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Cars and Caves at the Chanhassen AutoPlex

I have always had an appreciation for classic cars. They have great lines, colors, and big engines. I wouldn’t be able to tell you what type of car it is by looking at it but I don’t care. The people at the AutoPlex on the other hand, know their cars.

They all have built their own Man Caves inside their private garages. On the last Saturday of the month April – September, the Chanhassen AutoPlex host the Cars and Caves Autoshow

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The Cars and Caves Auto Show

My husband and I stumbled into this place about a year after we moved into Chanhassen. We saw a long line of cars going up to this place on Saturday morning. We had to look into it.

After doing some research, I found that this place is essentially garage space that people can buy when their wives kick them out of their home’s garage. Ok… That’s what I thought going there.

I heard the owners like to make the garages pretty special. Knowing my Dad’s love for cars, I convinced him to go with us over there. It was a short walk from the house so off we went.

Inside Cars and Caves

This place was crazy! The place has limited parking and due to overcrowding and city rules, when they run out of parking in the lots, you’re out of luck. They do not want people parking on Audubon Road Anymore. The combination of this event and Paisley Park visitors put an end to that. 

The AutoPlex is huge. Inside the gates, you’ll see more garages than you can imagine behind the gates. Inside, about half the garages are open to the public. Each garage is filled with anywhere from one to fifty different vehicles in every shape size and year. 


AutoPlex Garages

Most owners built a second floor to their garage with their private space. Kitchens, couches TV, sleeping accommodations I’m sure. Some had lifts in them to work on the cars.

There were all kinds of neon signs and old motor signs. Classic Gas pumps. The kinds of stuff you see them find on American Pickers.

All the garages had their own style and theme. It was probably some of the coolest things I’ve seen. I really need to start giving men more credit for their design abilities.

The garages are designed to have condo space with an upper level. Its a place where people go to get away, use an office or entertain their clients at. 

Frank's Cafe

The surplus cars were all lining the unopened garage space. I can’t image how crowded it would have been if they had all been opened up. No one’s getting paid to be there, so it’s pretty cool that so many do. The owners were all really nice and love to talk cars with you.


Cars and Caves Food Treats

Making of a morning Cars and Cave Autoshow in Chanhassen has food trucks and other vendors inside its gates, making it a great way to spend some.

While there aren’t too many complaints, keep an eye out for signs with people that don’t want you to bring treats into near their cars. In most cases, people are pretty respectful. 

Would I Go Again? 

Of course! Regardless if you like cars or not, you would have a good time. There is a great atmosphere for car lovers and people. The kids enjoyed it. and why not, it’s free.

If you are ever free the last Saturday of the month between 8 and noon. Make sure to check out the other great things to do in Chanhassen while you are there.


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