Stop Saving the planet

Stop Saving the Planet! A new way of looking at Environmentalism

How long have we been trying to alter climate change? Have we made much of a difference? In some ways, there are noticeable shifts. You can go to a park now and not see trash littered all around.

But did we just shift the problem? Stop Saving the Planet! An Environmentalist Manifesto by Jenny Price looks at this notion and reexamines it in a fun way. Don’t let the title fool you, there is still work to be done. We’ve just gone about it all wrong.

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Stop Saving the Planet! Review

Stop Saving the Planet doesn’t hold anything back. It asks the hard questions, looking at all aspects of environmentalism. Why are environmentalists hated? How did we get to this place, to begin with? And what we can do to stop it? There are so many buzzwords used to help perpetuate the cycle.

Price digs deeper into some of the root causes of the problems. Do government rebates and incentives help or cause more harm? There is no sugar coating at all.

Stop Saving the Planet! and Environmentalist Manifesto


Price’s book makes you think about every purchase you make. Why are you purchasing it? Don’t throw away perfectly good things to replace them with an eco-friendly version.

Would you throw away a perfectly good washer and drier just to have a high-efficiency one? Sure, the old one is out of your house, but we once it leaves the house, we don’t think about it anymore. Out of sight, out of mind, and we feel all warm and fuzzy about our new purchase.

The world we live in is so focused on selling you the latest and greatest. The second your phone contract is up; you are already looking for the next cell phone.

Chances are there isn’t anything wrong with your current one. Some phone makers only make phones designed to last a few years. What if your phone company decided to manufacture phones that were meant to last 4 years or 10 years?

As a blogger, I like to review products and make recommendations if you are thinking about buying something. But don’t always need to buy it. I end up borrowing or crowdsourcing gear for bigger trips.

I read a lot but most of my books come from the library, friends, or digital sources, reducing the need for physical copies, taking up space in my home.

Would I recommend Stop Saving the Planet!?

Stop Saving the planet has a bunch of different ways you can make a difference. It also makes you challenge some of the common thoughts you learned growing up.

It also makes you reexamine why companies are telling you to be green and what environmental footprint they are really leaving on the planet.

Stop Saving the Planet! An Environmentalist Manifesto was a quick read and a perfect reminder of how you can stop being one of those pretenses environmentalists that everyone hates. The book goes on sale on April 20th, but you can pre-order it on Amazon today.

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