Things to do in Jordan MN

25 Fun Things to do in Jordan Minnesota 2024

If you’re looking for things to do in Jordan MN, you’ll find plenty of options. The town is home to Minnesota’s Largest Candy Store, and there are plenty of other activities to enjoy, including shopping, food, outdoor activities, and more. If you’re looking for a perfect place for a day trip, Jordan is a great option.

Jordan Minnesota is one of those perfect small towns with a great balance of history, charm, and fun. I’ve been driving through Jordan’s historic downtown for some time now and wishing to stop.

This past weekend we finally decided to spend some real time there, and couldn’t believe how much fun the family had. It is one of the best places to explore.

Between outdoor adventures, shopping, and more. The Twin Cities area is filled with great towns, but nothing is like Jordan. If you want a good time, check out these fun things to do.

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Fun Things to do in Jordan Minnesota

Roets Jordan Brewery

Location: 230 Broadway St S, Jordan, MN 55352
More Info

Looking for a drink? You need to check out Roets Jordan Brewery. Roets is a small brewer located in the heart of town, and they are dedicated to producing quality beers that appeal to discerning beer lovers all over the world.

Stop into the tap room’s historic building and try something new. They have new flavors all the time like Roets Sour with Mango & Peach and a new MN Cherry Sour. Take your drink out to listen to live music.

The city of Jordan has a long history of brewing craft beers, using the nearby caves to help keep the brews cold. If you’re looking for a place to enjoy a cold drink while visiting Amman, then Roets is definitely worth checking out.

Mousse Sparkling Wine Company

Location: 115 1st St E, Jordan, MN 55352
More Info

Need something that sparkles? You need to visit Mousse Sparkling Wine Co. It is a Minnesota winery specializing in sparkling wines and hard ciders.

All of their wine and cider are made with locally grown fruit, making it the perfect drink for enjoying every day.

They serve premium sparkling wines, hard ciders, house wines for those that aren’t feeling the bubbles and mimosas, and special cocktails.

They also have a selection of cheeses and charcuterie plates to pair with your beverage. Plus they even stock some vegan options!

Whether you’re in the mood for a mimosa on a Sunday morning, a champagne toast, or just want to enjoy a glass of wine with a friend after work, head over to Mousse Sparkling Wine Co’s historic tasting room in downtown Jordan.

Sutton Ridge Farm

Location: Jordan, MN 55352
More Info

Sutton Ridge Farm is a family-owned and operated farm that has been farming the land for over 160 years. They were actually the first recorded homesteaders in Jordan.

They are home to a variety of farm animals, including sheep, cows, pigs, horses, and chickens.

The Jensen’s also produces natural fibers for textiles and crafting, as well as art.

Sutton Ridge Farm is recognized by the state of Minnesota as a Century Farm, and it is easy to see why – their dedication to sustainable farming practices ensures that their land continues to be fertile and productive for many generations to come.

Every other Saturday the farm store is open to stop in and pick up fresh meats, wool, and other products. Also, check out their calendar to see what other events are in store.

Things like nature walks, farm tours, live music, and more happen all the time.

Minnesota Harvest

Location: 8251 Old Hwy 169 Blvd, Jordan, MN 55352
More Info

Minnesota Harvest is the largest pick-your-own apple orchard in Minnesota.

Inside the gates, they have to pick your own apples, Farm Animals, Wagon Rides, a Corn Maze, Corn Pit, Straw Bale Pyramid, Apple Cannon, Duck Races, and Pumpkin Jump Pads. That’s just the start. They also have seasonal sunflower fields.

Inside the barn, they sell pre-bagged apples, Apple Donuts, Pies, and great treats. They also have a cidery on site. This is a great place to hang out in the Fall!

This year they have new owners and are making a few changes. The admission price includes a free season pass, so you can come back as much as you like!

