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The Best Discounts at Target Field for Twins Baseball in 2024

It’s Twins Season again! I’m so excited. Baseball is always marketed as a family-friendly event. And it is. But once you start adding up the cost for tickets, parking, food, and everything else the costs quickly get out of control.

Over the years, I’ve found a few ways to save money at Target Field, including everyone’s favorite, Dollar Dog Night! Grab your Twins Jersey and let’s go!

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Money-Saving Tips at Target Feild

Discount Twins Ticket

Twins Students Discount

The MN Twins have expanded the Student Ticket Discount program. It is not being offered on Monday-Thursday Games. You can get your tickets by going to to see which games qualify. In addition, $5 ballpark tickets, you can also download your free metro transit pass there too. It’s a great deal.

If you don’t want to mess with your mobile, you can still get tickets. Just stop at the box office on game day.

The seats are standing-room-only tickets. With so many great venues to hang out, you are bound to find a great place to watch the game. My favorites are in the outfield and behind home plate. There is also a great place to watch the game on the top floor, directly behind home plate.

You can hang out with the organ player, Sue Nelson. When you have Twins standing-room-only tickets, try moving around and watching the game from different viewpoints.

Military Discount Tickets

Active and retired members of the military receive half-off admission for seats in the home plate view or Diamond Box High seats. The discount can be used for three of their guests too. You just need a Military ID. See: for more details on eligibility.

Senior discounts!

Fans 55 and better receive a $5 discount on Field Box, Treasure Island Cove and Left Field Bleacher tickets for all weekday day games. This is a great way to save a few dollars!

Kids get in free

If your kid is under 30″ tall, they get in free as a lap child. I’ve used this option a few times. In most cases, there is an empty seat nearby they can sit on. Otherwise, they hang out watching from your lap. Kids do not need a ticket.

Discounts for Everyone Else

If you are not a student and are still looking for discount Twins tickets, you just have to be a little more flexible. Ticket prices vary by time of year, the day of the week, and by the team, we are playing.

The best deals are Extra Value Home games with tickets as low as $6. The Value Game tickets are as low as $11. For full details check out their schedule.

StubHub is another great way to save some money on tickets, especially closer to game day. I’ve found some great deals!

Get great discount tickets at StubHub. It’s a great way to find tickets in all sections.

Avoid Ticket Fees

My biggest gripe when purchasing a ticket is the convenience fees online. By the time I put the $20 tickets in my cart and start getting to the checkout, only to find out that my tickets are almost double because of the extras.

To avoid the fees, purchase your tickets at the box office. If you aren’t looking for seats right up front, you can usually purchase tickets on game day.

How to Save Money at Target Field

Target Field Food Deals

Free Soda

Not planning on drinking alcohol at the game? Sign up to be a Budweiser Good Sport by section 222. In doing so, you will be you’ll be entered in a drawing for a free prize at the beginning of the 8th inning. You also receive a voucher for a free small soda. In normal people’s sizes, is like a large drink!

All you need is to fill out your name and seat information. You can redeem this drink at any of the traditional food booths. They do not accept the voucher in any restaurants.

Twins Dollar Dog Night

Tuesday night at Target Field is dollar dog night at the Hennepin Grille and Taste of Twins Territory concession stands. These go quickly so make sure you get them before the 2nd inning. They only have 20,000 per game and you are limited to 2 per person. When money is tight, these are an amazing way to fill up on traditional ballpark food.

On the right night, you can get a hot dog, a soda; you’ll have a pretty good meal for the low cost of $1!

Other Discounted Foods

The Twins have teamed up with Gillette Children to bring in more family-friendly pricing to some of the fan-favorite foods.  Kids 12 and younger can run the bases after the game. Line up in the outfield, by the stairs during the 9th inning, or after the game.

PLUS U.S. Bank Kids Meals are half off (reduced from $8 to $4) for kids.

They are only going to be available at the State Fair Concessions located in sections 120, 133 and 311.

