Kangaroo Crossing at the Minnesota Zoo

Kangaroo Crossing at the MN Zoo | Into the Outback

The Kangaroo Crossing at the Minnesota Zoo is the latest exhibit at the zoo. It is an immersive exhibit like no other. Taking you on a walk through the Australian Outback.

With no real barrier between you and the Kangaroos. There is nothing more than a stick on the ground to remind you of your boundaries.

** Update 2024: The Kangaroo Crossing has changed to the Llama Trek. It has all the same fun, just a new name. You’ll see a few different animals there now too.

There is no barrier between you and the wildlife at the Kangaroo Crossing

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Kangaroo Crossing

Before entering, you will get a quick review of the rules. Stay on the left side of the path. No food or drinks. Strollers parked off to the side. Don’t pet any of the Kangaroos even if they come up to you.

Don’t antagonize them or try and get their attention. Doing so will only stress them out. These rules set you up for the possibility of getting up close and personal with some wildlife.

The exhibit features 18 Kangaroos, 18 Wallabies, a dozen joeys (baby kangaroos) and a few emus. If you are lucky, while you are there, you may get to see some kangaroos boxing.

We found them doing this on our visit up on the hill. Up until now, I had thought it was just a myth.

The kangaroos are most active during the morning hours or around dusk. Otherwise, most are friendly enough to just strike a pose while you are there.

Kangaroo Crossing at the Minnesota Zoo
Kangaroo Crossing at the Minnesota Zoo

Kangaroos just lying around
Don’t worry, he’s just layout around!

Limited Time Only

The Kangaroo Crossing is part of your zoo admission. The exhibit will only be around through Labor Day. After that, we aren’t quite sure. Whatever you do, don’t miss out on it this summer. If you miss them, don’t worry, find out why I love going to the Zoo in the Fall Too!

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