Apple Picking and more

With Corn Maze, Apple Picking, Sunflowers, and so much more, you’ll have a great time. Check out all the fun things to do by clicking here.

Sunflower Field at MN Harvest
Apple Orchard MN Harvest

Ridges at Sand Creek Golf

Location: 21775 Ridges Dr, Jordan, MN 55352
More Info

Ridges at Sand Creek is a golf course that offers a championship layout that appeals to all skill levels. The course is on natural wetlands, rolling terrain, elevated tees, and strategically placed bunkers.

The course is nationally recognized, and award-winning! If you love golf, you need to check it out.

Action Packed Paintball

Location: 8200 Old Hwy 169 Blvd, Jordan, MN 55352
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One of the great things about Jordan’s open space is they have plenty of room for paintball! Action Packed Paintball has 80 acres to be exact, with 8 different paintball fields that are perfect for family fun or an outdoor paintball party.

Action Packed Paintball is the only outdoor park that specializes in low-impact paintball in MN. That means your kids will have more fun playing and less complaining about the sting!

They have plenty of obstacles to duck behind, an elevated viewing platform, and concessions on site.

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Sand Creek Adventures

Location: 3101 220th St W, Jordan, MN 55352
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Enjoy a day on the ropes! Sand Creek Adventures is a great ropes course close to the twin cities. They have over 1,600 feet of Ziplines that sit 100 feet above Minnesota’s Sand Creek.

This is a great course for beginners because unlike Brainerd’s Zipline, they do the breaking for you.

In addition to the Ziplines, they also have a high ropes course. Leap onto a trapeze, climb a giant ladder, or swing through the trees on their giant swing.

This is a beautiful place to Zipline around. Sand Creek Adventures is a great adventure your family will be talking about for years to come!

Water Street Antiques

Location: 240 Water St, Jordan, MN 55352
More Info

My favorite part about shopping in historic towns is going into the antique stores and finding something new for your home. No one does it better than Water Street Antiques.

They are Jordan’s leading source for quality collectibles and vintage items. They have a wide variety of antiques and vintage items, from quality collectibles to mid-century modern decor to general line antiques and advertising.

If you are looking for something specific, and they don’t have it in stock, they can find it for you! Make sure to peek around and see what treasures you can find.

LB Antiques

Location: 220 Water St, Jordan, MN 55352
More Info

Looking for something special in Jordan? Head to LB Antiques! This store has something for everyone, with a wide selection of antique furniture, jewelry, art, and more.

I highly recommend shopping in both antique shops. Plus, they are right next to each other. Whether you’re a collector or just want to find something unique, LB Antiques is the place to go in Jordan.

Antique Stores in Jordan MN
Scott County Fair Vintage Sign

Jim’s Apple Farm AKA Minnesota’s Largest Candy Store

Location: 20430 Johnson Memorial Dr, Jordan, MN 55352
More Info

Jim’s Apple Farm is the largest candy store in Minnesota, and it’s definitely worth a visit! This place is packed with delicious treats, from chocolates to gummy bears. This is one of my kids favorite things to do in Jordan MN and a perfect pit stop.

Just off highway 169, you’ll know you’re getting close when you spot their iconic yellow fence. Instead, you’ll be delighted with the large assortment of sweet treats and hard-to-find nostalgic candies and saltwater taffy. 

But what brings me back every year is seeing the latest art installation. They have amazing art displays, as well as superhero statues throughout the store.

See what’s fresh in their bakery or take home a frozen pie. 

They have a large selection of specialty soda too!

My favorite thing to do is snag a jig saw puzzle. They have the largest collection in the state.

I highly recommend getting there when the store opens as it is always packed on the weekends. The store is only open from Mother’s Day (Mid-May) through Thanksgiving. Oh, and bring cash because they don’t take credit cards.

