Abandoned Hayride in Chaska

Surviving The Abandoned Hayride in Chaska

It’s been almost 4 years since I did my last Haunted House. Mostly because I didn’t want to surround myself with high-school-aged kids trying to get scared by predictable attractions.

When Matt Dunn, the owner of Scream Town, approached me about the new sinister attraction, the Abandoned Hayride in Chaska. I was intrigued.

His goal was to redefine the Haunted Hayride experience and do the unexpected. The question was, would it provide the scare factor?

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The Abandoned Hayride in Chaska

It has over four different attractions, but once you start, you have to do them all. This took me a little by surprise, but it ensured that everyone had a great experience.

Using timed tickets helps alleviate long lines. It also ensures that everyone gets a great experience, including their own scares. The Abandoned Hayride in Chaska is attached to Scream Town, making it perfect for those that want to do both.

The attraction is in 4 parts. First is the Hayride. Set up like an auditorium on wheels, it makes stops at different locations in the woods.

If you are just looking for light scares, sit in the back, or middle section. For those looking for something scarier, get front row or edge seating. You will are immersed in the whole experience.

The Abandoned Hayride

After Hayride concludes, you kicked off at the Forsaken. It’s a haunted house-style attraction that plays with your senses.

Word of warning, there are tight spaces and even a little crawling is required.

It is a confusing experience that had everyone clinging to each other. We all became quick friends with our neighbors.

Abandoned Hayride Attractions

Once you escape the labyrinth that is the Forsaken, you can choose to take a lantern and make your way out of the woods. It’s up to you to get back.

If you’ve been camping in the woods and left the tent at night, this is exactly what it felt like. Except these woods had a few surprises along the way, so watch out.

Don’t worry, there is a loose path to follow. It’s not groomed, adding to the creep-out factor.

The wooded path ends at Delirium. A traditional haunted house, filled with different ways to terrify you. It is dizzying, disorienting, and even a little trippy.

Everything about the experience is designed to terrify you. It delivered.

Lantern Walk

Abandoned Hayride Actors

In most haunted houses, the actors don’t touch you. The Abandoned Hayride allows light touching. It’s nothing extreme like some attractions where they hold you down.

Its light touches, flick of the hair, and if you are like me who does not scare as easily, they may even get you with a chainsaw.

One thing that was evident from the very beginning was how much fun all the actors have. They pride themselves on getting a rise out of you.

Setting the Mood

The Abandoned Hayride in Chaska does an amazing job of getting the look and feel just right. You have no idea how hard it was for me not to bring out my camera and start snapping pictures along the way.

The attention to detail, distractions, and everything is amazing. They find ways to immerse you in the experiences with all your senses.

The Abandoned Hayride in Chaska Trail

Other Things to Know about the Abandoned Hayride in Chaska Before you Go


The Abandoned Hayride shares the same parking lot as Scream Town. If you follow Google Maps, it has you turning on the opposite side of the road. Don’t Listen.

Just follow the Scream Town signs and you’ll find it. You’ll be driving on a dirt road with grass parking, similar to the Trail of Terror or the Renaissance Festival.

The biggest difference is, the parking here is not as uneven and rocky. Much more level. That being said, I wouldn’t take a vehicle that is low to the ground.


There is no food or drink allowed at the attractions. With the way the attraction is set up, you start on the Abandoned Hayride. After you finish everything, you end up inside Scream Town.

There are plenty of different foods to choose from. The fresh-made cookies are something you have to get! They also have a heated beer and wine tent.

Cookies at Scream Town

Parent Inclusion

As a teenager, my mom had to decide to either pay the money and go with us or drop us off there. Either that or I had to force an older sibling to go along.

Things have changed since those days. That’s why I love that the Abandoned Hayride has a special area just for parents. This is unique to the Abandoned Hayride and Scream Town.

Parents get to enter the facility and get to enjoy the amenities like fire pits and drinks. All the while they can sit back and watch as their kids run screaming. No more waiting in the car, unless you like that kind of thing.

They also have a chaperone deal for those that want to join in on the fun and have 5 or more kids under the age of 18.


The park is patrolled by the Carver County Sheriff. Their presence is visible throughout the park. At no point did I ever feel unsafe through the experience.


The Abandoned Hayride has different ticketing options. The basic ticket is $24 and an Ultimate VIP ticket for $149. I’m sure you’re asking why on earth is there such a big price difference.

That’s because the Ultimate VIP Ticket is actually a ticket that gets you to access to both the Abandoned Hayride and Scream Town. There are other perks, like no waiting in lines, beverages, and other gift bags included in the ticket.

The price of regular admission also goes up on peak nights slightly. To save a little money and guarantee that you’ll get a ticket, I highly recommend purchasing online. The ticket starts out at just $20.

The Abandoned Hayride is right next to Scream Town. If you get a combo ticket, you can get even more fun. I highly recommend it. Check out more on Scream Town by Clicking Here.

Tips Before You Go

  • You are going to be spending a good amount of time outside. Dress accordingly. That includes hats, gloves, and a hoodie or warm coat. You can always pocket things if you need them.
  • Remember the part about being in the woods? Yeah, you’ll need a sturdy pair of shoes. Nothing fancy like hiking boots, but don’t bring anything with a heel.
  • After the Hayride concludes, there is a bathroom. Otherwise, for the first four legs of the adventure, you’ll have to hold it.
  • This place is not for young children. They don’t limit the age admitted, it’s recommended for 10+. Depending on the child, I’m not sure this would be the place I’d introduce them to haunted attractions.
  • If you couldn’t tell, the experience is not handicap accessible. It’s not possible with the different ways they used to torment you.

Chaska is a great town to explore. I highly recommend getting there early and spending the day, and wrapping up at the Abandoned Hayride in Chaska. Click here to find out more fun things to do while you are there!

Does the Abandoned Hayride in Chaska live up to its name?

The Abandoned Hayride was something completely different and fun at the same time. It provided scares, laughs, and things that I had never experienced before. I would highly recommend visiting if you have a free night in October.

For more haunted attractions in the area, check out my list of the top 13 Scariest Haunted Houses in the Twin Cities.

The Abandoned Hayride Drive Thru in Chaska

2020 was a crazy year for business. The Abandoned Hayride figured out a way to adapt and did a Drive-thru experience.

If you find yourself waiting in a parking lot line, do not think you are safe from the scares! I think they did a better job of getting me a few times because I wasn’t on the lookout.

Mental Patient Escape

Once inside the gates, you’ll go through curtains that are utterly disorienting. Red and Green traffic lights slow your movement and give your car an individual performance.

Most of the theatrics happen on the driver’s side, but don’t think you are safe as a passenger. Actors at the Abandoned Hayride and Scream Town get pleasure out of making you scream. They will go to great lengths to do so.

Drive Through at the abandoned hayride

Tips for the Abandoned Hayride Drive Through

Make sure to buy your tickets online and reserve your time. Screams start at 7:30. Get there for one of the first runs of the day, then jump over to Scream Town.

Keep your headlights off, and roll your windows partially down for the best experience. There is a queue of cars at the beginning and end of the experience, but you don’t trail closely to each other.

Just like Scream Town, it’s not recommended for kids. I would wait until they are 10+.

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