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The Best Strawberry Picking in Minnesota in 2024

If you want a fun outdoor activity near the Twin Cities, you could try strawberry picking at one of the many strawberry farms in the area.

There is nothing better than sampling a sweet berry, directly from the strawberry patch. As a kid, I didn’t fully appreciate berry picking until we visited a patch near the Apostle Islands. My husband wanted to go back.

Thankfully I convinced him that there are tons of great places that offer pick your own strawberries right here in the Twin Cities. 

In late June and the beginning of July, you’ll get the chance to experience it all.

There are plenty of pick your own farms scattered throughout the area. Each has delicious strawberries that are firm, juicy, and packed with flavor, ready for snacking.

It’s a good opportunity to teach children about the origin of their food and the importance of supporting local farmers.

So grab your sunscreen and head out to a local family farm to pick your own ripe berries. You won’t be disappointed!

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When Is Strawberry Picking Season In Minnesota?

Strawberry picking season in Minnesota usually starts in mid-June, but it can depend on the weather and the farm’s location. Milder springs will bring strawberries in June.

Always call ahead to the strawberry farms and check on their availability.

Minnesota is home to several farms that offer strawberry picking, making it a popular activity for families and friends. The season is short, so make sure to plan and arrive early for the best strawberries.

Best Places for Strawberry picking near the Twin Cities

Pine Tree Orchard Strawberry Field | Whitebear Lake

Pine Tree Orchard is not just an apple orchard – it also has a lush strawberry field! Located in White Bear Lake, MN, northeast of the Twin Cities, the orchard is the perfect place to u-pick berries during the mid-June to early July strawberry season.

Make sure to call ahead to check the availability of strawberries before heading out to the field. The Pine Tree Apple Orchard offers a fun, family-friendly atmosphere with plenty of other activities to enjoy alongside strawberry picking.

Whether you’re craving crisp apples or ripe strawberries, Pine Tree Orchard is the perfect spot for a day of fruity fun.

Wyatt’s Strawberries & Asparagus | Hastings

Wyatt’s Strawberries & Asparagus is a family-owned business located in Hastings, Minnesota. They specialize in growing fresh and delicious strawberries and asparagus. Their berry patch is one of a few close to the Twin Cities.

Wyatt’s farm offers a unique picking experience, with strawberries available for picking straight from the plants. The farm also offers pre-picked strawberries and asparagus for those seeking a more convenient option.

Wyatt’s Strawberries & Asparagus takes pride in providing high-quality produce.

Picking Strawberries on the vine

Little Hill Berry Farm | Northfield

Little Hill Berry Farm is a beautiful berry farm in Northfield Minnesota where visitors can pick their own strawberries and blueberries. The farm is known for its pick-your-own strawberries, which are available in June.

Visitors can also enjoy other berry varieties, such as raspberries, during the picking season.

The farm is a perfect place to pick your own fresh berries. Come and experience the joy of strawberry picking at this wonderful farm.

Afton Apple Orchard | Hastings

Afton Apple Orchard is a family-owned and operated orchard of over 250 apple trees in Afton, Minnesota. In addition to apples, the orchard also offers the opportunity to pick your own strawberries.

Their season is typically begins in mid-June. For those wanting to pick their own strawberries, the orchard offers u-pick strawberries.

It is recommended to call ahead to ensure favorable picking conditions. With a focus on fresh fruit and a fun, family-friendly experience, Afton Apple Orchard.

Berry Hill Farm | Anoka

Berry Hill Farm in Anoka Minnesota, Tractor Rides. It sits on a sprawling 100-acre land where you can enjoy everything from picking strawberries to taking tractor rides around the property.

Berry Hill is known for its delicious ripe strawberries in the Twin Cities Metro Area.

It is also a great place to bring the kids. They can meet with the farm animals and even learn a thing or two about farming. Berry Hill Farm is some of the best strawberry picking in Minnesota.

Rocky Acres Berry Farm

Strawberry Picking in Minnesota 2023

Miracle Strawberry Farm | Dodge Center

Miracle Strawberry Farm in MN is a heaven for strawberry lovers! The farm is known for its delicious strawberries that are sweet, juicy, and perfect for any recipe.

The farm’s strawberry fields are spread across acres and are filled with different varieties of June-bearing strawberries that are cultivated with great care and precision.

