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Hiking in Jeans | When to put on your favorite pant

One of the most versatile items of clothing in your closet is probably a pair of blue jeans. Let’s face it, everyone owns at least one pair of nice-fitting pants. They are comfortable, they go with anything, plus they are stain resistant and can take a beating!

That sounds like the perfect mix for wearing on your next hike! We’ll not so fast. As much as I love my jeans, they aren’t normally the thing I grab when I go out. But that all depends on the adventure.

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Can you hike in Jeans?

Of course! You can hike in just about anything. That said, jeans for hiking are not the best choice for a comfortable and enjoyable experience out on the trail.

Jeans are stiff, and heavy and tend to chafe when exposed to wet weather or long hours of wear. They also don’t dry quickly when they get wet, which can lead to potential hypothermia if you become stuck in the rain.

Additionally, jeans lack breathability, meaning you may find yourself getting too hot too fast while hiking.

For these reasons, it’s better to opt for lightweight and breathable hiking pants made from materials such as nylon or spandex that provide a better range of motion and comfort on the trail.

What are the benefits of hiking in Jeans?

Hiking in jeans has long been an issue of contention amongst hikers, but there are definitely benefits to doing so.

For starters, jeans are sturdy and durable, making them ideal for short adventures like a fall hike on a dry day.

They can also be more comfortable than some other types of hiking apparel such as nylon and polyester.

Additionally, jeans provide more protection from the elements than shorts or t-shirts do; for example, they can help keep you warm in cooler conditions and may even offer some sun protection on sunny days.

Moreover, if you choose to wear jeans while hiking, they will make it much easier to transition from outdoor activities back into everyday life since they are stylish enough to wear anywhere.

Finally, given their affordability and ease of access, it’s hard to beat the convenience of wearing jeans when out on a short hike.

My husband exclusively hikes in Jeans on most adventures. The only exception is in summer when it’s a shorts season! For impromptu hikes, I’ve been known to wear them too!

Are there drawbacks to hiking in Jeans?

Hiking in jeans has drawbacks that can make your outdoor experience less than enjoyable one.

Denim, being made from cotton, absorbs water rather quickly, making them take a long time to dry if they do get wet.

This leads to chafing and discomfort while on the trail. Additionally, wet jeans will make you colder and can even lead to hypothermia in extreme cases.

Denim Jeans can trap heat which leads to overheating on the trail – even on short hikes in warm weather. All of these factors add up to create an uncomfortable and potentially dangerous situation when hiking in denim. This can happen on the shortest hikes.

It’s important to pick the right type of apparel when planning a hike or other outdoor excursion.

Opt for lightweight materials such as nylon or polyester that are breathable and quick-drying so you don’t have to worry about getting soaked or feeling uncomfortable during your adventure.

It’s always best practice to dress for the environment you’re going into so that you can truly enjoy your time outdoors.

What are some denim-like alternatives to Jeans?

Proper hiking clothes are vital to a successful hike. Ask any hiker and they’ll tell you it can make or break your trip. It doesn’t matter if it’s a quick trip or a longer hike.

Wrangler ATG Pants

Love the look of a jean but want the benefits of synthetic ones? You’ll love the Wrangler ATG hiking pant.

The ATG By Wrangler™ Men’s Synthetic Utility Pant – is the perfect choice for outdoor adventurers who want to stay dry and comfortable in any terrain.

This versatile pant is constructed with a durable, water-repellent synthetic fabric and a comfortable waistband for optimum mobility.

It also features one side zippered pockets so you can securely store all your belongings, reinforced kick plates, and gussets.

Whether you’re exploring the great outdoors or just taking a stroll around town, the ATG By Wrangler™ Men’s Synthetic Utility Pant will keep you comfortable and stylish throughout your journey.

Wranglers ATG pants

Revolution Race

RevolutionRace Women’s Nordwand Pants are amazing. Designed to keep you comfortable and protected during any activity in any season.

Crafted from durable hypershell material, these pants are built to last and withstand heavy wear and tear during intense outdoor activities.

With multiple convenient pockets, a great fit that accentuates the female body, and fun colors and prints, these pants are perfect for anyone who loves to explore the outdoors.

Plus, they’re multifunctional so you can use them all year round! The RevolutionRace Women’s Nordwand Pants are definitely more tactical in look, but you’ll love them!

Revolution Race Womens Pants

prAnas Stretch Zion Pant II

The prAna Stretch Zion Pant II is crafted with ReZion™ fabric, a more Earth-friendly evolution of performance fabric.

It features an adjustable webbing waistband, left thigh zipper cargo pocket with double entry, a concealed zipper coin pocket and elastic key loop, front thigh seam detail, mesh-lined pockets, and back patch pockets with a flap at back right pocket. You’ll have all the storage and ventilation you need to conquer any journey.

