Things to do in Chaska MN

30 Fun Things to do in Chaska MN

Chaska Minnesota has a great downtown worth visiting. They made headlines when it became the home of the National PGA Tournament in 2018 at its well-known Hazeltine Golf Course.

For most people, it’s just another suburb of the Twin Cities. It’s so much more than that. All you need is one day to realize just how many fun things there are to do in Chaska. You may not want to leave.

I didn’t realize how much fun it is in Chaska until I moved to carver county. It has become a second home that I hope you fall in love with as much as I did.

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The Best Things to do in Chaska

Cool Off at Fireman’s Park

Nestled next to the Chaska Curling Center, Fireman’s Park is a favorite amongst the locals and visitors. The Clayhole Bridge is the most recognizable part because of its unique shape.

The other side of the bridge has a boardwalk allowing visitors a view from around the lake. At the east end of the park, people take advantage of the well-stocked lake and fishing pier.

On Summer days, paddleboats and paddleboards are rented at the Clayhole concession stand for $10 for 30 minutes.

For the kids, there is a fun Water Play fountain by the foot of the Clayhole Bridge. They have a huge park and even a small beach. I’m amazed at everything they have included at Fireman’s Park in Chaska.

Fireman's Park in Chaska, Beach and Play Area
Fireman's Park Fountains and Splash Pad

Curling Center

Every Winter Olympics, people huddle around the TV watching Curlers. It appears anyone can do it without needing to start at a young age. But I always wonder where anyone learns to do this. That was until Chaska added its own Curling Center.

The Chaska Curling Center has brought the fun of the Olympics home, allowing guests to watch the sport live from inside a restaurant. Serving up some of the best food and drinks I’ve ever had, all while being entertained by the sport.

Want to join the fun? The Chaska Curling Center has lessons! No fancy equipment is needed aside from a pair of sneakers that are carried in. They don’t want dirt on the ice. Even if you can’t join, watching is always a fun thing to do in Chaska MN too!

Chaska Curling Center

World’s Largest Mustache

Sometimes you just need a gimmick. The Reid Thorp art gallery has found a fun one. The World Largest Mustache is 3ft tall, 11.5 ft wide, and 22 inches deep. It was not ordinarily part of the store. It was created by the Udermann family and displayed proudly outside their home.

Since the first location, it has gone a bit of an adventure visiting different businesses before it landed across the street from the Chaska Curling Center. It’s been its home for the past few years. If you are looking for more mustache fun, check out its Facebook Page!  

This is always a fun thing to do in Chaska while you are there. Plus see if it’s changed color. The last time I dove by it was purple! Who know’s what it will be next?

The Worlds Largest Mustache in Chaska

Tommy’s Malt Shop

They wanted to bring back the charm of malt shops. Tommy’s Old Fashion Malt Shop does a great job of mixing old-school favorites with modern tastes. Including things like vegetarian options.

Don’t worry, they still have burgers, onion rings, and other favorites too. You can’t leave there without having one of their Blue Ribbon Malts, 1919 root beer floats, or a super sundae.

 Dinning in Chaska at Tommy's Old Fasion Malt Shop

Fishing on the Minnesota River

Chaska is lucky enough to have the Minnesota River flowing right along the center of town. On the other side of the bridge, there are a few trails taking you next to the river banks, where many locals will take advantage of the fishing opportunities.

One past-time many enjoy is getting to fish right on the Minnesota River. Requiring a bit of maneuvering, but hanging out next to the river is just fun. To get to the park, turn into Winkel Park.

Winkel Park in Chaksa. Fishing on the Minnesota River

Historic Downtown Chaska

Take a walk through downtown Chaska and enjoy some of the splendid buildings. It’s home to over 36 different historical buildings. Chaska does a great job of protecting its heritage.

As you walk through downtown, you’ll notice them immediately. Some of my favorites are the Chaska Flour Mill and the Minneapolis & St Louis Depot. Many homes are preserved as well. For more details on the buildings, download a copy of the walking tour.

The Chaska Historical Society has all the details.

The Historic Chaska Mill in Downtown Chaska MN

The Minnesota Landscape Arboretum

The MN Landscape Arboretum is my favorite place to go on a cool summer evening. They have every variety of flowers native to Minnesota you could think of, and then some.

Inside there is a three-mile drive taking you through different sections of foliage, like the hedges, crab apple blossoms, and evergreens to name a few.

There are multiple spots to pull over to take pictures and enjoy the space they’ve created.

The MN Landscape Arboretum is my favorite place to go on a cool summer evening. They have every variety of flowers native to Minnesota you could think of, and then some.

Inside there is a three-mile drive taking you through different sections of foliage, like the hedges, crab apple blossoms, and evergreens to name a few. There are multiple spots to pull over to take pictures and enjoy the space they’ve created.