More Minnesota Candy Stores

Jim’s Apple Farm is one of the best candy stores in Minnesota. If you want to check out more great ones near you, visit 16 of the Best Candy Stores in Minnesota

Paintings in MN's Largest Candy Store
Minnesota's Largest Candy Store

Zap Arcade & Hot Comics

Location: 224 Broadway St S, Jordan, MN 55352
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Step back in time to the golden age of video games. Zap Arcade has some of the best retro games around. Play some pack man or Tetris, then jump over to some guitar hero and air hockey.

Seriously, the whole family was having fun! With a $7 all-day play, it’s even affordable!

The best part is in addition to the arcade, they also have a huge collection of comics, both new and vintage. I’m already planning a return visit for some holiday gifts for the kids.

This was one of the kid’s favorite things to do in Jordan, MN.

Vintage Arcade Games
Zap Arcade in Jordan MN

Grassman Park Ninja Warrior

Location: 1132 Stonebridge Path, Jordan, MN 55352
More Info

When Grassman Park decided to add playground equipment, any old stuff wouldn’t do. They decided to build an outdoor Ninja Warrior Course. They have levels, one for 5-12-year-olds and a 12-plus one.

The course provides an intense workout and a great way to test your ninja skills. The course features an array of tight, twisting, and challenging obstacles that will push you to your limits.

My favorite part was using the timer clock to race your friends. Bring a snack and enjoy the picnic area. It was seriously one of the best things to do in town.

Grassman Park Ninja Course in Jordan

Historic Walking Tour of Downtown

Location: Jordan, MN 55352
More Info

Founded in 1854, the city of Jordan was a hidden jewel near the Minnesota River Valley. The up-and-coming town had an Opera House, a Cigar Factory, a Mill, and even a Mud Spa that was believed to cure all kinds of ailments.

Much of downtown remains today with the buildings preserved. Take a copy of the walking tour map with you and explore some of the great architecture around Downtown.

Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge

Location: 20550 Park Blvd, Jordan, MN 55352
More Info

Take a walk in the Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge and the Minnesota Valley State Recreation Area. This beautiful park is actually in a flood basin.

Depending on the season, you may be able to walk right up next to the river. They have miles of trails to explore.

In the park, you’ll also see the S. B. Strait House. This is all that is left of the paper town. A paper town was a town planned on paper, but they failed to bring in settlers. Most decided to lay down roots in the downtown Jordan area.

If you are taking part in the MN State Parks Hiking Club, this is a great trail to save for the off-season. Mostly because it’s so close to the Twin Cities, it’s an easy one to check off. Also, they have some great horseback riding trails!

Hiking in Jordan

If you are looking for something fun to do in Jordan MN, you need to check out the MN Valley State Recreation Area. Check out my full review: The Abandoned MN River Valley State Recreation Area and Hiking Club Trail

MN River Valley in Jordan MN

Canoeing the Minnesota River

Location: 20550 Park Boulevard, Jordan, MN 55352
More Info

Take a ride down the Minnesota River. The river runs along the northern edge of Jordan. Drop in at the Thompson Ferry Boat launch and paddle the river down to Carver Boat Launch in Chaska.

It’s about a two-hour paddle through a fun area, including passing by the Louisville Swamp area. This probably one of my favorite things to do in Jordan MN.

Canoeing the Minnesota River

Pekarna Meat Market

Location: 119 Water St, Jordan, MN 55352
More Info

Not sure what to cook for dinner? You gotta swing by Pekarna Meat Market. They have a wide selection of fresh-cut meats, all from a fourth-generation butcher.

What I love about Pekarna’s Meat Market is that you can pick up ready-made meals and just throw them in the oven. It’s so nice, especially after a day of day tripping to grab something on the way home!

Sand Creek Dog Park

Location: 103 Sawmill Rd, Jordan, MN 55352
More Info

Want to let your pup burn off some energy? You need to explore Sand Creek, Dog Park. It’s a 1.5 acre fenced-in play area. The park has two picnic tables and doggie bag dispensers.