Plus, thanks to its abrasion resistance and UPF 50+ properties, you’ll stay protected on the trail.

With the relaxed fit through the hip and thigh and straight leg opening, the Stretch Zion Pant II provides maximum comfort in any situation.

PrAnas Strech Zion Pant

Columbia Men

The Men’s Columbia Silver Ridge Convertible Pants are the perfect garment for outdoor hikes.

Highly versatile and made from durable material, these pants make it easy to transition from pants to shorts within seconds thanks to its zip-off legs with a 10-inch inseam.

Featuring Omni-Wick and Omni-Shade technology, the Silver Ridge pants provide UPF 50 sun protection and wicks away moisture for a cool, dry feeling. With plenty of storage pockets including mesh pocket bags, hook-and-loop closure pockets and a zippered pocket for secure storage, you’ll never run out of space while outdoors.

The partial elastic waist and gusset detailing enhance overall mobility so you can feel comfortable as you take on your outdoor adventures.

With the Men’s Columbia Silver Ridge Convertible Pants you’ll be prepared for whatever weather comes your way!

Columbia mens pant

Columbia Women’s

The Women’s Columbia® Anytime Outdoor Pant is the perfect choice for hiking. They have the look and feel of Jeans.

With lightweight two-way stretch fabric and drawcord waist for a secure fit, you can move easily, stay comfortable, and look great all day long.

These hiking pants feature Omni-ShieldTM technology to protect against light rain and dirt plus built-in sun protection courtesy of Omni-ShadeTM.

Featuring a pocket on the rear and Columbia® logo on the waist, these mid-rise pants are designed to offer optimal performance in any outdoor setting.

Explore in style and comfort with the Women’s Columbia® Anytime Outdoor Pant!

Columbia Womens Pants

Are there better Hiking Pants?

Yes, there are some great hiking pants out there designed for every type of adventure. Summer weight, winter weight, waterproof, and everything in between.

Convertible Pants

Convertible pants are a great option for hikers who want the convenience, flexibility, and comfort of wearing two different types of pants in one.

A pair of convertible pants are made up of two separate legs that can be zipped together or separated depending on your needs. This makes them perfect for hikes where you may need to switch from shorts to long pants, or vice versa.

The lightweight material is also breathable and quick-drying, so you don’t have to worry about feeling too hot or too cold on your hike.

Plus, they’re often treated with a water-resistant finish to help protect against rain and moisture.

Whether you’re hiking in the summer or winter, convertible pants are a great choice for anyone who wants to stay comfortable while out exploring nature.


As the name implies, jogger pants are designed for jogging and running, but they can also be great for hiking as well. Jogger pants are made of lightweight, breathable fabric that is comfortable enough to wear all day long.

They usually have an elastic waistband and drawstring, which allows you to adjust the fit easily. The tapered legs help keep you cool in hot weather, while the drawstring waistband helps to prevent chafing from a heavy backpack.

Jogger pants typically have pockets for storing small items like your phone or wallet and some even feature zippers for added security.

They are lightweight and room making them similar in feeling to jeans. I find them super comfortable.

All of these features make jogger pants an excellent choice for any outdoor activity, especially hiking.

Fleece Lined Pants

Fleece-lined pants are ideal for when you’re out on the trail and need an extra layer of warmth in the late season.

They provide just enough insulation to keep you comfortable, without being bulky or cumbersome.

Fleece is lightweight and breathable, so you won’t risk overheating in mild temperatures or feeling weighed down in cold weather.

Plus, fleece-lined pants are designed to be waterproof, so they will keep your legs dry in wet conditions. With their added protection and comfort, fleece-lined pants are a great choice for any kind of outdoor activity.

Yoga Pants or Hiking Leggings

Hiking in yoga pants is a great way to be comfortable while enjoying the great outdoors. Yoga pants are lightweight and stretchy, which makes them perfect for long hikes in any kind of terrain.

They provide excellent mobility and range of motion, allowing you to traverse difficult trails with ease. These pants also offer breathability, keeping you cool and dry during your hike. Best of all, they look great too!

So if you’re looking for a comfortable and stylish way to enjoy a day out on the trails, why not try out some yoga pants? You’ll be sure to stay comfortable – and look good – no matter where your journey takes you.

Hiking in Jeans? Yes or No?

Jeans may be an incredibly versatile item of clothing to have in your closet, but they are not the best choice for a comfortable and enjoyable hike. Breathable and lightweight hiking pants will provide you with the comfort, freedom of movement, and protection you need while out on the trail. With careful consideration when selecting your clothing items, you’ll be able to stay safe and comfortable during your next adventure!

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