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How To Lure Your Unsuspecting Wife Into Cabela’s

~ Guest post from my husband.

Whenever you think grown-up toy store I feel like most people go to the wrong place in their heads. Cabela’s is the ultimate man’s toy store with every toy a grown up needs, from ATV’s to AR15’s. If you want outdoor sportsman equipment this is your place. Now in order to get my wife in the door, I had to explain to her that this is a day trip destination. I think with the live fish aquarium and many displays to keep the kids busy, I sold it well.

The aquarium had hundreds of Minnesota fish to watch swim and our son would have most likely camped out there for a while if we let him. I remember when my dad would drag me to Cabela’s, I would always look forward to the attractions to keep me occupied.

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When you walk into the door, you will be immediately greeted by the huge Conservation Mountain. It is a giant  mountain with multiple seasonal zones of stuffed animals for every sort. Our daughter ran ahead to get a better view and was excited to show us all of the animals that she could find, and with that, I was off.

I was able to find the fishing reels we need for the summer. Upstairs we found a shooting arcade that our daughter insisted we try. I’m glad we did, she had a great time pulling the trigger (daddy’s girl!!). We also found the fudge and nuts store on the second level we did not buy anything (not for the lack of trying). There is also a cafe with a great selection of food.

Shooting Arcade upstairs at Cabella's

The shopping is as always top notch fun. We dreamt about a new boat, decking out our camping gear with new toys and found some t-shirts that my wife is excited to show off. We even looked at firearms of all sorts.

Don’t let anyone tell you that Cabela’s is not a day trip location. It has something for everyone; the kids walked out with a smile, my wife walked out with some new gear and I got my reels for this year’s fishing… we just need a couple more things and we are ready for the opener. My daughter exclaimed as we left “I was having so much fun in that store”. Me too honey me too.


How to lure your unsuspecting wife into Cabela's

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