Missing the Falls

This was our first official day trip. We decided to start small since we had the kids with us. My daughter had a fun time trying to find the teapot water tower in Lindstrom MN.

We found out that it will steam a few times during the day… we just are not sure of the times. Still a fun little side show. It’s a cute little town and worth quick stop in if you have the time. We even spotted a mini statue of liberty (sorry no pic).

Water Pot Water Tower

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Since both my kids were with us we wanted to check out Interstate Park (MN Side). At the visitors center, after paying the $5 parking permit, we got to climb rocks to the cliffs edge to the St. Croix River.

My daughter had a great time getting to show off her mad climbing skills. My son, while not so stable on his feet yet, had a blast climbing.

We saw a bunch of very cool potholes that were created when the glaciers covered MN. They even had a spot where we were able to go into. My daughter loved the echoes it made but was a little apprehensive about going in to it.



After our climbing adventure, we checked out a cool old school carhop called the ‘Drive In’. They will deliver to your car wearing poodle skirts and all.

There is plenty of seating outside if you need a break from the car. It specialized in frosty mug of Root Beer, so my husband had to get a mug to share. According to ‘Day Trips’ book it’s been a landmark in Taylor’s Falls for 50 years.

Attached to the Drive in is a miniature golf course. My daughter had so much fun trying to Golf, but my son didn’t quite get what we were trying to do. He desperately wanted to help mommy get the ball in the whole.

Drive In


A few things we learned on this trip. There are no actual Falls in Taylors Falls. The Winery just outside of town would be a good place to hang out for a drink.

The Franconia Sculpture Garden could be fun. They don’t have the typical sculptures.

Wild Mountain, looks like it would be a fun place to take the kids, maybe when they are a little older. All and all, a great day trip!

We returned to find the falls! With little knowledge of the area, we did more research and found all the fun things to do. CHeck them out: 17 Things To Do In Taylors Falls Minnesota | The Ultimate Guide

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