The Minnesota Landscape Arboretum always has something fun going on. Check out some of their past events:
MN Landscape Arboretum’s | Amazing Spaces Places and Escapes
Making Spirits Brighter at the MN Landscape Arboretum

The MN Landscape Arboretum Red Barn

Schram House Brewery

On one of the highest points in Chaska sits the Schram Haus Brewery. The same couple that built the Schram Vineyards in Waconia runs the brewery.

They needed some more space to grow their business and wanted to have a place focused entirely on beer. At Schram Haus Brewery, they focus on German heritage and you’ll see its influence in the design, glassware, and brews, of course.

Make sure to check out Schram Vineyards just a short way away in Waconia: Unwinding at Schram Vineyards, Minnesota Wineries & Brewery

Schram Haus Brewery in Chaksa

Get Scared at Scream Town and The Haunted Hayride

Chaska has not one but two places that have made my list of the most haunted attractions in the Twin Cities. Originally, everyone flocked to Chaska for Scream Town.

With better scares than you’ll find almost anywhere. But the creators created a new attraction, the Haunted Hayride. It promises a scary experience like no other, including being left alone in the woods with nothing more than a lantern to get back.

Looking for all things haunted? Check out these great Halloween Inspired fun:
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16 Real Haunted Places In MN
Surviving The Abandoned Hayride in Chaska
Scream Town in Chaska: Raising the bar for Haunted Houses

Scream Town

Run a Free 5K Every weekend

Ever wanted to run a 5K but didn’t want to pay the entrance fees? The Courthouse Lake Park Run is perfect for you. Run entirely by volunteers, every Saturday at 9am.

The timed run starts off by the Court House, and back along the Minnesota River before heading back. Everyone is welcome to join, you just need to register your first time. Walker, Runners, Baby Strollers, and puppies!

Free 5K in Chaska Courthouse Lake Park Run

Paddle down the Minnesota River

This is a great section to paddle down. Bring your own canoe or Kayak and hit the water. There are a couple of good runs to try out. First starting out in Jordan and getting out in Downtown Chaska that Winkel Park.

Or Start out in Winkel park and take the 2hr paddle down to Shakopee at the 101 bridge. Both are great sets of paddles. The Chaska to Shakopee route is very easy. By far, my this top my list of fun things to do in Chaska MN.

Minnesota River Canoe Trip

Chaska Communtiy Center

The Chaska community center is always filled with activities on the weekend. Inside you’ll find an aquatics center with a waterslide, rope swing, and diving platform.

A zero-depth entry poo for younger kids with a caterpillar slide and a mushroom waterfall. An ice rink, exercise and Gymnasium. There is a great play area for the kids as well. You’ll have a great time!

Did you know MN has some great waterparks around the state. Both Indoors and Outdoor waterparks! Make sure to check them out.

City Square Park

City Square Park in Chaska offers plenty of events throughout the year to keep residents and visitors entertained. From free concerts in summer to family-friendly festivals in the fall, winter and spring, there is always something to do in City Square Park.

In addition, the park is home to a variety of food trucks and vendors, which makes it the perfect spot for a fun night out with friends.

Chaska Par 30 aka The Loop at Chaska

Looking for a small but challenging round of golf? This course was designed by Rober Trent Jones. It’s a great place for beginners. With 9 holes, it was the first World of Golf course designed to be accessible to everyone. With the barrier-free design, everyone is going to have a great time.

Chaska Town Course

The Chaska Town Course is considered one of the best public golf courses in the Twin Cities. This course is 285 acres of oak groves, prairie, and marchland.

The course is owned by the city. It was named the course of the year by the Minnesota Golf Association. These fun things to do in Chaska are definitely worth a trip!

Chaska River City Days

During River City Days, the entire downtown transforms. with music and crafts in City Square Park. A parade that covers much of downtown, a medallion hunt, games and so much more. The is one of a kind festival held in July every year.

Christmas in May

Not at all what you are thinking. Chaska’s “Christmas in May” project coordinates a one-day rehab project for the homes of Chaska residents who do not have the financial or physical ability to maintain them.

Volunteers from throughout the community come together to do the work, which includes skilled and unskilled labor. This project helps to improve the quality of life for those who need it most and provides a fun day out for everyone involved.

Dolce Vita Wine Shop

If you are looking for good wine, you need to stop at the Dolce Vita Wine Shop. Located inside a railway depot, they specialize in carefully selected wines from around the world.

What I love is that they have something for every price point. They also have craft beer and premium spirits as well. Defiantly worth a look!

Carver Junk Company

Needing something fun for your home? You need to stop by the Carver Junk Company. They have artist-inspired furniture and gifts for your home. Necklaces and so much more.

Shop 501 Company

Antique shopping has never been more fun. The Shop 501 Company has a vintage collection of just about anything and everything from plants, and children’s clothing created from vintage textiles to artwork and savaged pieces.