Hot DogSections: 120, 133, 311$3.99
Soft PretzelSections: 120, 133, 311$3.99
PopcornSections: 120, 133, 311$2.99
PeanutsSections: 120, 133, 311$2.99
Fountain SodaSections: 120, 133, 311$1.99
Bud/Bud Light CanSections: 120, 133, 311$4.99
Bottle AquafinaSections: 120, 133, 311$3.99
Ice Cream NoveltySections 120, 133, 311$3.49

Everyone can take advantage of this pricing. They are also using self-checkout concessions to help move people through the lines a quicker longer, allowing you to get back to the game a little quicker.  

Looking for a different style of baseball. Check out a St. Paul Saints Game where the fun never stops!

Bring Your Own Food

** Bring your own food has returned for the 2024 season!!**

Target Field has some amazing food. But your bill can add up quickly. Bring in your own food and beverages.

Target Field allows you to bring in unopened water bottles 32 oz or less, or soft-sided juice boxes intended for children. They also have water filling stations for your water bottles.

You can also bring in food as long as it’s in a soft-sided cooler and cannot be used as a projectile.

Things like whole apples are not allowed because you could throw them, but if they are pre-cut, you’re good to go. I’ve never had a problem with this one.

I’ll stop by the grocery store and pickup a bag of peanuts and crackerjacks, and walk in with everything still in the disposable plastic grocery store bag.

For full details on what you can and cannot bring, check out Target Field A-Z.

Great Food for Better Prices

The other food hack I found is to visit some of the restaurants, like Herbeks or the Townball Tavern. Their prices almost match what you will find at the other stands, but these are made fresh and have a higher quality.

I actually think they save you a few dollars because you don’t buy as many impulse items as you would at the stands. Just something to think about.

With Twins Baseball Season in full swing, here are the ways you can save money at target field this year.

Other Ways to Save

Bundled Tickets

Want to get even more of a deal, look for ticket packages or days that have giveaways associated with them! Cub Foods Family Section packages start at $17 and include Free Soda and Hot dog with the ticket.

And if you mix that with a Sunday game, your kids can get autographs before the game and access to the field to run the bases after the game. Trust me, it’s a treat! 

Theme Nights at Target Field

In addition to ticket packages with food, there are also theme nights with guaranteed giveaway opportunities. These range from Scrub Nights to Margarita Nights. My favorite Zubazpalooza is where you get your own pair of Minnesota Twins Zubaz!

These nights are great if you are looking to get some fresh MN Twins Gear. There is no need to get there early and stand in line trying to get the hot giveaways.
Getting to Target Field

Your all access pass to saving money at Target Field.

The Light Rail Train

Depending on the size of the group, Metro Transit may be the best option for saving money at Target Field. The train drops off right in front of the stadium and you can get an all-day pass for around $4.50 during the week.

If you are going to a weekend game, you can do a little better by getting an all-day pass for $3.50.

If you are a student. Students will also get a free ride pass. To find out more head over to

Parking Near Target Field

If you are traveling with over 3 people, save yourself the hassle and just park in Ramp A or B. Cost is $10-$15 for a game. The ramps can be accessed from Highway 394 heading East into the Cities and exit back onto the highway too.

Make a full day of it, by scheduling a brewery tour before or after your game. Bitter Minnesota Brewery Tours offers great tours during the day.

Final Thoughts

These are just some money-saving tips when enjoying Minnesota Baseball. The Twins are always finding new ways to save you some money and make baseball accessible to everyone.

It’s part of the reason I love the sport so much and why it’s on my list of Minnesota Road Trip Ideas | 28 Things That Open for Road Trip Season.

For more money-saving tips around the Twin Cities, check out 28 Free Museums in the Twin Cities. Do you know any other great ideas for saving money at Target Field? Oh, and don’t forget to pick up your own Twins Fitted Cap before you go!

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With Twins Baseball Season in full swing, here are the ways you can save money at target field this year. Find out how you can get a Free Soda, Great Food and Discounted seats! Twin Cities | Minnesota | Baseball | Discounts | Saving | Twins

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