This park doesn’t have trees inside, making it easy to spot your dog. No more walking around aimlessly looking for where they could be hiding!

Louisville Swamp Hiking

Location: 3898 145th St W, Shakopee, MN 55379
More Info

If you like hiking, you need to check out the Louisville Swamp. Don’t let the name fool you, it’s nothing like a swamp. There are a couple of different hikes to do, a mile one that sits atop the bluff. It’s about 2 miles.

Or get a workout in and go for the full Motimitti trail that’s 5 miles. It takes you from the bluff all the way down to the river bed and back around.

There is a river crossing that can only be done during low water. But on the other side is the Jabs farm.

I love the longer hike personally because I have the trail to myself. Plus, you get to see the farm ruins!

a swamp in Minnesota?

Want to get a better look at the hiking trail? I’ve hiked it in Fall, Winter, and Spring and love it! Check out my full review!

Louisville Swamp Jabs Farm Buildings

Lagoon Park Swimming Beach

Location: 300 Park Dr, Jordan, MN 55352
More Info

Lagoon Park in Jordan is a great park to visit year-round. In the summer, enjoy the sandy swimming beach and a splash pad for little kids.

Grab your fishing pole and find a spot on the fishing dock over the mill pond, or below the waterfall at Sand Creek. Bike the path around the park. In the winter, the park has an ice skating rink.

This really is a great park with plenty of open space to explore and play yard games. Or you can rent one of the five large shelters for a group event.

Ruppert Park

Location: Jordan, MN 55352
More Info

Ruppert Park is a new addition to Jordan’s park system. The shooting range is small but has three targets at different lengths to challenge yourself.

When the snow hits, the park is great for sledding! There is street parking available!

County Fair Grounds

Location: 7151 190th St W #145, Jordan, MN 55352
More Info

Going to the Scott County Fair? They are the 5 best days of summer. The county fairgrounds are right here in Jordan. Inside you’ll find carnival rides, demolition derby, live music, and of course H4 fun. The county fair is held at the end of July every summer.

The Pickled Pig

Location: 205 Broadway St S, Jordan, MN 55352
More Info

With a name like Pickled Pig, you gotta go in and explore. They have a unique aesthetic fitting the name. With American bar food favorites like wings and pickled pork rinds. Or Truffle Pig Tots and Boss Hog pulled pork sandwiches.

The Feed Mill Restaurant

Location: 7151 190th St W #145, Jordan, MN 55352200 Water St, Jordan, MN 55352
More Info

Looking for some good old-fashioned family food? The Feed Mill makes fresh, hearty, homemade food just like grandma made. They only do Breakfast and Lunch, so get in early!

Where to stay in Jordan MN?

Nicolin Mansion Bed and Breakfast

Location: 7151 190th St W #145, Jordan, MN 55352
More Info

In a small town like this, there is only one way to stay, at a Bed & Breakfast. The Nicolin Mansion Bed and Breakfast is a breathtaking mansion in the heart of downtown Jordan.

With five rooms all impeccably designed, you’ll find one that fits your taste and style. Each room has a fireplace and comes with a three-course gourmet breakfast.

Nicolin Mansion Bed and Breakfast in Jordan MN

KOA- Camping in Jordan

Location: 3315 W 166th St, Jordan, MN 55352
More Info

The closest KOA to Minneapolis is in Jordan. This is a great campground with shaded spots, air-conditioned cabins, and an indoor pool. Rent a bike and cruise around the campground. Play a round of Mini Golf.

This KOA is family owned and close to all the attractions downtown. This is a perfect escape.

What are my favorite things to do in Jordan MN?

The town of Jordan is a great place to explore. with plenty of nearby attractions like the Minnesota Renaissance Festival, Mystic Lake Casino, Canterbury Park, Trail of Terror, and other fun things nearby.

Use it as a base camp for other adventures or spend a weekend exploring the awesome things to do in Jordan MN.

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