Staring Lake Park Sledding Hill in Eden Prairie

Reaching Top Speeds at Staring Lake Park Sledding Hill

The Staring Lake Park Sledding Hill is 700 ft long. A day after a snowfall, the hill becomes a smooth surface perfect for reaching tops speeds. It is common for people to be traveling at such high speeds, they make it past the sidewalk and into the tree line. It was these factors that lured me and the kids there.

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Staring Lake Park Sledding Hill Features:

  • 700 Feet Long
  • Made for Speed
  • Parking at the top of the hill
  • Warming House with bathroom’s available
  • Metal runners, skies, and snowboard are prohibited.

Other Park Features

  • 2.25 mile Cross Country Ski Trail around the bottom of the lake. The trail includes a few smaller hills.
  • Ice Skating rink located next to the warming house. This track is man-made, so no worrying about falling through a lake. It is not your typical circular rink. This one is designed as a path around a few hills.

Ice Rink at Staring Lake Park

Sledding Tips with Small Children

Here are a few tips for tackling this hill with smaller children:
  • The Staring Lake Park Sledding Hill is a big hill for little legs to climb. Go with them down the hill, either in the same sled or follow behind them.
  • Bring a sled that has a rope. You will end up carrying them back up. If you prefer, you could also have them sit on the sled and pull them up. My recommendation is to use this as a last resort. I started out too early pulling my son up the hill and found it very exhausting.
  • If possible, bring another adult with you and take turns going down the hill. This gives your child twice as much sledding and you the opportunity to rest in-between.
  • For some other sledding hills, try one of the other 10 of the Best Sledding Hills in the Twin Cities.
The Staring Lake Park Sledding Hill is one I recommend for kids 5 and older. The size of the hill and speed you reach can intimidate smaller children. When I was there last weekend, I saw more adults there than kids. While my 2-year-old loved it, my 5-year-old got to go down it a lot more fun. The older kids have the stamina to go up the hill more. As a parent trying to bring carry or drag them up the hill is exhausting. You’ll only make it up a few times before getting so exhausted and want to go home.  If you can tag team with another adult to share the duties, you’ll stay out a lot longer. If I get the opportunity, I would definitely bring my kids again, even though it is a long walk to the top.

Ready to go Sledding at Staring Lake Park Eden Prairie


14800 Pioneer Trail Eden Prairie, MN 55344 952-949-8300 Hours: Mon–Fri: 4 p.m.–8 p.m.; Sat: 1p.m.–8 p.m.; Sun: 1 p.m.–5 p.m. Call for Holiday Hours Website Pin it for Later What's the quickest way to get to the bottom? This 700ft hill is the fastest one you'll ever go on. It's the Staring Lake Sledding Hill in Eden Prairie.

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