St. Croix Scenic Boat Tours

Taylors Falls Scenic Boat Tours | Cruising the St Croix River

The Taylors Falls Scenic Boat Tour is a beautiful way to see the scenic Taylors Falls area. The tour begins at the Taylors Falls Marina and takes you on a journey down the beautiful St Croix River.

Most of us are land dwellers. We have two feet planted on the ground at all times. Having earth beneath us is a great thing. But sometimes you have to leave the ground and see things from a different perspective. That is what I did this past weekend with the Taylors Falls Scenic Boat Tours.

The tour takes passengers from the falls and goes through the beautiful gorge. Along the way, you’ll see all the famous features hidden in the rocks.

Thank You to Taylor’s Fall Scenic Boat Tours for partnering up with us for this post. We had a great time on the boat. As always, my opinions are my own.

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Taylors Falls Scenic Boat Tour Review

The tour leaves from the intersection of Hwy 8 and Hwy 95. They share an entrance with Interstate State Park, just swing a left to get to the boat parking.

They have some additional parking is behind the ticket booth. We loved this spot because we didn’t have to climb a steep walkway to get to the boat.

The only thing we would do differently next time is back into our parking spot. Because there will be over 100 people walking behind your car as they get off the boat.

We got to the Taylors Falls Scenic Boat Tour 20 minutes early and found that people were already lining up outside. The boat boards 15 minutes before they take off.

Those waiting in line were hoping to get some of the coveted spots on the front of the boat on the open-air portion of the second level.

There is no bad seat. It just depends on your preference. We sat under the awning section above. Once the boat ride started, we were warned that the awning only provided protection from the sun.

There were rain clouds that loomed above us. We decided to risk it because I love the open-air view.

St. Croix Scenic Boat Tours

The St. Croix River

The lower section is enclosed and has snacks, soda, wine, and beer for sale. We brought some of our own snacks. They allow you to have a picnic on board as long as you didn’t bring any alcohol.

My son could not stop looking at the paddles in the back of the boat. I didn’t fault him at all because they are hypnotic.

Along the way, the crew will point out a lot of the famous Minnesota landmarks or rock formations on the St Croix River Valley including the Stone Cross, Lion’s Head, Turk’s Head, and Old Man of the Dells.

You have to use your imagination a little to see some of it. They do a good job of explaining what to look at.

What surprised me was how diverse the river is. Normally, we get the perspective from the cliffs in Interstate Park.

But when you are on the river, you get to paddle 35 minutes down and see a completely different environment. Only a small section at the beginning of the tour has the iconic high rocky cliffs. Otherwise, it transitions to sandy beaches and woods.

As we floated down the river, we saw a lot of different paddlers, canoers, and kayakers enjoying the waterways.

One interesting part of the river is its camping. Along the river, you’ll find different campsites, similar to BWCA designed for paddlers. The Saint Croix River camping is all free.

If you are looking for a shorter paddle trip, there are a few outfitters that rent one-way paddle trips including Wild Mountain. They provide transportation back to the rental facility.

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Old Man of the Dells Rock Formation
St. Croix Scenic Boat Tours
St. Croix Scenic Boat Tours
St. Croix Scenic Boat Tours


The Taylors Falls Scenic Boat Tours offer 45 and 80 minute daily excursions. These run multiple times during the day. While you don’t have to buy tickets online, I recommend it so they don’t fill up.

If you’re looking for the royal treatment, take one of their Dinner Cruise. They are available a few times during the week. Check their schedule to find out more.

You can get tickets a few ways. If you purchase through their website, you’ll guarantee a spot and save $2. Otherwise, you can also buy tickets when you get there.

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After doing the boat tour, I highly recommend stopping at Wild Mountain Waterpark. It’s a great way to cool off!
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Would I take another Taylors Falls Scenic Boat tour?

Yes, we had a great time. Next time I’d back into a parking spot, and get there a little bit early. Otherwise, it was a fabulous adventure.

If you’re looking for a scenic boat tour in the Taylor Falls area, the Taylors Falls Scenic Boat Tour is definitely worth checking out!

The tour guides are informative and entertaining, and the views of the falls are simply spectacular. It’s a quick trip from the Twin Cities, making it a great day trip anyone can do!

Rockclimbers on the St Croix River
St. Croix Scenic Boat Tours
St. Croix Scenic Boat Tours
St. Croix Scenic Boat Tours

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