Sleds come in all kinds of shapes sizes and colors. With cool new features like steering wheels the latest Disney characters. When you’re looking for the best kids sleds, it can get overwhelming. From my experience, spending more money on your sled, will not guarantee that it will operate better. I find that the classics are the best way to go. With all the sleds on the market, here are some recommendations on the best sleds for kids and adults.

With so many sleds on the market, how do you know which one is perfect for your kids? The truth is it depends on a few different factors. Where do you plan on sledding? How old is the rider? While one sled may be perfect for one rider, they don’t always work for everyone. That’s why I’ve got the perfect list of the best snow sleds for kids and adults alike.

What to look for in a sled?

What makes a sled go so fast? The speed you reach depends on a few factors. First is the size and slope of the hill. The bigger, the better chance of you going faster. It also depends on the sleds materials.

Most of the sleds have a smooth bottom already designed to reach maximum speed. But in order to go fast, you have to have a sled that evenly distributes the weight. Especially if you are on fresh snow. When the snow becomes packed down, weight distribution doesn’t matter.

The weight restriction on the sled will affect if you go fast or not. If you are over the weight, a few things may happen. The sled may crush under you, or you may fall directly into the snowbank without moving at all. You may also find yourself moving even faster down the hill because of the extra weight pushing you down.

Tips for Sledding with a Toddler

Before selecting a sled, consider how easy it will be to get back up the hill? Going down is the most fun, but getting back up with a heavy or hard to carry sled is never fun. If you’re on a small hill, it’s not a big deal. When the snow is fresh, your toddler will already be having trouble getting up the hill and may need help. Consider a sled that is smaller and easier to carry up the hill.

Sledding with a Toddler can be so much fun but it’s also a workout. Being in all the snow gear can be uncomfortable and hard to walk in. Add in snow and it can be even more challenging. If you don’t want to go down on the sled with them, consider tying a rope to the sled, long enough to make it all the way down the hill. As you push your kid down, hang on to the other end of the rope. When your kid gets off, pull the sled back up for them.

The Best Sleds for Toddlers and Babies

EMSCO Group Baby Boggan

Material: polyethylene
Sled Weight: 3lbs
Age Range: under 4
Weight Restrictions: 40lbs

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The is a perfect first sled for your little one. It has a high back and wide bottom making it incredibly stable for those learning to sit up. The Flexible Flyer Baby Pull Sled has a long towrope for parents to comfortably pull their kids through the snow up to 4 inches 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B0002EH3S6

LUCKY BUMS Toddler Down Hill Toboggan

Material: Plastic
Sled Weight: 2lbs
Age Range: 6 and under
Weight Restrictions: 100lbs

This heavy-duty sled is perfect for younger kids that are just starting to go down the hill. The Lucky Bums Toddler Down Hill Toboggan is a cross between a Toboggan and a Boggan sled. Starting with a shorter backrest and padded seat for the rider to sit conformably. The rider has two handbrakes to help slow down their decent and give them a little more control. It’s also lightweight making it easy to get back up the hill.

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The Best Sleds for Kids

Flexible Flyer

Material: Foam
Sled Weight: 3lbs
Age Range: 4 and up
Weight Restrictions: 250lbs

The Flexible Flyer foam sled will have your kids moving faster than you ever thought possible do. The Flexible Flyer sleds have a laminated bottom to help you gain speed as you go down the hill. Kids can ride it on their belly, knees, or sitting upright.

This two-person sled it good for both adults and kids. It has two sets of handles to help you navigate down the hill. The 1 inch of foam makes it durable and as an added bonus, it will cushion the riders from any bumps on the hill. This sled has lasted for years in our family.

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Snow Scooter

Material: Plastic
Sled Weight
Age Range: 8 and up
Weight Restrictions: 200lbs

If your child has mastered a scooter during the summer months, they will love this snow edition. The Snow Scooter is destined like a snowboard with handles for more maneuverability and stability.

They can kick around on this one in the backyard or take it down the hills. The scooter folds down flat for easy storage and transportation. It is rated for ages 8 plus and under 200lbs.

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Goplus Snow Racer Sled

Material: Metal
Sled Weight: 12.9lbs
Age Range: 3 and older
Weight Restrictions: 220lbs

The Goplus Snow Racer Sled is designed for backyard fun and speed. Kids will love the ability to seer the sled in the correct direction. But what it really great about this sled is its braking system. It comes with twin foot breaks that dig into the snow to stop their descent. It’s built tough making it more reliable than plastic sleds.

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The Best Sleds for Kids and Adults

A-DUDU Snow Tube

Material: PVC
Sled Weight: 4.2lbs
Age Range: 5+ solo
Weight Restrictions: 500lbs

A snow tube is fun for the whole family because it can carry up to 500lbs. Snow tubes are perfect for piling on the kids and letting go. The A-Dude Snow tube is made of thick 0.6mm PVC material making it a dependable piece of snow equipment. Unlike water tubes, it will not deflate under the colder tempters.  What makes this tube amazing is that it can be inflated with just a hairdryer in under a minute.

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Zipfy Freestyle Lunge Snow

Material: Plastic
Sled Weight: 3.5lbs
Age Range: 6+
Weight Restrictions: 250lbs

The Zipfy Freestyle Lunge Snow sled is destined to be highly memorable. The rider sits down, feet first, and uses their weight and handle to turn and do all kinds of tricks. Having your feet out first makes it easy to slow the rider down in case they start veering off course. This sled may take a few trips down to get the hang of, but once you do, you won’t want to stop.  What’s great about this sled is how compact it is, making it easier to get up the hill each time.

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The Slippery Racer Downhill Toboggan Snow

Material: Plastic
Sled Weight: 3.5lbs
Age Range: 2+
Weight Restrictions: 250* unverified

Sometimes simpler is better. That’s why my go-to sled has always been a plastic toboggan. The slippery racer downhill toboggan snow sled is great for every age and multiple riders. It evenly distributes the weight and the grooves on the bottom make for a quick ascent to the bottom of the hill. I like to use this sled to help cut a path in fresh snow and as a great introduction to sledding with your toddler.

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LUCKY BUMS Metal Saucer

Material: Steel
Sled Weight: 5.8lb
Age Range: 3+
Weight Restrictions: Unknown

This saucer will last for years. The metal saucer makes you travel at top speeds down any hill. A word of warning, you may end up spinning in circles before you understand how to control the sled. The sled does have two handholds to help you gain control.

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Best Place to Buy a Kids Sled

Sleds are one of the trickiest things to buy. Most people don’t plan to buy one until the snow starts falling. But at that point, you are too late. If you plan out ahead of time, you can nab one of these at your local big-box store. But even then they only offer a limited selection. That’s the best place to buy a sled is online.

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