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The newest art installation to appear at the MN Landscape Arboretum is the Amazing Spaces, Places and Escapes exhibit in Chaska.

They feature re-imagined Tree Houses. I visited some of these works of art this past weekend. I was amazed at what these artists created.  

All the works of art are located on the Three Mile Drive. There are 12 Outdoor Structures in total and some are even interactive. Here are my favorites.

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The MN Landscape Arboretum’s Top Tree Houses

#1. Gaia’s Whispering Hand

This is the first time I’ve been in the Prairie section of the Arboretum and I found it so enchanting. The steel piece of the piece curved and twisted as they reach towards the sky.

It reminded me almost like a flame would dance around. Parking is located across the road. It was designed by Craig Snyder.

Gaila's Whispering Hand MN Landscape Arboretum

#3. Birdhouse of Arthur J.E. Wren

This was a whimsical piece. It’s a giant birdhouse waiting for its owners to come home. You can peer inside and find out how the inhabitants live. Parking is along the road next to the crabapple trees. It was created by Simon Sutherland

Birdhouse of Arthur J.E. Wren

#5 Blue Guard

I fell in love with this creation when I got closer to it. It involved a tree, surrounded by a blue rope. From a distance, I wasn’t sure if staff had set up the cage to protect the tree.

Upon closer inspection, it was amazing. The detail of the bottom weaving and the harsh lines surrounding it make it a great piece of art.

To get to it, park by the sculpture garden and take the path around the Shrub Walk. It was designed by Morgan Peterson Jordan Rosenow

Blue Guard

#9 In The Tall Grass

This piece is a little straighter forward. It uses wood, steel, and fieldstone to represent the tall grasses that surround it. It reminded me of the way people might have built a house out of big bundles of straw.

They even provided a bench inside for you to hang out on. Parking is by the ornamental grasses and hedge maze. You’ll find it in the ornamental grasses collection.

This was created by LBrickhouse Architects and Lake Country Builders.

In The Tall Grass

#10 Upside Down Treehouse

The most literal interpretation of a house, but positioned a little differently. This house is built from pallets and hung upside-down from the tree.

Get a closer look because they have a few surprises inside. The treehouse is near the “In The Tall Grass” treehouse. It was designed by Bruce Lemke.

Upside Down Tree House

About 1/3 of the Tree Houses can be viewed from the car. This is great for when you are traveling with people that can’t make multiple stops. I recommend getting out and truly experiencing them though. The MN Landscape Arboretum is all about getting out and exploring.

The Arboretum is open 8am-8pm during the summer. They charge $15 per person for ages 16 and up. Members, University of MN Students and Kids 15 and under are free.

Have a great time when you go!

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The Minnesota Landscape Arboretum has a new exhibit this summer. Tree houses that have been imagined. Your kids will love these structures.

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