Indoor Fun At Urban Air Adventure

Indoor Fun At Urban Air Adventure Park in Plymouth

Back before Stay at Home issues were orders, life was so much easier. Going out wasn’t a production. Thankfully Urban Air Adventure Park in Plymouth took the stress out of the adventure.

I got the opportunity for indoor fun at Urban Air Adventure Park in Plymouth with my family.

This post is sponsored by Urban Air Adventure Park and Nemer Fieger. I was provided admission for my honest review of their place. I never promote things I don’t stand behind.

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What is Urban Air Adventure Park?

Urban Air Adventure Park in Plymouth started as a trampoline park. To call it that today, would doing it a great disservice.

They have been evolving to offer activities like, rock climbing, go-carts, and zip-lining. They also have a Ninja Warrior style obstacle Course and Wipeout level fun.

The Clean Factor

Normally I wouldn’t think twice about how clean a place is before going. Especially a place like Urban Air Adventure Park. But everything changed in March 2020. We had made plans to go to the park back in February.

As the news channels and governors office started throwing out things like social distancing and compulsive hand washing, we were on the fence if we should still go. We were taking a wait and see approach. Schools were still in session and hand sanitizer was liquid gold.

People were being cautious and starting to stay home. Facebook mom groups were publicly shaming people for leaving the house or taking their kids in public.

What made the decision for us to go, was after we saw a video on their Facebook Page about the extensive cleaning efforts that go on, including using a fog chemical that covers the indoors, reaching every nook and cranny.

Touring the facility, there were hand pumps of sanitizers in the front, the staff was in gloves, and was actively cleaning equipment.

Even the other guests were taking notice and giving eat other plenty of space. I had no concerns about my decision to go.

The Indoor Fun at Urban Air Adventure Park


Urban Air Adventure Park has a nice track with multiple levels of twists and turns. They have single-seat cars and double seat so those too small to operate the car can still have fun.

The cars are battery powered making them safe for indoor use. And at all times, the staff can control the cars. I didn’t realize how valuable this was until we took our turn. 

Do you remember the feeling when you first got behind the wheel of bumper cars? So much control at your fingertips and no idea how far to turn a wheel to make the car move.

I got to experience that all over again with a bunch of young boys in their first attempt driving a Go-Kart.

This goal this time was to not hit others or the road. I ended up in a 6 car pile-up as boy after boy didn’t let up on the gas when making a turn. 

It was actually entertaining. By the end of it, I think 25% of the boys figured out how to drive.

Go-Karts ready for action at the Urban Air Adventure Park
No Bumping

Sky Rider

The Sky Rider is a different take on Zip Lining. Harnessed in, you leave off the top of the playground tubes and take a spin around the park.

You provide balance by hanging on to two ropes on either side of you. The track has just enough of an angle to bring everyone in.

Two pieces of advice before going. Adults, when coming to the platform halfway through, make sure to bring your feet up.

And you get some serious speed at the end around the corner. Keep ahold of the ropes to stabilize yourself.

Sky Rider above the Urban Air Adventures Park

Ropes Course

Leaving from a different place inside the Tubes Playground, thrill-seekers traverse a series of obstacles high above the dining area of the park.

It’s a great example of how Urban Air Adventure Park has maximized their space for indoor fun.

ropes course

Climbing Wall

The Climbing Wall section of the Urban Air Adventure Park has multiple levels of walls to traverse. Including a chimney climb and pillars.

Each participant is fitted with their own harness. From there, they can go to any available obstacle, and hook in. The ropes will lower the participant down without the need to have someone belaying them.

This made it easy for kids to jump around as much as they wanted. The system to lock the harness into the rope took some getting used to, but once you had it figured out, everyone was off. There is no way, to mess it up. I never felt unsafe once.

Lots to clime at the Indoor Fun At Urban Air Adventure Park
Chimney Clime at Urban Air Adventure Park

Leap of Faith

In the same ropes course area is the Leap of Faith. Climbing high up, and jumping off the platform and the rope system gently lowers you to the ground.

I totally chickened out on this. If you remember, I attempted something similar to my Zipline experience and it was the most terrifying things I’ve ever done.

I haven’t gotten over that fear. I actually had the same fear the entire time because of the way the belay system works. You have to fall for a second or two before it slows your descent.

It may not even be that much because I was too chicken to test it. But my kids had no problems using it.

The Leap of Faith

Warrior Course

The entire family got in on the action for the warrior course. With multiple levels to try out. Each course has a starting area with timer, depending on how competitive you want to get.

We each made it through the easiest level, only to fall in ball pit on the second one. I don’t know if I ever laughed so hard in my life.

Everyone had a blast. One thing is for sure, they make it look so easy on American Ninja Warrior.

Beginner Obstacle Course
Obstacle course at Urban Air Adventure Park in Plymouth
Hanging from the obstacle course
Start the timer for the warrior obstacle course
Indoor Fun At Urban Air Adventure Park in Plymouth

Battle Beam

This is your opportunity to find out who’s really in charge. That would be my husband, who just had to stand there while I did everything I could to knock him off.

You gotta go after someone of equal size to stand a chance. The only problem with getting knocked off is getting out of the foam. Unlike the balls where you can swim through, the foam blocks are like quicksand!

Battling it out on the Battle Beam


If only they gave the contestants a trampoline on Wipeout, they made have stood more of a chance on the sweeper bar.

As the bars of various levels come spinning around, you have to decide to jump or duck past them. Midway through the bars change up direction and when someone gets hit, they slow down throwing off all of your careful timing. Parents, you gotta try this.

The Wipeout Sweeper Bar at Urban Air Adventure Park in Plymouth


It’s hard to review a trampoline park without the trampolines. They have an entire wall devoted to just tramps. They also have a section zoned off just for younger guests, so they don’t get overtaken by big kids.

In addition, there were basketball hoops, balls, trapeze and other things to do with trampolines.

Trapeze bar

Tubes Playground

The end all be all for fun is the Tubes. They are just for younger kids. When it came to doing the things that my youngest was not tall enough for, we sent him to the tubes to distract him. It worked great splitting up the fun.

Small Kids Play Zone at Urban Air Adventures in Plymouth

Who is Urban Air Adventure Park for?

Anyone, any age can participate. They have something for everyone. Climbing Wall and Warrior course you must be 41 inches. There are really only two things that you need to be 48 inches for, and that’s the Sky Rider and Ropes course.

Go-Karts you need to be 36 inches to be a passenger and 48 inches to drive. We found with our kids one in each of the two height brackets (41 & 48) got to do just about everything and had a blast.

The primary reason most people go to Urban Air Adventure Park is for birthday parties. They have packages for all different activity levels.

For those that have a winter birthday, I would recommend visiting. Also group team building activities. The ropes course provides a good excuse to get the group together.

Indoor Birthday Parties Indoor Fun At Urban Air Adventure Park in Plymouth
Locker Rental
Party Check-In

You don’t need to have an excuse for indoor fun at Urban Air Adventure Park. They sell season passes and day passes.

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