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Washington DC


Walk in the footsteps of the Founding Fathers at historic sites like the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, and Jefferson Memorial. From Landmarks to Museums.

Outdoor Recreation

Not everything in Washinton DC is indoors. You can also get out and enjoy the parks of the Nation’s Capitol.

Family Friendly Attractions

Government is available with everyone. With most museums free, including a zoo, it’s a great way to introduce kids to how our country was shaped.

Palisades Head

Things to do in Washington DC

Washington DC can be overwhelming. With so much to do in a small area. Make sure you get the most out of your adventure with these great things to do.

Best Places to Stay

Where to stay In Washington DC

White Hous

Visit the White House

Ever wanted to go inside the most famous residents? Find out just what to expect, plus how to get tickets!

Lincoln Memorial

DC Monuments Tour

Take a DIY tour of the monuments around DC. Rent bikes on the mall and get all the details on when to leave, where to go, and how to save a few dollars.


Getting Around DC on a Budget

Don’t want to walk all of DC? There are some great public transportation options available. From buses, to scooters.

“Washington, D.C. is a city where history comes alive, and every corner tells a story.”

St Paul Saints Game

Library of Congress

With one of the largest collections of books in the world, this library sprawls all over DC. But there are more than just books inside. Find out why you should check it out on your next trip.

Can Can Wonderland

See how money is printed

Curious to see how your money is printed? Wonder what millions of dollars looks like stacked up? The Burrough of Engraving and Printing has free tours.

Pot Holes at Interstate State Park

Visiting the Smithsonians

From classic americana to zoo animals. The Smithsonians are our nation’s most famous museums. Best part is they are all free. Find out what you can skip and what you can’t miss.