve seen. On the other side of the tunnel is the fence in front of the property.

Riley Creek Tunnel by Paisley Park
Paisley Park Tunnel

Leaving something on the Paisley Park Fence

Immediately after the Prince’s death, people from everywhere left things on the fence as a tribute. It ended up weighing down the fence and causing a nuisance to people that would park their cars and walk on the street to add their own.

Paisley Park was ordered to clear out everything left on the fence. Inside the gates, they have a new wall set up where they have moved all of these items.

People are still leaving tributes, but this time, it’s on the other side of the tunnel. This is out of sight from the road, keeping out of the view from cars passing by and solving the problem.

Officially, it still probably breaks the rules, but until it causes a problem, things will still be left there.

Visiting Paisley Park and the tribute wall.

Paisley Park Tours

Prince’s home, Paisley Park is open to public tours right now. If you plan on visiting, make sure to go online to buy your tickets. They do not sell them at the gate. Also, bring a flash drive with you if you want a picture of yourself next to the piano.

Otherwise, you’ll fall into the trap of having to pay for one there. Paisley Park after dark is lit up with purple lights, providing something magical. Seeing it still light makes me think of him every time.

Through the fence at Paisley Park

Prince Mural in Chanhassen

Graham Hoete, a New Zealand artist, completed the mural. He had just done a tribute Prince with a mural in Sydney that went viral.

The community of Prince fans made a request for Graham to travel here and create something similar. With the help of a local resident, he was able to secure the canvas.

They used the back of the Chanhassen Cinema. Completed just two months after the singer’s death, it turned out amazing. Both songs, “Purple Rain” and “When Dove’s Cry” provided inspiration for the prince mural.

Getting to the Prince Mural is simple, just map the Chanhassen Cinema on your phone. Once you find the Cinema, it’s located on the west side of the building.

Hanging out in Prince's Home Town, Finding The Prince Mural and other things to do.
Price Mural Signiture

Remembering Prince

You don’t have to go inside Paisley Park to feel a connection to Prince in Chanhassen. There are plenty of tributes to the singer in different places throughout the city.

Visiting Paisley Park from the outside of the fence can be just as good. While in Chanhassen, make sure to check out the other great things to do in Prince’s Home Town.

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