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The Corn Maze at Crow River Winery | A Wine Lovers Dream

The Corn Maze at Crow River Winery combines all of my favorite things, a challenge, trivia, festivals, and a little wine. I was participating in the Grape Stomp this year and during my downtime, I was able to visit the Corn Maze at Crow River Winery.I had to time it just right because I didn’t want to get lost in the Maze and miss my stomping opportunity. Once inside, they did an excellent job at making sure you got thoroughly confused. Their map was correct, but I found out quick we were in for an adventure.* The Crow River Winery provided me with complimentary admission to the maze. This in no way affected my post and, my thoughts are entirely my own.  

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The theme this year is White Fox, inspired by their newest wine. Through the maze, there are multiple marked points to find with wine-related trivia. This was right up my alley.I hate when I get to the mazes to find the questions all related to a sport I know nothing about. Make sure you brush up on a few facts on Crow River Winery too! You’ll need them. And if you think Siri will be there to help you, the internet signal is limited out there!The maze was well laid out with 4 different entry points. The first two created a loop and hit 1/4 of the markets. If you are traveling with little kids, this is the side to start with. The last two entry points covered the remaining markers and are much larger.Crow River Winery Corn MazeThe Corn Maze at Crow River Winery


The Corn Maze at Crow River Winery is filled with twists and turns that are guaranteed to make you retrace your steps at one point or another. Some of the pathways were narrower than most.I loved this because you really felt lost in the corn. Along the way, you’ll find trivia markers to help navigate you.Unlike the city mazes, there isn’t a lot of staff inside the maze to help. We were told before entering, if you get so lost and need help, call the phone number on the map for assistance.Just give them the last marker you found, and a staff member will come to find you. Once we got in the maze, I realized that a few people may need this help. Thankfully we never had to get assistance.Getting lost in the corn mazeGetting Lost in Corn at the Crow River Wineries Maze \Wine Trivia

TIPS in the Maze

  • Wear close-toed shoes. The ground is uneven, and a lot of stalks are on the ground.
  • Bring Insect Repellent, the mosquitos are thick. They sell bug repellent at the ticket booth if needed.
  • Buy a glass of wine or a beer when you’re there and bring it with you! I recommend their Frontenac Gris.
  • Know your Wine. If you are new to wine, I recommend you read Wine Folly by Madeline Puckette and Justin Hammack

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Kids 4-10, $5 Adults 11+, $8 Seniors 65+, $6 Babies 0-3, free *Kids 10 and under must be accompanied by an adult 18+!The Corn Maze at Crow River Winery runs through October 31st this year. If you are looking for more fun activities at the Crow River Winery, check out the Full Moon Maze on October 7th, or Pumpkin Fest on October 28th. It will be a great time! For more Corn Mazes around the Twin Cities, check out: 9 of the Best Corn Mazes in the Twin Cities!

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