I love you Stinky Face

I Love You Stinky Face at Stages Theatre

There is something about the buzz of a theater. The anticipation of having a story unfold before your eyes. What should I wear? Do I need to eat before? Will I get there in time? What do you think the sets will look like? It makes the theater so much more exciting. Movies don’t even come close in comparison. It was this that made want to check out the new play at the Stages Theatre in Hopkins.Copy of Card – Untitled DesignI was able to take advantage of the SMART PASS program that the library offers and we got a few tickets for the play. I decided to leave my son at home and make it a girl’s day. Not that it would cost more to bring him, as a child 2 and under he could get in on a lap pass. I figured with it being over nap time it’s probably not the best idea. If you have a child 5 and under, I recommended grabbing one of their booster seats as you go in. You never know when a grown-up will sit right in front of your child seconds before the play starts. If you end up not needing it, you can always put it on the floor.The play we saw was I Love You Stinky Face, directed by Nikki Swobado. The musical is based on the children’s book I Love You, Stinky Face3DwHGWR by Lisa McCourt. The play is running through May 15th and is great for all ages. The cast is made up of almost all kids. If you are unfamiliar with the story, is based on an imaginative child’s play time. By the end of the play, they will have you believing in Green Aliens from Mars, Super Stinky Skunks, and Droopy-Eyed Cyclops. After the performance, the actors all line up outside and you can meet them all and get pictures.StinkyFace-Production-010-1024x683I love Stages Theatre Company for a couple reasons. First is its location, in Hopkins. The downtown has free parking everywhere. It’s less than a block walk in either direction. If you don’t want to park on the street, there is a parking ramp located by the movie theater, usually my proffered spot. Most of the plays that Stages show are geared towards kids of all ages. Check before you go, because some are for the younger ones.In addition to the easy parking, they also offer a variety of programs to ensure that everyone can see their shows. The theater is also the Third largest non-profit in the city. They offer Pay What You Can performances. No payments are taken at the time of the reservation. When you come to pick up your tickets you just pay what you can. They also are participating the SMART PASS program that I mentioned earlier. If you have a library that participates, you may be able to snag some free or discounted tickets. This is a great opportunity for those that want to get to some shows but don’t always have the funds to support it. Even if you don’t take advantage of these opportunities, most tickets cost about $10-16 per person. In my family, I consider that very reasonable.MeetUpMy daughter and I had such a great time checking out this play. Her favorite part was when the little girl was afraid that her mother would get eaten by swamp creatures and not be able to pick her up from school. It was a fun girl’s day for us.

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