They source their collection from quality vendors like Elegant Junk, mustard Moon and When bigs Fly.

Artem Haus

Artem Haus is a unique painting studio that provides a space for all ages to gather and create. Walk right in and pick a project and get to work. It’s a great place for families and friends to get creative. They have ceramics, boards, and canvases.

Lake Grace

Lake Grace is a beautiful place to visit, perfect for picnics or a day out on the water. The lake is surrounded by wooded areas and has plenty of activities for visitors to enjoy.

Aside from the beautiful landscaping, the primary feature is the large pavilion. It’s available on a first come first serve basis, with picnic tables, charcoal grills, horseshoe pits, and plenty of green space for any yard games.

Minnesota River Bluffs Regional Trail

Bring your bike and head into town. The Minnesota River Bluff Regional Trail is a beautiful trail through Carver County. At 8.5 miles long, the trail is through some amazing wooded areas.

While the MN River Bluffs Regional Trial is absolutely stunning plus has an old brewery hidden in the Shakopee section. This fun thing to do in Chaska can be done year-round!

Southwest Regional Trail

Another great biking location is the Southwest Regional Trail. With a few more hills, this 13 mile corridor connects the Minnesota River Bluffs Trail to the Lake Minnetonka Regional Trial and the MN River Bluffs Connection.

You can take it from Chaska, all the way to the city of Carver. Get some Ice Cream in town before heading back! It’s super flat and easy for all biking abilities.

Minnesota has some of the best mike trails in the country and a good chunk of them are right in the Twin Cities. Check out the 40 Scenic Bike Trails in the Twin Cities

Bike Trail in Chaska

Brickyard Clayhole

The brickyard Clayhole is one of the lakes in Chaksa that were once clay mining pits. Used to make the chaksa briks. Around town, you can probably still see a few stamped. Or head over to Shakopee.

There is an entire bar front that is filled with Shakopee Bricks. These bricks were also used in Minneapolis’s Wherehouse Districts, the Mill City Museum, and the Stone Arch Bridge.

Once mining stopped, the pits were filled in. You can see them at Brickyard Clayhole Park, The Courthouse Lake, and Firemans Park. The lake is stocked full of fish, at 13 acres in size, and 43 feet in maximum depth, there is some great stuff inside.

Mammoth Mountain Bike Trail

This single-track Mountain Bike Trail is still fairly young, but a great place to stretch your legs. With obstacles to maneuver and both in the woods and in the prairie, you’ll have a great time. This is a fun one!

Mountain Bike Trail

Hawks Ridge Mountain Biking Trial

The Hawks Ridge Mountain Bike Trail is a great trail to try getting you in shape for tight turns and good climbs. Located by the Pioneer Ridge Middle School, the trail is carved into the side of a bluff. It’s a great place to get in shape for the harder stuff.

Willy McCoys

Looking for a good bite to eat. You gotta check out the ever-popular, Willy McCoys. I as that because I’ve only gotten in there a couple of times. The rest of the time the wait was way too long.

They serve a bunch of American Fair food, all with a twist of Berr or Whisky! Don’t worry, plenty of safe options for the kids too. Plus gluten-free options!!

Red Bench Bakery

Red Bench Bakery is the only place to get breakfast in Chaska. Ok, ok there are other places too but once you try Red Bench Bakery, you’ll never want anything else.

With the freshest made pastries and baked bread, you’ll find. At lunchtime, they transition into some great sandwiches and cookies to fill all your cravings. Make sure to get there early before they sell out of your favorites.

Red Bench Bakery

Where to stay in Chaska MN?

Need a place to stay in Chaska? You gotta stay at the Oak Ridge Hotel and Conference Center. It’s set on a stunning property. The rooms are impeccable and the service is fantastic.

Reserve your room today by clicking here.

Fun Facts about Chaska

Where did Chaska get it’s Name?

The name “Chaska” comes from the Dakota word for “junior” or “the youngest daughter.” Legend has it that a Dakota chief had three daughters, and when asked which daughter he loved the most, he replied, “Chaska,” referring to his youngest daughter.

What is Chaska Famous For?

Chaska is most famous for Hazeltine National Golf Club, thanks in part to the Ryder Cup. Aside from that, it is also home to the popular Chaska Curling Center and the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum.

How big is Chaska?

The population of Chaska, Minnesota is currently 28,810 residents. The city covers an area of approximately 17.77 square miles (45.99 square kilometers).

Chicory Capitol of the World?

Chaska was once known as the “Chicory Capital of the World” due to the large amount of chicory that was grown in the area during the 19th and early 20th centuries. Chicory was used as a coffee substitute during World War II when coffee was scarce.

What will you do first?

There are so many fun things to do in Chaska is hard to decide what to do first. But one thing is for sure, you’ll find something to do for any age group.

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