The farmers at Miracle Strawberry Farm take pride in providing their customers with the freshest, tastiest strawberries.

Whether it’s picking your own strawberries or purchasing them from the farm stand, you’re sure to have an unforgettable experience at Miracle Strawberry Farm!

Firefly Berries | Rochester

Firefly Berries offers the best experience for strawberry picking Minnesota has to offer. This farm is known for their flavorful and juicy firefly berries. With acres of fields available.

Visitors can pick their own strawberries and feel the satisfaction of taking home fresh and delicious berries.

Firefly Berries ensures that their guests have a fun and memorable time while berry picking.

They offer various activities for families and friends to enjoy, such as wagon rides, live music, and farm-to-table meals. Head out for the sweetness of firefly berries in Strawberry Picking Minnesota.

Rod’s Berry Farm | North Branch

Rod’s Berry Farm is a renowned berry farm near the twin cities in North Brach. They offer an assortment of fresh and juicy strawberries and blueberries.

With a focus on sustainable farming practices, they were awarded the Minnesota River Friendly Farmer Award for their efforts in encouraging soil and water conservation.

The farm has berries that are free of pesticides and chemicals.

Visit Rod’s Berry Farm to experience the taste of the freshest berries in MN.

Fresh Strawberries to pick

Otter Berry Farm | New York Mills

Otter Berry Farm is a family-owned berry farm located in MN. They specialize in growing strawberries, which are in season from mid-June.

Otter Berry Farm is a u-pick farm, meaning that visitors can come and pick their own berries using provided picking containers. This experience gives customers the chance to pick the freshest and ripest berries straight from the source.

The farm prides themselves on using sustainable and environmentally friendly practices. Make sure to sign up for their email for picking times.

Pleasant Valley Orchard | Shafer

Pleasant Valley Orchard, located in Shafer, MN, is a beautiful 71-acre farm that offers a variety of fruits and produce for visitors to pick.

Their strawberry picking season is always a popular, with rows upon rows of plump and juicy berries ripe for the picking.

The orchard also offers apple and pumpkin picking during the fall, making it a perfect spot for a day of family fun. In addition to fruit picking,

Pleasant Valley Orchard also has a charming country store where visitors can purchase fresh produce, baked goods, and various other local products.

It’s the perfect destination for nature lovers and those looking for a peaceful getaway.

Tips for berry picking with kids

Berry picking with kids is a fun activity. To make the experience enjoyable, make sure to choose a good berry patch and dress appropriately for the weather.

Bring some containers to hold the berries you pick, and teach your kids how to pick berries correctly without damaging the plant.

Don’t forget to take breaks and stay hydrated, and make sure to taste-test some berries along the way. And as my son found out, there are a few tarter berries, so make sure to try a few.

If you have smaller kids, make sure to have them walk the entire row, and not jump between rows.

Handful of fresh picked strawberries

Is it cheaper to pick your own strawberries?

When you go to a farm, you pay for the container you will use to pick the strawberries, not for the strawberries. That means you can fill up your container with as many strawberries as you can pick.

Instead of picking, you can have the farm pick the strawberries for you. This cost averages out about the same.

I’m not going to lie, you can buy strawberries in the supermarket cheaper than on the farm. That’s because they are packed with pesticides and genetically modified. They also have larger grow operations.

Minnesota Grown strawberry farms in Minnesota are local and farm supported. You’ll get the pick of the season. When it comes down to it, strawberry picking is one of those experiences you’ll never forget.

Love Strawberries Year Round?

Love fresh fruit all year round? Did you know even during the middle of winter you can get fresh fruit straight from the farm in bulk brought in? It’s called The Fruit Truck and my husband will probably kill me for letting the secrete out. But you can buy a flat of some of the fresh fruit straight from the farms!

Freezing strawberries for the future?

If you want to enjoy fresh strawberries all year long, then you should know how to freeze them properly. Begin by washing the strawberries vigorously in cool water and cutting off the stems.

You can also slice them up for easier use later on. Next, let them dry on a towel to remove excess moisture.

When the strawberries are completely dry, place them on a baking sheet and freeze individually for a few hours. This will prevent them from sticking together later on.

After that, store the frozen strawberries in an airtight freezer bag, and they will stay fresh for up to eight months.

Get out and fill your strawberry basket and pick your own berries! 

So this summer season, why not pick your own and see how great it tastes.

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