The Camping Life Book Reivew

The Camping Life Book Review: Inspiration for Adventures

I’d like to think I’ve experienced almost every type of camping there is. I’ve stayed in cabins, spent weeks on the road camping out of a car, pulled a travel trailer, and popup. But never did I realize how many other ways there were to camp until I read The Camping Life An Inspiration and Ideas for Endless Adventures.

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The Camping Life Book Review

As someone who has experienced a bunch of different camping styles, I’m always interested in what others have to say about the topic.

I felt that the writers, Brendan Leonard and Forest Woodward did an excellent job of capturing the need to return to the outdoors. It’s a connection that drives so many outdoor enthusiasts.

The photographs alone are enough to send someone into the wild unknown.

If someone picked up this book with no knowledge of camping, they would realize they have all the necessary gear needed to go out themselves.

Those that are already a traditional Car Camper, might be interested in trying something a bit more advanced, like backpacking.

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What I loved about The Camping Life

The book takes readers on a journey through all the different styles of camping. The book includes everything from camping while Rafting or Rock Climbing, to the more traditional forms.

Each section talks about why people love to do it, how to do it and the basic gear you need to get started. They also recommend a few of the most popular places to visit for each activity across the United State of America.

Some of my favorite parts happen to be the breaks in between the camping. There the author gives a history of camping, and general tips, like Tips for Camping with Kids and Camping with Pets.

There is so much more!

This is a fun read, a fantastic beginner’s guide designed to give you a taste of what is out there and start doing more.

If you are looking for detailed information on a specific place like the Superior Hiking Trail grab a book on those places. You can also talk to the experts at REI for tips on places to visit and the best gear to use.

A couple of types of camping this book didn’t touch on were RV and Canoe. they did mention Kayak camping and recommended doing it along the shorelines of Lake Superior.

Plenty of people Kayak there, but I wouldn’t recommend that for a beginner without a guide. As far as canoe camping goes let’s not forget about the BWCA some of the most beautiful and remote camping that is totally beginner accessible!

Inspiration for Adventure?

The authors have so much love for the topic, any reader is sure to start looking for the nearest park to go camping. After putting it down, I realized that I hadn’t made my reservations yet for this summer’s camping. The Camping Life on sale now.

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